Fuck Me While You Watch Me

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photo: SexArt

I want us to lock eyes with each thrust

We lie with his head nestled on top of my tits. It’s where he finds the space in between my breasts as they slide to either side. I’ve never enjoyed having a man rest on me. But with him it’s incredibly relaxing, and something I look forward to in our post-fucking glory.

I’m still all nerves buzzing and excitement. I don’t know how we have fucked as many times as we have and yet there are still new ways we find to enjoy each other. This time I try to catch my breath. His breathing steadies on top of me.

I drag his face up to kiss me. He tastes like the inherent, musky sweetness of my pussy. We’re wet from the sweat of our fucking. I sink my teeth briefly into his lower lip. He returns my kiss just as fiercely and runs his tongue against mine.

When we separate I gasp. I run my fingers over the hair on his chest. Like I’m trying to memorize every little bit of him for later. He catches my eye. I give him the little eyebrow wiggle he knows too well.

“I’m just giving your dick time to rejuvenate.”

He laughs at my statement. I wish I could reach his dick from my current position. My arm isn’t long enough and instead I play with my fingers dancing across his chest.

“Oh, I need time, do I?”

I can hear the challenge in his voice. He gives me that look I love. Where it says for me to spread my legs and just submit to him. I’m more than happy to let him back inside me. My pussy is still dripping with his cum being unloaded inside of me earlier.

He slides on top of me. I know this move and spread my hips wide to accommodate him. He kisses me in that gentle, steady buildup. I give into every intoxicating brush of his lips against mine. We search other’s mouths like we can find the meaning of life through our kisses. It’s something I’ve never had with anyone else.

I can taste the whiskey we had earlier. It’s become a certain sort of aphrodisiac to taste whiskey on his tongue. I moan into his mouth as he positions himself in between my thighs. I can feel his dick at my entrance.

There’s this moment before he enters me. Sometimes I wish I could freeze time just to save that expression on his face. It’s a mixture of passion, wonder, excitement, and so much more. Sometimes I wonder how I look before he enters me.

He rears back onto his heels. There’s that brief pause as he makes sure to be lined up perfectly with me. He guides himself inside my incredibly tight pussy. The sensation feels like home.

I roll my head back and let out a hard exhale. It feels amazing to have him back inside me. We kiss and his eyes close. I watch and he leans back away from my face to deepen each stroke he makes.

“Look at me while you fuck me,” I command him.

His eyes open with a raw look. I stare into his brown eyes. With each thrust I can see the intensity in his depths. It says everything that we aren’t saying right now. This is mine. I claim this, your lips, this tightness, and I will empty every bit of my cum within you.

I try to fight my body to hold on before giving into my orgasm. The intensity of his gaze leaves me nothing but an endless jumble of nerve endings. I feel deliciously raw and completely connected with him. His eyes narrow and darken as my pussy muscles twitch around his dick.

“Mmm, yes. Give it to me,” he growls out the words.

I try to keep my eyes open to watch him. I roll further onto my back and open my hips. I’m splayed open, willing to take every thrust he makes. My pussy seems to beg that he gets as far inside me as possible. He takes my invitation to fuck me harder and piledrives deeper within me. I bite back a scream and start to shudder.

My orgasm comes upon me like an erotic exorcism. I close my eyes and bury my face into his shoulder. He keeps pumping into me with a wild abandon. I know he’s on the verge of emptying every drop inside me. I let out a scream into his shoulder. I convulse and squirt all over his dick. I can feel the juices coating our thighs. I’m sure there’s a wet spot underneath us from the mess I’ve become.

That pushes him over the edge. He thrusts inside me as if trying to punish me and reconstruct me all in one. I tilt my head back. I pant in succession with each pump he makes. His tongue invades my mouth and I allow it to have every crevice of it. I kiss him back as I whimper pathetically.

I feel his balls tighten. His hips become more rigid as he pumps his cum inside me. It spurts inside and he pauses as he fully pushes inside my pussy. It twitches around his length milking every bit of him. He lets out that low, beautiful growl that I find is just so sexy to hear. Like he doesn’t want to submit to my pussy but it forces him to every time.

“That was so fucking hot. You sexy beast.”

“Hmmm, I know you are.”

I drag him on top of me. He keeps pumping his softening dick inside my pussy. I clench every muscle so that it hugs him tightly. He growls with approval as I lock my leg around his back. I use my leg to deepen each guiding push he makes.

I know he’ll make me cum again until the tightness of my pussy pushes him out. I look into his eyes again as he keeps using it to empty every bit of himself inside me. I hope my eyes say that he can use me for all that and more.

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