Confession Night, part two

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Jeremy sat upright as Ron approached them. He stood up from the sofa when Ron stopped in front of Alice with both hands poised against his waist, looking like he meant business. There was a discernible bulge happening in his jeans. Alice reached her hand out and felt it; her lips bloomed into a smile as she looked up at her lover.

“Looks like the evening won’t be wasted after all,” she murmured as she felt his bulge respond to her touch.

“I never said it would be,” said Ron.

He grabbed the back of her head and pushed her forward. Alice buried her face against his crotch. Her breathing grew laboured, wanting so much to unleash his hidden treasure. Her hands pressed against his crotch. She unzipped his fly and slipped her hand inside and moaned with pleasure as she dug out his penis.

Alice licked her lips while stroking Ron’s manhood inches from her face; pre-cum spurted onto her fingers. Never had she gotten used to the sight and feel of his huge cock in her hand. It always felt like the first time cradling it; just knowing it was meant for her whenever they were fucking made the satisfaction worth her cheating on Jeremy this whole time. How much she missed his cock whenever he wasn’t around to feed her pussy with it. She looked at Jeremy and saw that he too appeared impressed by Ron’s girth. To see it was to be moved by it; he couldn’t help feeling his penis jerk awake the more he stood there appraising what his wife had come to love even more than him.

“I can’t describe how upset I was when you mentioned that you were out of town,” Alice said as she flicked her tongue over the engorged tip of Ron’s penis. Her voice percolated with lust, as did her eyes. “Please don’t try scaring me like that again.”

“Get to sucking me and maybe I won’t next time,” Ron demanded.

Alice did exactly that: not that she required any invitation.

Jeremy went and sat across from them and drank what was left of his beer in one gulp. He felt like the luckiest man in the world at that moment. This was a dream come true for him since Ron confronted him with the news that he was the one banging his wife this whole time. Nothing felt comparable to seeing the two of them together right now making love without a care that he was watching. His penis was erect and he felt a burning sensation that he couldn’t ignore.

Jeremy raced out of the room and went to relieve himself in the nearest bathroom. Finished, he went to the kitchen and got himself another cold beer. Yearning groans echoed from the living room as he cleaned himself up then returned. Ron had removed his shirt, and his pants were bunched down his thighs while Alice knelt before him, holding onto his hips while thrusting her head back and forth. Her mouth made such a sweet, succulent noise as she sucked his cock passionately. Ron leaned closer to squeeze one of her tits.

“Come on, let’s get you out of these,” he said.

Ron sat on the sofa while Alice stood up and started getting out of her clothes. Jeremy put down his beer and came to her assistance. Ron slipped off his shoes and shoved his pants briefs down to his ankles and off his feet; he sat back stroking his shaft while waiting on her.

Jeremy unclasped Alice’s bra while she shoved her skirt and panties down her legs and kicked them aside while Jeremy helped her out of her bra straps.

“Thanks, honey,” she said to him.

Jeremy scooped up her blouse and the rest of her clothes as she went to her lover’s waiting arms. Alice propped a knee on the sofa before lowering herself onto Ron. His prick brushed against her pubic hair as she settled on him. Alice took charge of his penis and introduced it into where she desired it to go. Her pussy’s entry was tight yet inviting. She rubbed his penis against her labia, moaning from the tingle of sensual electricity it elicited. It took little effort before her cunt became responsive enough for his cock to slip further into the nectar that was her hungry pussy.

“Aahhh . . . Aahh . . . Aaaahhhh yessssss!

Alice ground her butt on his crotch. She wanted every inch of his prick inside her. A tremor arose upon her, unleashing a wave of goosebumps across her arms and up her backside, grunting as she began working her hips and buttock muscles. Ron squeezed her ass cheeks and started jerking his hips and thighs to match her movement. He groaned in response as his cock kept on pounding her cunt. Alice moaned even louder as her pussy began creaming all over his dick. There was no way Ron could view it, but Jeremy was the one who soaked up the view.

