Gloria’s Secret, part two

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Gloria said goodbye, then ended her phone call and turned to her husband. She said, “That was Morris, darling. He’s on his way and will be here in twenty minutes, so you have to hurry.”

Lem screwed up his face, confused. They were upstairs in the bedroom. It was almost 4:15pm on a Saturday afternoon.

“Hurry? Hurry where?”

“Hurry and hide, silly,” she hissed. “You can place yourself in the coat closet in the hallway downstairs. It’s tight, but you can fit inside and watch from there. I’ll leave the living room door open so you can watch.”

“Gloria…” Lem whined.

“And don’t wear any shoes,” she indicated at his footwear. “Put them aside and walk in your socks. The less noise you make, the better.”


“How does my hair look, by the way?” She ran her fingers through her locks while admiring herself in her vanity mirror, smiling coquettishly. “Do you think Morris will like it? What about my dress?” She wore a burgundy dress that had a low-cut section that showed off her cleavage. “Remember, this is the one you bought me last Valentine’s Day. It really suits my figure. I can’t wait for Morris to undress me. Don’t you agree, darling?”

“Yeah, swell. Gloria, will you please listen for a minute?”

“What, Lem, what?” she snapped in frustration and looked at her watch. “Time is running out. I told him you wouldn’t be home yet.”

“Yes, yes, I know — you don’t want me running into Morris because you haven’t told him I’m aware, and he’s coming right now and you want me to go hide in the coat closet and watch. I get all that. But Gloria, won’t I look stupid hiding in my own house? Can’t you just go ahead and tell him? It’s not like I’m gonna hurt him or get mad. It’d be a lot better if I’m free to watch than you sneaking me inside a closet, don’t you think?”

Gloria sighed and spoke warmly. “Lem, darling, we’ve been over this already, remember? Morris is shy. But like I promised, after today I’m going to tell him everything. I just want you to watch this one time. Remember you’ve bugged me about it so many times already, right?”

Lem made a sad face and nodded sheepishly.

“I thought so. Now, are you going to be a good boy and stay quiet and watch, or do I have to lock you out?”

“No… no, you don’t need to do that. I’ll be good and quiet.”

She smiled and gave him a quick kiss. “That’s my darling. Now, let’s hurry. It’s almost time.”

They went downstairs together. Lem took off his shoes before hiding in the coat closet. He was upset and simultaneously jumpy with excitement at what was about to unfold in his home.

Gloria went and sat in the living room and put on the TV. She picked up the remote and flipped to the Adult Channel and relaxed to enjoy an interracial porn flick that was already playing. She looked at her watch. Morris ought to be here already, she thought anxiously. She admired her high heels as well her dress; she couldn’t wait to get fucked.


Gloria jumped off the sofa and bounded out of the living room towards the front door. She was buoyant with excitement as she went and unlocked the door.

Morris, her husband’s gardener and her lover, stood on the front steps looking handsome and laidback cool in a t-shirt and chinos. Gloria grabbed him by his shirt before he had a chance to say anything and propelled him into the house.

“Easy, babe,” he said as she slammed shut the door. “Slow down. I told you I’d be here.”

Gloria hugged and kissed him like she was thirsty and he was a tall glass of water.

“I’d wanted you to get here sooner. Come on, let’s go into the living room.”

“Hold on, your man ain’t around, is he?”

“Lem? Hell no. I told you he’s out of town and won’t get home until midnight.”

She pulled him along and sat him down on the sofa, planting herself in his lap. The porn flick was still on, showcasing a trio of black men gangbanging a pretty girl.

“This what you been watching?” Morris asked.

“I was, yes. But I’m glad you’re here so I don’t have to anymore. Do you like my dress?”

“Yeah, you look sexy.” He caressed her thigh. “Love your high heels, too.”

“Oh, thank you, babe. Did you work out today?”

“A little. I tried sleeping when I got home in the afternoon, but no luck.”

“Aw, that’s too bad. Here, let me help you to unwind.”

Gloria got up from his thighs and rolled her tongue across her lips as she unzipped his fly.

Out in the hallway, the coat closet door inched open enough for Lem to spy what was going on beyond the living room doorway. He couldn’t make out Morris’s face, but watched Gloria drop to her knees between his legs. He stretched further into view and saw she was sucking their gardener’s cock. Lem grew rock hard as he watched. He had pleaded for days for Gloria to allow him to watch them in action. His dream had finally come true and he loved it.

Gloria went on sucking Morris’s pipe with gusto. She rummaged inside his pants to grab at his nuts and sucked on those too. Morris responded positively, pressing her head downward to ingest more of his prick.

Her mouth let go of his cock with a ‘pop’ sound and she got to her feet. Morris kicked off his shoes and quickly unbuckled his belt and shoved his pants down his thighs. He lifted Gloria’s dress and saw she was bare underneath. She straddled him and slipped his cock between her legs. Her pussy resisted at first but with a little lubrication he gained further inside to stretch her cunt.

“Uuuhhhhh, yes, babe,” she whimpered as she settled her butt on his thigh, feeling his cock get massive in her pussy. “Ahhhh God, I’ve missed you, babe. I fucking missed your cock!”

Morris squeezed her ass as she took more of his cock.

Gloria moaned and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Lem stared wide-eyed at his wife’s buttocks riding her lover.

Gloria moaned as she rocked and bounced on her lover’s thick rod. They locked lips and she murmured inarticulate words of pleasure to him. She flung her head backwards and caught sight of her husband jerking his penis while watching and filming them from beyond the doorway with his cell phone. She went on bucking her hips; her groans were in sync with Morris, matching his rhythm.

She dismounted and he got to his feet and peeled off his t-shirt, then bent her forward on the sofa. Gloria rested her head on her arms. She gripped the sofa’s fabric and squealed when Morris thrust into her harder this time. He gripped her waist and fed her long strokes of his cock at first, rubbing his palm over her butt, then got to fucking her faster.

Lem watched everything. He watched Morris’s buttock muscles tense each time he rammed into Gloria. He listened to her holler with gusto. He couldn’t believe this was what his wife had been enjoying all this while with him being too clueless to realize. He continued watching. He looked down and realized he had ejaculated in his pants.

He looked up again and saw Morris was fucking Gloria harder; the sound of their bodies slamming each other and the cries she gave were almost intertwined. It didn’t take long for Morris to climax inside Gloria.

Lem hurried back into the coat closet and quietly shut the door. Inside, he unbuttoned his pants and scooped as much of his semen in his palm as he could, and licked it off. It tasted good. But he knew the ultimate prize would involve tasting Morris’s cum out of his wife.

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