In the Electric Closet

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Part One: sparks crackle on wetness

Yeah, we’ve done it in an electric closet. Back when you were a Lighting Designer. Years ago, when I was constantly going out. That’s where I met you. We were very good friends with benefits; it just ran its course. Happens. I still think of you. Especially the time you took me in the electric closet. I can’t help but get so wet I have to cum! ASAP. It’s embarrassing. Seriously.

Right now I’m at a dinner party. Of all the places to be wet. I’m not wearing panties under my clingy white pants. I’m afraid I’m going to gush to the point I’ll win a wet white pants contest on spring break. Everyone will see my pussy while I’m thinking about you in the electric closet. You know how my pussy lips pout, and when I’m aroused, like now, oh fuck… they get fat. Real fat like…

You are the Lighting Designer of a fantastic nightclub. You’re good. You know how to light up a stage. You know how to light me up so fucking good that I cum pyrotechnics. I’m modeling a pink g-string and a holey black concert t-shirt with no bra. You can see one of my pretty pink nipples peep out of a hole.

You were lucky my tits were a little perkier back then. Yeah, I still wear a 34D to DD. You used to tell me how much you loved how naturally big my breasts were. You felt like the luckiest man alive, because you always bought me bikinis that were almost illegal for me to wear. I practically flashed my boobs on public beaches, but I wore them anyway, because you would hold sex for ransom. Yes, I wanted sex with you so much back then, that you made up all these little games I had to play to finally be able to fuck you. You sexy fucker, you.

Very little covered my breasts, I had so much side boob. You loved having other guys stare at me, especially when I would run into the water. Kate Upton was probably in diapers back then, but if you saw me now, you’d tell me that every time you see her in a bikini, her breasts remind you of mine. Fuck! I’m getting wetter. I’m almost at the bathroom. I’ve done my best to maintain my composure with the hosts and other guests, but I’m about to explode. I pray to God there’s a hairdryer in there.

I enter the bathroom, I can tell it’s been professionally decorated. The soaps are seashells, the pristine towels are white with little seashells. I’m on the Vineyard; I must stay composed. Fortunately, they just redid their house, so there’s a bathtub here. My hostess was telling me how she loves taking baths in claw foot tubs, and how she had this built because they had a rain forest shower installed upstairs. This is her sanctuary. I can tell. It’s a comfy room where I feel I can let go.

Door’s locked. I run the sink’s faucet low and turn the fan on high. I get out of my clothes as fast as I can. It’s almost not fast enough, my body’s shaking so hard. I make it into the tub naked, enjoying the cold enameled porcelain steel against my naked skin.

I’m sitting on a steel chair in front of you. Live wires are everywhere. You take a huge orange electrical cord, and tell me you want me to tie you to the chair. While I’m excited, I’m also painfully aware that I know nothing about electricity and wiring. I’m about to say a hard “no,” when you calmly tell me we’ll be safe in the chair as long as we don’t touch any live wires.

“Don’t worry Jen, I’ll demonstrate it on you first,” you state, as if it were 2 + 2 equaling 4.

You spank my ass playfully. I love it when you tenderly spank me when I least expect it. Even though we’re friends with benefits, there’s a connection there. That’s why the sex is amazing. I go sit in the steel chair. I’m wetting my g-string I’m so excited. You see my flower blooming through my sheer pink panties.

“Take those off and get on the chair, Jen!”

I do. It feels divine. I don’t even have to touch myself to cum. I just do.

In the bathtub I start to cum. After a round of multiple orgasms, I decide it’s time to squirt, so I begin to finger fuck my G-spot while I fantasize about us in the electric closet. My middle finger slowly draws circles around my G-spot, as I remember the feeling of my wet landing strip pussy on the hard cold steel.

I add another finger. Then three, four… Now my whole fist is in my cunt. I laugh to myself, realizing I’m juicing myself. As I’m fisting myself I imagine my juices are different colors like your elaborate light shows. I stare up at the ceiling and see shooting stars as I moan loudly.

I hear a knock at the door: “Are you okay?” I’m too young for menopause, but I tell my hostess, who’s going through it, that I’m having a really intense hot flash, and that I groaned because it felt so good to lie naked in the cold tub.

