Come Here, Rude Boy

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It’s Thirsty Thursday, Reggae Night at my club. I am on the turntables, adding etches to Damian Marley’s Welcome to Jamrock, then Barrington Levy, and of course, Sean Paul. They make a great first set to get the crowd going. I am their Master for the night and they don’t even know it. I can make them do and feel whatever I want, and right now, I want their thighs burning to my sexy tribal dance. I want sweat glimmering on their faces. I want them thirsting for more alcohol.

After a while, I slow things down a little with some Inner Circle, Diana King, and some Patra, getting lost in the classic rhythms as I dance along. By the time I switch the tracks to Mad Cobra’s Flex, hips sway in ways that seduce even the most prudent eyes. It’s quite a show. Singles suddenly turn to pairs and pairs to triples. This particular song is a golden panty-dropper. The scent of the whole room changes. There is a high rise of pheromones and body heat. And speaking of high, that little hint of Hydro permeates through the air, but hey… it is Reggae Night. Then, the inevitable comes when eyes zone in on that one special pussy to take home.

Reggae music does this like no other. It’s just as much a language of love as French, in my opinion. It makes you move with prowess when you dance. It makes your spine bend drastically, pushing your hips and chest to swivel like a vertical rotary. It’s like a preview of how you may possibly be in bed.

On a frigid night such as this, it’s nice to dance to music that gets you hot in more ways than one. You can close your eyes and pretend to be surrounded by palm trees and white sand beaches, oiled, scantily-dressed bodies glimmering in the sunset. Sex, awaiting… and even promised.

In the midst of this heavily seductive set, there is one body I am definitely zoning in on. I see my certain special pussy in the distance having a great time. She loves reggae music just as much as I do and is a fabulous dancer. I like watching her from up here. She is such a huge flirt, an innocent one, but a flirt just the same. I almost feel bad for the guy that is hanging onto her waist, trying to keep up with her swiftly thrusting hips, as she is hard to keep up with on and off the dance floor.

I’m amused, watching periodically as she lets him pick her up and grind her up against the wall. He leans in for a kiss and she shyly turns her head away and giggles demurely. Classic. I am going to steal her away for a moment though, just to get a touch of her for myself.

I start speaking to her through the tracks I play, a quaint arrangement of songs only she knows the hidden messages to. It gets her attention quickly as we flow on the same wavelength. She steps up to the booth and holds me from behind. She puts her hands in my front pockets and dances behind me while I spin. Her breasts press to my shoulder blades, making me shiver. I lean my head to the side and she kisses my neck.

“Jealous, I hope?” she whispers close.

“Me… pffft… Never,” I assure her.

Although, deep inside I am a little. She knows… she is doing it on purpose to tease me.

I turn around for a moment and spank her bottom, then turn back, not missing a second to scratch the vinyl.

She raises an eyebrow, impressed by my coordination. Then we dance slowly and seductively. I let the records play on their own a while.

I take her hand and lead her down the steps. I see her dance partner standing alone nearby. He is handsome. Not too tall, not super young. Simple but striking. I want to see what he’s made of.

“Come here, Rude Boy,” I smile, my lady in front of me.

We press against her on each side, sandwiching her in the middle. I grind on her slowly and turn her around to face him. He grins and sinks his body low, winding his hips into her. Their pelvises touch. His hands reach around. Then, he grabs me and now, she and I both share a knee, dutty winding.

I can tell she likes him. I kind of do, too. I let him know by seductively gripping his broad chest through his button-up. I hate his shoes though. I think the messy Timbs look only looks good on the guys from Naughty by Nature. But they do give him a rugged edge, like he would fuck the shit out of both of us with them still on. The thought excites me!

I return to my set and wind down the evening. It’s last call for alcohol. I give a nod to them both to stay inside while the crowd leaves.

The bartenders and waitresses are already cleaning and counting cash. I turn my equipment off and crack my knuckles, smiling at them both.

They are looking at me like they are awaiting some command. He notices I am wearing a very similar ring on my hand to hers, and walks closer to inspect.

“Are you two together?” he asks politely, almost nervously.

“We are.” She answers for me. “Is that a problem?”

“Not to me, if it’s not to you ladies.” He smiles.

The lights suddenly turn on and now I can see how handsome he really is. He has smooth brown skin with golden tones, full lips and a sexy squint like Morris Chestnut. He is dressed very simply but has gorgeous diamond earrings and his short black hair is cut neatly in a Harlem fade.

“Would you both honor me with your company this evening?” he asks charmingly.

“Not such a Rude Boy after all,” I think to myself.

“I would love to,” I smile back, also acknowledging my girl with eye contact for her approval.

She smiles at me graciously and we leave. He makes sure to open the door before we get a chance to touch it. I wonder if he is this courteous in bed.

We agree to go to his place. It’s a large white house right at the edge of the city. We are both stunned by his art collection in the foyer, and admire his excellent taste. I wasn’t expecting such a lavish home from a modestly dressed man who Ubered to Thirsty Thursday.

He gives us a quick tour and adjusts the lighting, then comes back with a bottle of champagne and three flutes. Suddenly, it dawns on me. I know I have seen him somewhere before. As soon as it hits me, I take her arm and excuse us to the corner.

“Babe, do you not know who he is?”

We peek around the corner and look again for a good long while. He is humming melodically while unscrewing the metal around the cork. I didn’t see it right away but his voice — I immediately recognize it. (And I apologize in advance, but I am not going to name him here to protect his privacy.) Mr. Rude Boy has had a long run of famous miles in the music industry, creating some of the sexiest love songs R&B has ever known.

