Game Night

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Come on, she says. Just this once. At least think about it, OK? You’re always asking me to do stuff and most of the time I do it just because it’s you. Admit it.She has a point, and she can argue better than him. She is a lawyer. He is not going to out think or out talk her. Still, he has to figure out a way around her if he can. How about some more drinks? he says, picking up the glasses and heading to the bar. He knows he is going to have to do better than that. She just waits until he comes back then starts in on him again. Well? she says.

Xavier considers himself a liberal enough guy. He is open to new ideas. His place is littered with books and magazines. He is as adept at cooking Spanish paella as he is at making the perfect bacon cheeseburger.

In bed he is not a prude. He likes to explore. He has caroused sex shops and even bought toys for his lovers. Every online porno site is an opportunity to learn something new about the limits of human sexuality and how far people will go to push them. In Peg he has found a perfect partner. She is open to anything, but now it’s him who’s getting pushed and he isn’t sure he is up to it.

So, she says, what exactly is your objection? He thinks about that. Well, actually, I have no objection, he says. I can totally see why that would be a turn on for you and I have no problem with it in theory. He pauses, choosing his next words carefully. I just don’t think I would like it, that’s all. Bad word choice combination. He realizes it as soon as it comes out of his mouth. Too late.

Oh? she says. And you think I enjoyed sucking your cock in a room full of strangers just because it got your rocks off? I mean, it was OK, but you got off on it a lot more than I did. Now you’re saying this is out of bounds? Xavier clears his throat. I didn’t say it was out of bounds. I said I probably would not like it. I mean, just me personally. She sips her drink. Do you think letting you come in my mouth and on my face in front of people I didn’t know is something I would have done for anybody? She finally had him cornered. Check and mate.

Alright, he says, gulping down his drink, fully out debated. What do I need to do? Peg is ready. No, she has been planning this for a month. She is more than ready. She puts the video in the player and they watch it again for the second time tonight, Xavier paying more attention this time. After one last check on his mental status, she gets everything ready, puts on some smooth jazz — he puts his foot down at Kenny G — and lights candles. She reassures him and then pours them both shots of Wild Turkey. They bang a few of those and they get him good and loosened up, those and the Xanax he popped an hour ago.

What really gets him loosened up is her hand, covered with thick strawberry lube, and her finger probing his asshole while she nibbles his ear and tells him how special he is to her. He doesn’t doubt her, and she is right. Peg has gone the extra mile to indulge his fantasies. She has this one coming to her. Rather, he has it coming to him. By the time she gets the thing strapped around her waist and gets on top of him he is actually interested in what it will feel like.

His eyes pop and he screams when Peg brutally rams his tight virgin ass with the 10-inch strap-on Mr. Big Dick rubber cock. As much as he has been trying to prepare mentally, he finds he is not altogether as prepared to get butt-fucked as he thought. It hurts. Bad. Even with the extra lubing, she is excavating a train tunnel from his rectum to his nut sack. She fucks him with long hard bangs and grinds her pussy into his ass so the rubber-stubbed backside of the dildo rips into her clitoris, making her crazy. Xavier is tightening up from the pain. Peg doesn’t want to shred his asshole to pieces. Relax your muscles, she coos into his ear. Let me be in total control. OK? Surrender, baby, surrender.

Has she done this before?, Xavier is wondering, but only for about a second before he realizes he is working with a woman who is a master cocksman. She has to have been around the block a few times before with Mr. Big Dick because she is fucking him like a grown man, popping his ass cherry like it’s not her first time at the rodeo. She slaps his booty with her hand. Nobody had ever been back there to slap his booty like that. He goes with it. Go ahead baby, slap that ass. I want you to, he says. That’s when she flails him — Whack! — with the horse riding crop. When the fuck did you get THAT!?, he says bemusedly, surprised. Things are getting curiouser and curiouser.

Daddy been bad?, she says. She smiles sexy. Xavier gets it. He is making his girl happy. For once. All he needed to do was man the fuck up. Daddy been bad as fuck, he says. Daddy say ‘destroy that ass?’ she says. Daddy is thinking this over when she administers him a WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! to his ass with the crop, lusty lashes, five of them, crossing over to lace both his left and right butt cheeks like she is racing him at Churchill Downs. Xavier grits his teeth. He has no choice but to relax his ass now. It is burning and stinging, but he finds it oddly stimulating.

She spreads his reddening cheeks wide and fucks his glistening asshole slowly with a determined up and down motion, scoring his prostate with every rounded grind and slapping him until she can see her palm prints glowing red in his skin next to the whip marks. She rides him, slapping her pussy down hard on his butt so that the dildo gets all the way up into his asshole. Ooof, Ooof, Ooof, he moans in rhythm as she pounds his head into the pillow. Despite himself, he finds he is beginning to like it. Xavier has loosened up. The pain has subsided. It just feels like he’s got a dick up his ass. Peg slows the pace down a little and asks him if he is OK. I wouldn’t go that far, he says. Can I have some more lube?

Peg says of course, and squirts more of the cool strawberry lube on his ass so now it’s wet and its slippery; it smells of fruit. She slathers more lube on Mr. Big Dick.

Turn around, bitch! she commands him.

Excuse me?

Peg doesn't wait. She grabs Xavier’s legs, crosses them and pulls them in a circular motion. He goes with it and flips over onto his back. She grabs him by the ankles and throws his legs over her shoulders, then positions Mr. Big Dick at the opening of Xavier’s love canal and walks it in. She bangs him hard, holding his legs in a “V” above his head. His cock sways wildly between them.

Who’s ass is this, Bitch? she screams at him, as if possessed by the spirit of the black dildo strapped around her waist. I said who’s ass is this, bitch? Peg throws her weight into every thrust, trying to break him open.

Your ass, baby! He is no longer in control of any of this, which he finds is beginning to feel exhilarating. Liberating, even. It’s all for you! Shit!

Tell mama you need her to fuck this ass! she yells, pumping him.

I need mama to fuck this ass. Fuck this ass good mama! Xavier screams through clenched teeth. She grabs and jerks his big uncut cock in her lube-slick hands, peels back the skin, spits on it, and takes it into her mouth, sucking the sweet juices she can already taste. Xavier loses it and shoots up a ferocious stream of hot cum so huge that it splatters Peg in the face and dribbles down her chin. She slurps and licks it up into her greedy mouth, then leans over, giving him a cum-filled kiss.

She pushes her ass down, feeling her pussy explode with deep orgasms that keep coming. She screams like she is being killed. They stop and hold still. They keep holding still became she hasn’t stopped cumming. They don’t move or breathe for thirty seconds. It could have been a minute. Then they collapse onto the bed, breathing hard. Heaving. Xavier’s heart is beating so fast he thinks he might go into cardiac arrest. It’s probably happened. They sweat in the summer heat; even with the windows open it is a sauna. Peg rolls over and they lie on their backs in the semi-dark, hoping a cool breeze finds its way through the bedroom window.

What about it, baby? she finally says, still panting, after a few minutes, when she has caught her breath enough to talk. She takes his hand. Did you like me tapping that ass?

Xavier is surprisingly relaxed. The pain is gone. He got a monster nut and a nasty wet cum kiss from his lover. He has discovered a side of Peg that he would have never guessed, an inner dominatrix all too eager to come out and get all kinds of rough with him. Besides that, he has discovered sensations in his ass he never knew were there. He wonders for a moment if he might have a gay side. Just a little.

Nah. Still…

We’re not done, are we? he says.


Thank You, Mistress Rose!

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