“Oh, Jen, I do that all the time, if it weren’t for that tub I’d go insane. Jen, go take a cold bath, and I’ll tell everyone you’re lying down because you have a migraine.” I thank my hostess for being a godsend.

Wow! I was almost caught, but that just turns me on more. I decide to “take a bath.” I turn on the water, find the perfect temperature, scooch my body forward, and tilt my pelvis up directly under the tap. Oh, this feels so good, I’m edging; I could stay here forever. I start to feel little tingles all over my skin as I remember…

You grab a pair of pliers like they’re your bitch. Cutting one big cord into orange electrical strips. You’re rock hard through your jeans.

“Jen, I want to see you play with your pussy.” I pull my drenched g-string off and toss it into the air. Its sheer wetness lands on a live wire, and it sparks like a firecracker. You laugh out loud. I play along and laugh with you, but if one tiny pink g-string can crackle, God only knows what will happen when you tie me to the chair just to demonstrate. I’m terrified and thrilled at the same time.

Your big strong hands continue to cut the cord. I can’t help playing with my pussy. You smirk at me. You’re evil. I love it when you’re like this, because I get to play your voracious vixen. My pussy feels so good I start humping the steel chair. My scent is mixed with the smell of the crackling g-string. I start to moan, but I’m not cumming yet, because you told me to wait for you. I’m doing my best to obey. I am… until… I start to have baby orgasms. You can’t tell though, because your focus is divided between cutting the cord and watching me finger my cunt. Oh, I love breaking your rules.

You stand in front of me, holding one of the bright orange strips. One arm at a time, you tie them to the side spindle of the chair. It feels different but I like it. I can’t help holding back a moan. You look at me sternly as you whip my pussy with a long lemon yellow electrical cord that’s been wrapped up to a tenth of its size. It’s big! The rubber coated wire makes slip and slide sounds.

You kiss me harder than you usually do. I like it. I love the way you bite my bottom lip. You keep making out with me, marking my lips with blurry impressions of your teeth. You put your fingers in my pussy, while you tell me, “Jenny, I want you to suck my fingers the way you suck my cock.” I do. I taste my sour sweet salty bitterness. “What do you taste like Jen?” you ask me as if I were on Jeopardy. “Alex,” I laugh evilly, “the answer is: taste me yourself.”

You unbuttoned your Levi’s and pull your cock out. I desperately want to stroke it, because it always feels so good. I can never get enough. You start to stroke it for me, and spank my belly with it. You are so close to my mound I can’t help but purr. My kitty is clawing to have you lick it clean.

On the Vineyard, there’s a knock at the door. I’m still under the tap, letting the water splash directly on my clit. I turn off the faucet with my toes. It’s my date. I tell Mr. Hedgefund that I’m cooling off. That it helps my migraine. He’s a nice guy, but I just met him, and I’m not half the slut I was with you. Maybe it’s because I still want you.

“Jennifer, I come bearing a Percocet from Emily.” You can tell he got his MBA from Harvard by the way he speaks. I really need to finish now, but first I wrap myself in the most luxurious Egyptian cotton robe. The thick terry cloth hugs and spoons my naked skin, just like you used to.

I open the door, he comes in and puts a white pill in my palm. Then he hands me a bottle of Kona Nigiri Water. “Emily says to take the Percocet with this,” Mr. Hedgefund says. I take both graciously and give him a peck on the cheek. I am really grateful; the bottle of water costs a fortune. I take a sip and swallow the pill. “I would’ve brought you a glass, but I didn’t want to bring it into the bathroom, I hope it’s okay.” I have to admit he’s polite. However, my pussy is screaming for more pleasure. So I tell him I really need to get back to my bath.

In the bath I’m back with you. Electricity runs through my whole body, as I feel the wires wrapped in rubber binding me to the chair. I physically play fight against them. I’ve suddenly developed a freaky fetish for being tied up with electrical cord. It’s kinkier than rope or silk. It’s something only a deviant mind would ever think of using for bondage.

You’re eating me out, then kissing me, then eating me out. You tongue fuck me. My cunny is so happy! I tremble and quake all over. You are about to suck on my clit again, when I lift my naked leg up and kick you off me with my purple Doc Marten.

“Stop, Alex! Your show’s over. It’s time for me to spin the wheel and tie you to the chair.” I’d gesture to the wheel, but my arms are still bound to the chair with an electrical cord.

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