I’m Still Yours

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18 and eager to continue learning….

“Cum for me, angel,” Michael said with a purr in his voice as he rubbed my clit, and I did, arching my back and crying out in a loud voice, my eyes rolling back in my head as my sugar walls contracted and everything went momentarily black. After I regained my senses, Michael helped me off of his lap, where I’d been lying prone. He’d spanked me so naughty, teased my tits and fucked me with his fingers until I’d finally given way to an intense orgasm — one that exploded just as I realized that Scott, my supposed boyfriend, was looking in the window at us.

I felt bad about Scott, but not bad enough to not want to see what else Michael had to offer. His sheer animal magnetism and the devilishly sexy way he played with my mind and my body had me in a kind of erotic haze. All I wanted was more of the same.

“What do you want to do next?” Michael asked me with a wry smile as he sat me down beside him on the sofa in my parents’ living room. Thank goodness they had gone away for the weekend leaving me with this sexy houseguest, or I would have been stuck fumbling with Scott behind his bedroom door at his parents’ house or getting off with my vibrator by myself for who knows how much longer. A whole new world had just been opened up to me and I wanted to find out what else it might hold.

“Whatever you want,” I answered. “I’m all yours.”

Michael took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom down the hall. “Have you ever really actually been with a man before?” he asked me as he laid me down gently on his bed and began to peel his bathing suit off. The sight of his fully naked body, lithe and muscular, made me long for the feel of it again. I could hardly wait for him to join me on the bed. I was finding it hard to think straight, much less talk coherently.

“Sort of,” I stammered, “but not really I guess. Not like this.” But the real truth was that even though I had had a few half-hearted experiences before, I’d really only ever been with boys, and Michael was most definitely a man. His cock was thicker than any I’d ever seen — not that I’d see all that many in person — and his dark pubic hair was trimmed short; something else I’d never seen before. I thought it looked sexy as hell! I was finally going to fuck for real! I wondered if that big, thick cock would actually fit inside me, but I didn’t have too much time for thoughts before Michael crawled on to the bed and laid his panther-like body on top of mine.

He started in slowly. First he kissed my cheeks and then my lips. His tongue danced inside of my mouth before moving on to tickle my ears and the sides of my neck, and then circled back to my waiting mouth once again. It was as if he wanted to taste all of me. After a while he moved down to trace his tongue around my nipples, sucking on them lightly while his hand cupped my breast from underneath. An electric current ran through my pussy and I shifted slightly out from under him so that I could clasp his cock in my hand. I wanted him to know that I was ready to feel him inside of me. It was hard and ready in my grasp, although Michael didn’t seem to be in any hurry.

At last his fingers began to explore the edges of my lips, delving into ever deeper layers until finally tracing the outline of my opening in teasing swirls. I was dripping wet and nearly breathless with lust and anticipation. “Fuck me now,” I said to him. I’d never said anything so bold before in my life, but he had played my instrument like the maestro he was, and now I was ready for the crescendo. He spread my thighs then and pierced me with his thick pole, sending waves of delight through my body as he entered me. I had no trouble receiving him, as slick and juicy as I was from my recent orgasm and the attentions of his hands and mouth.

We rocked there for a while, kissing — his cock filling me entirely with every pulse of his body. After a while he leaned back a little bit and drew my legs up onto his shoulders so that I was at 90 degrees. The increase in penetration at that angle made me gasp a little bit.

“You like that, angel?” Michael asked me with a smile and I could only nod in affirmation as he continued to pound me deep and hard. “I like it too,” he added. “I like teaching you new things, and that you are such a willing student.” He seemed entranced by the expression on my face as he continued to fuck me with an intensity that did not let up. I closed my eyes and gave way to the sensations of our bodies in motion together. Then he turned me over and entered me from behind.

“I want to be able to see that ass,” Michael said, giving one of my cheeks a playful squeeze as he began to fuck me again. “When I first met you, I knew I wanted to get ahold of that ass. It’s like a little round apple and I just wanted to take a bite.”

He gave me another stinging swat as he continued to pump me and I thought back to half an hour earlier when he’d first laid me over his lap and pulled my bikini bottoms down. We’d gone a long way in that half hour, but it wasn’t over yet. Not by a long shot.

“I want you over my lap again,” Michael said. “But this time I want my cock in your mouth while you do it. I know I don’t need to teach you how to do that. I’ve seen you with Scott.”

I couldn’t imagine when he’d seen me giving Scott head, but since we were always having to sneak around parents and obey their rules by leaving doors open, maybe it wasn’t that unlikely. It made me blush a bit to think of him watching me do that, but it made me really hot as well. I thought about Michael getting hard as he watched me take Scott in as deeply as I could, licking and sucking his dick with enthusiasm, and I couldn’t wait to get my mouth on him and show him that although I was young and fairly inexperienced, I did know my way around a good blow job.

He sat on the end of the bed and I bent over him from the side, with my ass in the air. While I slurped and sucked and teased the head of his dick with my tongue, he fondled and fingered me, giving my ass a good spank every now and then. Mostly he just massaged it and ran his hands all over it as I bobbed away on his cock. He rimmed my asshole a little bit with a finger wet from my pussy juices and finally said, “I want to put my finger in you. Is that OK?” I merely nodded yes, since my mouth was full.

I’d never done any ass play before. I really didn’t know what to expect, but as his finger slid in I felt a whole new host of sensations. I had no idea there were so many pleasure-laden nerve endings there. My pussy clenched as he gently worked his finger in and out of my ass. His other hand continued to stroke my clit and to teasingly explore. I could feel myself building up to another mind-shattering orgasm, and although he was starting to breathe faster as well, I wondered how much longer I would be able to concentrate on what I was doing.

My wave of pleasure hit before I fully anticipated it and as my sugar walls were still contracting, Michael pulled me up, astride his lap and onto his cock that I had so energetically prepped. My last contraction arrived just as he plunged deeply into me and I let out a loud moan, which was echoed by his. We ground into each other, me relishing the feeling of being filled while I was still tingling and tender, but also enjoying the knowledge that his orgasm was unstoppable now. After just a few more thrusts he threw back his head and said, “Oh fuck,” while he slowed the pace of his thrusting and came to rest still intertwined with me.

We stayed together like that for another minute or two, kissing and enjoying the feel of each other’s body. At last Michael pulled his head back enough to look deeply into my eyes.

“That was hot as shit,” he said, “but it’s only late afternoon. Are you up for more?”

“Of course,” I giggled. “What did you have in mind?”

“I have all kinds of devious ideas,” he said, with a sly smile. “Just you wait and see.”

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