Evening at the Beach

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photo: Tom Parsons on Unsplash

Our bodies intertwine just beyond the tree line of the beach. The blanket is soft beneath me, butter against my skin — warm, soft, and silky as it caresses my naked body from below. It’s dark, but warm enough that our sweat lined limbs glide effortlessly over one another. A soft breeze has the tree tops playing peek-a-boo with the moon while hundreds of stars fall into the sea around us. Tonight we are free from all promises.

We lie together, closer now than the years have ever allowed, watching the waves and the moonlight as it plays on the water. I’ve lost track of time, and as I look up at the full moon I wonder if it’s possible to track time by the moon’s journey across the sky.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

The sound of your voice brings me back to now, to us. I take you in for the first time in ages. You look the same to me. Sure, your hair is thinner, and your body has shifted with the passing of the years, but your eyes are the same. Those soulful eyes that captured my heart years ago look at me with concern.

I smile at you and trace your jawline with my fingertips.

“Don’t worry love, I was just wondering. If I had known how many moons we’d have to survive apart before we could be together again… I wonder if I would’ve thought it was worth it.”

Your concern grows and you frown at me.

“How many am I worth?” you ask, picking at the blanket between us.

Turning to kneel facing you I take your hand, but you refuse to meet my gaze.

“Hey. Look at me.”

Straddling your waist, I push you down. Your compliance is not lost on me. I know you could resist, but instead you allow me to force your submission. Soon we are eye to eye and nose to nose.

“As many as it takes,” I say, kissing you tenderly.

“Hey, I want to show you something,” you say, sitting up on your elbows.

“I’ve already seen it and I like what I see,” I whisper, and grind my pussy onto your cock.

“No, I mean I want you to follow me. I have something to show you.” Your voice is firm and serious. “Come with me.”

You wrestle me off your body and jump to your feet. Always the gentleman, you offer a hand to help me up.

“Um, ok. I was quite happy here though,” I say, reaching up to take your hand.

Pulling me up you hold me against you and laugh. I love your laughter, it draws me in. The sounds of surf, tree frogs, and breeze blown palms disappear and I am surrounded only by you. Held in your embrace, our bodies tight against each other.

“What?” I look at you, swirling my fingers in your chest hair.

“Nothing, let’s go — you’re going to love this.” You kiss my hand and press it against your chest.

Smiling curiously, you lead me away from the beach and into the undergrowth of the jungle.

The moon finds its way through random cracks in the canopy, giving us just enough light to avoid any big roots or branches. My eyes struggle to adjust to the shifting light as we make our way through the path. We’ve only been walking for a couple minutes when you stop, close your eyes, and tilt your head to the stars.

“I feel so primal,” you whisper. “It’s amazing how our other senses are heightened when we take one away.”

I’d like to do something primal.

Looking around I wonder if there’s much wildlife in this jungle.

“Close your eyes,” you say, squeezing my hand.


“Trust me. Just do it.”

I close my eyes. Not only can I hear every little nuance in the jungle symphony, but a dozen different smells invade my senses. The strong scents of the trees and undergrowth, and the subtle scents of hibiscus and orchid. Opening my eyes again I see you standing beside me, eyes still closed, head still titled to the heavens.

“This is amazing,” you whisper. “Are you-”

The touch of my hand on your cock, followed by the warmth of my lips and tongue as I take you into my mouth, stops your words.

My hand circles your cock and strokes it as I massage your balls with my other hand, cupping and coaxing them a little tighter. You reach down and caress my shoulders.

“Oh babe…” you say in a breathless whisper. I tilt my head to the side, looking up at you while I suck your cock. You gently tuck a stray lock of hair behind my ear as I do. Turning back I close my eyes and really focus on feeling you, feeling your cock. It’s so hard, the top layer of skin slides only slightly as I stroke you. You’re so hot. The heat from your dick is almost a challenge for the slickness of my saliva — almost.

Pulling back I continue to massage your balls, and focus on licking around your tip. Swirling my tongue around the edge, feeling the difference in texture, the rise of the front edge, and the velvety softness of the skin. Rubbing the tip of your dick around my lips as if I were applying lipstick.

“Mmmmm… so good,” I moan and then hungrily take as much of you in my mouth as I can, sucking, stroking, and rubbing the length of you with my hand.

“Oh God…” Your knees buckle and your fingertips grip my shoulders.

“Mmmmmm… whoa there my Creamy-Tipped-Christian,” I tease and give your dick one last suck before standing up.

In the dark my nipples are erect but barely graze your chest. I continue to stroke your rock hard cock with one hand and wrap my arm around your shoulder, pulling my body against yours while stroking you.

“What’s with the whole ‘taking the Lord’s name in vain’ thing?” I breathe my question into your neck behind your ear.

Your fingertips trace lightly up and down my back, over my butt and hips. Leaving a trail of goosebumps where they touch.

“I’ve lost my way,” you say tenderly, bending to place delicate butterfly kisses along the side of my neck.

“Oh, baby.”

My head falls back and I grab onto your neck. Taking a step back, I pull you with me and rest my back against the smooth bark of the guava tree. I release my grip on your cock and put both hands on your shoulders. Pushing you down gently until you’re kneeling in front of me, I put my hands on both sides of your face and pull you into my pussy.

“I’ve a new place for you to worship.”

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