Girls in the Bathroom

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Art by @tendership

One of my first jobs in NYC was in retail. I hated the company but loved my co-workers. We hung out all the time and formed long-lasting friendships; it was cool. I stayed in touch with one of the girls even after I left. We were so alike, had lots in common, and partied together, so naturally we hung out more often. Then adulting happened; so less time to hang out and you know how it goes — out of sight, out of mind.

About a year passes by since we speak or hang out. One day we connect on social media and agree we should catch up in person! I’m excited to hear what she’s been up to and talk shit like we used to do. I pick a cool restaurant that I know has great food, drinks and a good vibe, and we agree to meet up after work.

I show up first, she was always late for work so I didn’t expect today to be any different! She calls me as she’s walking and I spot her turning the corner. She’s holding the phone, looking around and smiling because I’ve told her that I see her but she hasn’t seen me yet. While she’s looking for me I get to check her out, she has cut her hair extremely short and she’s still a major cutie! Her body is perfect, I’ve always envied her effortless sexiness. Seriously she made a regular tank top and jeans look like lingerie on her curves.

This wasn’t the first time I felt some sort of sexual attraction to her. Once back in our partying days, we took over the dance floor of this one club in the city and literally danced the night away. Men kept interrupting to shoot their shot so we danced on each other to imply we were a unit; so back off! I noticed how much I enjoyed her ass grinding on me while she held my hand to hold her waist. Then she turned around and we danced front to front, which was hot, and of course I had my turn to grind on her. Lying in bed that night I convinced myself that my sexual thoughts were a direct link to the amount of alcohol I had that night.

Either way, the girl is oozing sex appeal as she walks up to me; she finally found me. We practically jump on each other! Warm embrace is an understatement, we hug and only release each other to take a step back and exchange compliments, agreeing that it’s been way too long, and hug some more. The waitress seats us at the bar, corner seats. We order drinks right away and literally turn our seats to face each other to get to the catching up.

She starts first — work, haircut, new boyfriend. I go next — work, illrotic writings and podcast, still no boyfriend lol. We order food and a couple more rounds of drinks and we start to delve into illrotic. (Side note: illrotic is always a comfortable place for people to share their sexual thoughts that they often hide.) We exchange some of our sexual thoughts and feelings and as usual we agree on most of them except when I bring up my new found desire for a sexual experience with a woman. I had only ever made out with a woman before, at this time. She says she’s never really been into that, doesn’t see it happening, however she’s not opposed. I shrug it off and respect her opinions of course.

We conclude dinner but you can tell we both don’t want the night to end there. She suggests we go dancing like old times; says she knows the perfect place where she knows the bartender and they play great music. We walk over, it’s a perfect NYC summer night, not too hot, slight breeze. We arrive and go downstairs to the bar. It’s nice and dark and the music is bumping and not too packed; it’s perfect. She finds her bartender friend and introduces us; he wastes no time getting us tequila shots to start the night.

We take our shots and get right on the dance floor. We are having so much fun laughing at some of the people next to us who can’t dance but with the built up liquid courage go full force anyway! We make friends with them, they compliment us on our dance skills so we show them a few moves for them to try out. I decide to take a break and go back to the bar, where another round of shots awaits us, so when she comes up after me we take the shots and give each other that “I am definitely drunk” look and start giggling between us.

I tell her I have to go to the bathroom and she decides to come along. Use the ladies room, wash my hands and turn around to her holding up five lollipops. Confused I say, “Where the hell did you get these!” While giggling she points at a massive basket of lollipops on the shelf. So I check out the flavors in her hand — three root beer, a blue raspberry and a peach. I go to grab the blue raspberry and playfully she pulls them away from me and towards her, so I lean in to go for it again, success! Then something comes over me while being mere inches away from her face; I kiss her.

To my tipsy and tingling body’s surprise she kisses me back, success… again. We begin to make out, then I snap out of it! Realizing what just happened, I run out of the bathroom shocked at what I had done. I go to the bar and to check my phone, really to find any distraction from all the thoughts darting through my head. She comes out and meets me, I immediately scream, “Sorry!” over the music; she looks at me smiling and screams back, “Shut up, it’s fine.” Then we hit the dance floor but there is hardly any space for dancing with this elephant in the room. However the attempt is made and we start dancing again, she suddenly stops, grabs my hand and starts to drag me… I quickly realize we are headed towards the bathroom.

