French Lessons

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They decided to visit me in my home near the French Alps. She wanted to refresh her French, to prepare for her upcoming classes at university. It was his idea to bring her here, so she could mingle with the locals and enjoy the few last summer days by the lake.

It was my idea to visit the spa. While summer was still in the air, the September rains were calling its end and the weather was simply more enjoyable cruising around inside a steaming pool. This was an infinity pool with beautiful views of the lake and the mountains. We swam a little, playing around and enjoying the first timid touches of our wet bodies. She climbed onto his back like a baby monkey, holding on tight as he moved from one end of the pool to the next. Later she asked me to join them and so she ended up carrying me on her back while still hanging onto him. It was a playful prelude. We decided to take a break from swimming and after getting some drinks, we went up to the hotel room.

Ménage à trois (meɪˌnɑːʒ ɑː ˈtrwʌ/) noun

  1. an arrangement in which three people have romantic or sexual relations with each other.

Her first serious encounter with a girl happened a few months ago on holiday in Spain. He suggested exploring that aspect of her sexuality some more and she agreed. Quite enthusiastically, he said. And so here we are, all three of us in an enclosed space, our hair still wet, our swimsuits about to be discarded. I happen to like girls as well. It all started a few years ago while on holiday in Italy where I met an amazing woman and spent the rest of my trip with her. While swimming, I tried to understand how far this girl was really willing to go. I tried to deduce from the clues of the eye contact, from the subtle touches and body language. The way we looked at each other had definitely been different from the way girls exchange looks among themselves. She made me feel wanted.

As we walked into the room he exclaimed:

“It’s time to learn the threesome way of kissing.”

He then embraced and kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back and I moved closer to them to join their embrace. I joined their kiss as they made space for me. Suddenly her tongue was playing with mine, while his was still busy with her wet kiss. I realized it was a new sensation for her, from the initial hesitation of her tongue. But she got the hang of it quickly and was now playfully moving from mouth to mouth.

We were embracing her in different ways. He had a strong grip on her, and was caressing her hair and shoulders. My embrace was softer. My wandering hand moved to grab her buttocks.

Le lit (french) noun

  1. The bed

The bed was waiting for us, patiently. It was a king sized bed, perfect for the magic number three. She and I moved onto the bed, still locked in a light embrace. He followed and started to undo the top of our bikinis. I said, jokingly:

“Always a gentleman, helping us out of our clothes!”

We all laughed, and as our bikini tops lay on the floor, we followed and found ourselves lazing on the white sheets. After a few nudges here and there, she whispered to him, brushing her lip on the tip of his ear:

“We should focus on her first.”

What that meant was that I was to lie on the bed while they did things to me. I approved with a nod (because what else do you do?) and everyone got rid of the last pieces of clothing. I lay on the bed with one to my left and one to my right. She started kissing me while her hand gently cruised over my skin. I could feel the curiosity, the eagerness to touch all of me with her hands. Sensing that said territory had been claimed, he decided to take his kissing lower…

She moved her kisses from my lips to my neck, right to the spot behind my ear. It was my weak spot and she knew right away. She had her hand on one of my breasts, feeling his hair on her fingers as he was busy exploring the area as well. She looked up and suddenly felt the need to kiss him right there, above me. I felt like a hidden camera staring in the middle of their loving. Then she looked at him and said:

I want to see how you fuck her.

He looked back at me and I agreed with a smile and a soft yes. He grabbed for a condom and moved on top of me. Her lips reached mine and she started kissing me while she felt the rhythm of my breathing change as I started feeling his manhood near my sexuality.

I was scorching hot with desire. All the messing around earlier turned me on immensely. Our kissing had been a nice “hello,” a promise of good (great!) things yet to come. I enjoyed being the centre of attention. As I heard her utter the wish to her man to fuck me, I realized how wet I already was. She kept kissing me and teasing me while I felt how he slowly began sliding his cock up and down, without any hurry to enter.

He was also teasing me, and as he held one of my legs up with one hand, he caressed the back of his girl with the other. Watching them kiss each other was enthralling. Suddenly the tip of his manhood found his way in and the slow, rhythmical dance of the first penetration could begin. I was so wet and ready for him, and I tilted my hips to accept all of his length inside of me.

She looked up at him as he was working his way into me. She could see the cock which she was so familiar with, getting into a friendly match with me. She had issued the command and was now looking at its result. I loved the way she looked at us. He grabbed her hand and placed her fingers in his mouth, wetting them. Thick with saliva he directed her hand to touch my clit.

My breath matched the motion inside of me. As I felt her hand caressing my clit I looked at her with eyes of gratitude. I reached for her head and smoothed her hair into place as our lips joined again in a deep kiss. I moved my right leg towards her, to be able to feel her leg against it.

The sight of her made me want to see them in action now, so I said:

“I want you to make love to her now.”

When she heard these words I realized how much she wanted it. It was as if she had a need to reclaim what was hers. I felt that seeing the two of us together had really turned her on and she wanted to be part of the action now. He removed the condom, lay her on her back in the middle of the mattress and placed his manhood to the entrance of her sexuality. It was obvious that she was ready from how fast he slid right into her as they started their slow dance. It was now his turn to speak and he suggested she should give oral pleasure to me. “Wouldn’t you like that?” he said.

She would and so I moved up to sit on her mouth with my back to him. It is one of my favorite positions for receiving oral pleasure since it allows me to be in control. I can cum the hardest this way and boy, was I in need of it… I felt how her tongue started playing with my clit and I could also feel his kisses on my back.

I moved my arms back and felt how she was grabbing his head. We were in some kind of Gordian knot, I could not make out which hand was on my breasts, and I did not know who I was leaning on. I could feel their pace accelerating and their breathing gave away how close they were to reaching the big O.

La grande finale (french) expression

  1. A climactic finale (as of an opera)

I was in heaven. Her sucking had built so much momentum. I was moving my clit on top of her lips to maximize the feeling. I could feel his heavy breathing on my neck. It sent chills down my back, my arms, my legs and there we are, I reached a point of no return. My hips moved uncontrollably to the rhythm of the spasms of pleasure that I was feeling. I left out a cry with a muffled set of ahh’s.

Her senses were in a higher gear. She could feel my clit growing as she was sucking on it while licking its tip. From their movements I could feel how he was moving inside of her just at the right pace. The trembling before the big O showed up, and as she reached for the stars I could also hear him groaning with pleasure, coming inside of her.

I lay in bed holding her to my right and him to my left while we were left helpless, gasping for air while recovering from her first French lesson.

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