I don’t really care though. I was going to fuck him anyway if she agreed, just because he opened the door for us with that cute little bow. Traditional gentlemanly manner is like foreplay to me. We walk back hand-in-hand as he pours our drinks. We sit next to him, drink and talk for a while; then a certain look in his eyes switches the mood back to sex.

He looks at me, then directly at her, like he is trying to predict the near future. The three of us are engaged in silent conversation.

Suddenly, I feel my lady’s hands wrap around me from behind. She kisses my neck softly. I close my eyes and bite my lip. He leans in close.

“May I… kiss you?” he asks softly.

I lean into him and allow his request. His lips are soft and thick, like fluffy pillows, with a sweet hint of moscato. Delicious.

I trace my hand over the side of his neck and pull him closer. We kiss deeply and sweetly. Then, I turn him towards her and make them kiss while my hands roam on their bodies from in between.

I unbutton his shirt and unzip her top. Chests and breasts at reach as I caress them both. I reach down to play with her pussy as she gropes my thighs.

He wriggles out of his button-up and peels off his undershirt while we undress quickly. Her eyes brighten, seeing a large bulge press at his trousers. She reaches for it, undoing his belt, unbuttoning his pants, and rolling them down to his calves.

I tug down his boxers and reveal the source of his eagerly pitching tent. His cock is so gorgeous, it should model! It’s long and thick like a magnum popsicle. I am curious to see what I could do with it. I kneel and position myself between his thighs. He leans back comfortably, anticipating my lips.

It’s been a long time since I have seen a real-life cock this big. I’m excited to say the least, but I’m nervous, too. My God, he is thick! I have to really stretch my mouth to come down further than the head.

I start slow, slurping and licking the underside of his shaft. I spit on it to get it nice and wet, then push my head down lower. I feel my pussy tighten and pulse as it grows harder in my mouth. At that moment, I think of our beloved editor and how she always explains how she gets really wet sucking cock. I feel what she means at that very moment and silently look to her for inspiration.

His cock just keeps growing taller as I suck it harder. I have to stand just to avoid death by asphyxiation. It’s like a Jack and the Beanstalk cock.

I think to myself… “What would Rose MyErotica do with a dick like this?”

I feel a sudden spark of creativity. I crawl on top of him, flip over to a 69 and push my pussy to his pretty face. His cock aims at my lips like a 9mm, and I, a willing captive, am ready to give up my purse. I lean down, really stretch my throat open and let my weight push the cock up my esophagus. He groans loudly as he laps and licks my cunt. He wasn’t expecting that I’m sure, and I know my throat is virgin-tight.

I have my hands on his thighs, dropping and lifting like I’m doing Chinese push-ups on his penis. I come up for air a moment, lick the head firmly, then push up and down again, swiveling my neck back and forth.

I can hear my lady playing with herself right next to me. Her fingers plow in her pussy repeatedly, squelching loudly. The sound is really turning me on. I know I’m giving her one hell of a show.

I taste a little cum ooze out of his swollen head after a few moments. He lifts me up to make sure he doesn’t cum yet.

I pull her toward him and let her straddle his lap. I aim his wet, glistening cock into her pussy and squat down while holding her from behind, guiding her to take it. I grip her breasts with one hand and circle her clit with the other. He holds us both, swirling his hips up and down, just like how he was dancing with us earlier that evening.

I lick all the way down her back and kiss her bouncing cheeks. I grip her waist to slow her pace and dip my tongue between her ass cheeks. He kisses her softly and licks her neck, thrusting his cock slowly into her while I tongue-fuck her rim. She cums powerfully. Her body shivers as she moans loudly, riding his cock and my tongue.

He gets up and suddenly lifts me in the air. I wrap my legs around him as he carefully aims his thick cock inside me. He thrusts in and out of me slowly and deeply at first, really getting me wet and stretching my walls to comfortably fit his fat cock. I hang on tight to his broad shoulders as he fucks me faster and harder. The head of his cock rams my G-spot over and over as my clit rubs fiercely on his lower abs. I have no control over his depth with my feet off the ground but somehow he knows exactly how I want it.

He fucks me deeper and quickens his pace even more. My moans heighten to screams, adding to the loud smacking sounds of pounding flesh. My pussy grips his cock tightly as I shudder in pleasure, moaning desperately in his ear. Then, he flexes his solid ass and keeps his cock deep without moving. I dance on it, rotating my hips slowly. I thrust harder, making his thick cock stir inside me until my climax boils over and explodes. I let out a squeal that could wake the dead as I cum all over him, back arching and trembling.

He lets me down gently and sits back on the sofa. We take to our knees and share his cock in both our mouths. I cuff his balls and lick them softly as she bobs up and down on his shaft. Then, we kiss his cock together. We start at the head, letting our tongues touch in wet slippery kisses, then move up and down rhythmically. He moans and thrusts his cock between our lips until it bursts a hot fountain of cum right at our cheeks. We kiss each other wildly, letting his cum trickle down our chins, sucking it off and swallowing it down. He watches with his mouth open, admiring our nastiness with that sexy squint of his. I lick his cock again just to see it jump. He has to be sensitive after a blow like that.

The rest of the evening, we pamper ourselves in his hot tub. The three of us have a post-coital foreplay session, then fuck again until we have no more strength… or bodily fluids. We wind up spending the night there.

In the morning, we borrow his clothes while he kindly washes ours. His personal chef makes us a grand gourmet breakfast while we share more laughs. I am grateful for his company. It’s a lovely bonding experience between us girls, too. I can see a difference in our union that reminds me again why we chose to be together.

I am not sure if this is a one time thing, but I don’t think it would be so bad to have a cock like his on standby. He is a gentleman (such a dying breed), a talent, and a scholar… with a hint of Rude Boy.

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