As soon as we get inside she grabs my face and kisses me, hard — dare I say passionately. She’s been wanting this, which makes me want her even more. Not sure how long we stand in the middle of this bathroom diving into each other’s mouths but eventually I slam open a stall door and say, “Let’s go in here,” while I drag her inside. (Just for visuals these bathroom stalls are basically like rooms with full doors and walls, so no one can see under or above!).

Our make out picks up again, we’re both moaning in ecstasy, this feels so good, she bites my lip, I grab her ass (mmm what a fine ass) she grabs mine back. I toss her onto the toilet; she gets up to put the lid down as I kiss down her neck and into her tank top. As I take her nipple into my mouth she throws her head back in enjoyment. And then a moment of clarity: I’m so into this, I forget that I’m about to encounter my first vagina, EVER! I fearlessly start to make my way down, she stands up and says, “No, you first.”

I say, “No way, take these off!” Little does she know I’m too mentally prepped to let her take my time to shine away!

She takes her jeans down to her ankles then her blush color panties follow. With limited space, we figure out a position for me to swoop in. I take a good look at her pussy, it’s beautiful, each lip neatly folded to protect her clit that’s peeking through to say hello. I take a deep breath and go for it, I know how I like my clit licked so I mimic this to receive a response. I wrap my mouth around her and start to slowly sweep my tongue up and down her clit. She lets out a sound that is plenty reassurance for me to continue. I pick up the pace a bit, and think to myself this isn’t bad at all; tastes like skin, drenched in sex, if that makes sense. I pull away and lick her so she can watch my tongue’s motion against her soft, warm clit. She watches and smiles at me, then reaches out to pull my chin up.

She whispers, “My turn,” so I stand up and we begin kissing. She is fondling my breasts as she kisses my neck. She pulls my shirt up and one side of my bra down to lick my nipple, she sucks on it as well and it feels better than anything I can ever remember. As she makes her way down I get nervous, I never had another girl down there; who cares when a man is down there, they are just happy to be presented with your vagina, but another vagina owner going down to judge and consume yours is a bit intimidating!

We both assist in taking my jeans and panties down to my ankles… I have to take one leg out in order to spread my legs a bit. She gets right to it. I’m shocked this is her first time, she feels so good. She’s taking her time, kissing my pussy slowly at first then going in and sucking on my clit. I’ve got goosebumps everywhere, I hold her head closer because I don’t want her to stop…

:: knock knock::

“Did you hear knocking?” I say.

She looks up and says, “Oh my god!” And stands up. We both scurry to pull our clothes back up and look like nothing just happened, except two girls who just went to use the bathroom.

We kiss again, and I whisper, “That was fun.” She smiles and nods in agreement and we kiss again. I open the door to see not a single soul in the bathroom.

“What did I hear?” I say.

She says, “it was probably us hitting the door!” We laugh that up and head to the bar. I don’t know how long we were gone but the place is beginning to clear out, so we get our bags and agree to leave.

Outside we kind of stand around not knowing what to do. She kisses me, I take her across the street to the park and we lean against the fence and make out some more. I tell her it’s late and that she should come home with me.

“I’ll call an Uber?” I say. She says she shouldn’t, she has to get home, because she has work in the morning. I ask a few more times between kisses and ass grabs but she stands firmly with her decision. My Uber arrives and we say goodbye.

She texts me, “I wish I was going home with you,” and we spark what turns out to be an amazing sexting dialogue until I reach my place.

I sleep like a drunken angel that night, nothing could ruin such a great night, I thought; until I wake up to a thousand text messages from her. Next morning I see all the texts and thinking it is more sexy shit I eagerly open them but her tone sings a different song. She says her boyfriend found out and was not happy about it so we can no longer be friends! Shocked I call her right away, and she is not the same person I had fun with last night; she sounds very robotic when she says, “We can’t talk anymore, I’m sorry,” so I leave her alone. And so goes the climatic rise and tragic fall of my first vagina encounter.

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