Jeremy no longer occupied the sofa across from them, but instead sat on the floor, getting a first-class view of his wife’s butt with her cute tan outlines riding her lover’s cock down to his nuts. His focus never wavered from Ron’s dick jammed between Alice’s butt cheeks, soaking up the sight of her pussy juice dripping down his shaft. Jeremy surreptitiously licked his lips at the sight of that. He had tasted his fair share of creampies out of various women, though never ones he had fucked. His penis was rock hard and throbbing from watching Alice’s butt slamming down hard on her lover. The sound of her booty connecting with Ron’s thighs was intoxicating to hear. He could remain there all day watching and listening to them fuck and not feel like he’d missed a thing elsewhere.

Alice locked her arms locked around Ron’s shoulders while she rode him aggressively.

They locked lips in a frenzied, passionate kiss.

He grasped her buttocks and shoved her forward.

She jerked her hips and rocked her thighs sideways.

Ron held her tight and after a couple rounds of upward thrusts managed to lift himself off the sofa. Alice gasped as he lifted her higher, groaning aloud as he slammed into her harder. Alice squealed and screamed, not wanting him to stop.

Stopping to catch his breath, Ron lowered her onto the sofa. Alice held her legs apart as he stroked his cock, took aim, and drove it back into her cunt.

Alice caressed Ron’s shoulders, gasping harder as he kept up his stride. Their bodies clashed like violent cymbals, their limbs and muscles moving in perfect rhythm to their fucking. Jeremy was moaning aloud at the salacious sight of Ron’s cock stretching Alice’s cunt.

Jeremy felt the need to relieve himself once more. He held it back as long as he could before, unable to take it any longer, he fled the room again.

Aaahhhh . . . Aaawwhhh . . .”

Jeremy was jerking his cock fervently while leaning forward over the toilet bowl. He rested a hand against the ceramic wall to steady himself; his feet were spread to ensure he didn’t slip as he climaxed, or get any cum stains on himself. His face was sweaty. His body was tense; he had loosened his collar so as not to choke on his tie which he had flung over his shoulder. His armpits were coated in a spreading map of sweat stains. His jacket hung on a peg by the stall’s door.

At one point he slowed his pace with sudden awareness of how loud his gasps echoed in the restroom stall. This was the office building where he worked. The last thing he wanted was the embarrassment of discovering later that someone had listened in on his masturbatory activity when they ought to be out on their lunch break.

His climax rose to a hair-trigger as he continued jerking off. Jeremy shut his eyes and replayed frantic images of Ron and Alice fucking in the living room two days ago. In his mind’s eye, they involved him in the action: Ron made room for him to clean up Alice’s cum-laden pussy after climaxing inside her, and then gave him the grand opportunity of cleaning his cock as well.

This did it for him.

Jeremy clamped a hand over his mouth to stifle his groans as he spurted his release. He heard it splotch in the toilet bowl dead centre, then splattered around the rim. His body shook; his knees attempted to buckle under his weight. He felt suddenly drained and leaned against the stall as his climax gradually began to wane.

His masturbation concluded, he was catching his breath when the restroom door banged open and a pair of feet marched into the room. There were multiple pairs of feet, Jeremy noted, as he hurriedly tucked back his penis and started redressing himself. The voices were talking loud and carelessly. He thought he recognised whom they belonged to: Mike and Andy, two staffers from Accounting.

Jeremy grabbed a handful of tissue and dabbed at his face, then fixed his collar and tie. He flushed then waited for his colleagues to finish and leave before taking down his jacket and stepping out of the stall. He washed his hands and checked his features in the mirror. He gave his pants a cursory look over to make sure nothing was amiss. Satisfied, he left the restroom and returned to his office: just another typical, self-satisfying day for him.

Alice sat with her feet crossed on her desk in her office enjoying a phone conversation with Ron.

“You did it, darling,” she chuckled. “I don’t know how you did it, but it worked. Jeremy hasn’t stopped talking about you since that night.”

“I didn’t think he would,” Ron replied. “Guess my spin was tight the way he bought it.”

“Yes, it certainly was. I was sort of mad at you though for not giving me the heads-up on what day you wanted to do it. Did you see how surprised I was coming home that night and finding you there? I almost forgot my lines.”

“That’s because I needed you surprised enough so he’d buy it.”

“Yeah, I figured that out afterwards. But you know he’s going to want some of you,” she said. “We talked about it last night.”

“We’ll just have to see how things go. The good thing is you’ve got your freedom now.”

“No thanks to you, darling.”

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