Fire Down Below

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photo: MetArt X

A firefighter poses for a hot and heavy photoshoot.

“To be desired, you must show desire.” Her voice, low and a bit raspy for a woman, traveled from my ears right down to my crotch.

For the last half an hour, I’ve been standing awkwardly, trying to get this ridiculous photoshoot over with. When I became a firefighter, the job description did not include being photographed almost naked for a calendar. But it is tradition, all the other guys in the firehouse have done it, and I am the only one that tried to get out of it.

In all honesty, the only reason I’m here today is that I saw the photographer, Carol Watts, when she came to show the proofs to my colleagues. She displayed the photos on our conference table, and while everyone else was mocking each other for their biceps poses or flaunting abs, I stared at Carol.

She was hot. Wearing a thin tank top with no bra, I could see her nipples harden underneath the fabric when she pointed to one picture or another. It was evident that watching the naked male torsos made her horny. When she made a flirty remark while pointing at the bulge in one of the guys’ pants, my brain went wild. I imagined her naked, camera in hand, squatting low to get a proper angle of my abs and crotch.

I blurted out, “Do you think there’s still time to do my photoshoot? I’m the only one that hasn’t done it.”

She looked up from the table and measured me with a head to toe glance. Then her eyes fixed upon the bulky area below my belt.

“I have to take this to print tomorrow morning, Lieutenant,” she said, and my stomach dropped. But before I could despair, she added, “Maybe if you come to my studio tonight, I can squeeze you in.”

That’s how I now find myself alone with the hot photographer, wearing only firefighter pants and suspenders, trying to pose. I am messing this up. I’m nervous, trying to look attractive to her, but I don’t know what to do.

“To be desired, you must show desire,” her voice fills me with arousal and confusion.

“I’m not sure what you mean,” is all I can mumble.

She lifts an eyebrow, puts the camera aside, and walks toward me. A slender finger runs softly from my collarbone to the skin below my navel.

“You have to feel horny to make others horny for you. Tell me, Lieutenant, is there anything in particular that makes you horny?” She is standing so close I can feel her breath on my chest — time to be bold.

“You, Ms Watts. You make me horny.”

“How horny?” she asks, fingers now undoing the belt buckle and waist button.

“Very,” I say, looking down her cleavage. Standing this close, I can see her nipples pebbling, and I yearn to touch them. I venture to caress one of them over the fabric.

“Good,” is her answer. “It will show through the lens. And so will this,” Carol says, her hand grabbing my hardness through the pants, arranging it to make it more evident. My knees almost falter. She walks back to get the camera.

“That’s it?” I ask, unable to hide my frustration. “That’s all I get?”

The photographer gives me a look, lips pursed. Then with a smirk she puts the camera down and strips off all her clothes. My cock feels like it will burst through my pants.

“Here’s the deal, Lieutenant. You give me a few good shots, and I’ll give you anything you want.”

“Shoot away,” I say, and I mean business. I follow the photographer’s directions to a T. Her tits bounce with every move she makes. She bends forward and I want her bent like that, all the way to my cock. For the final set of shots, Carol fulfills my dream: she squats low, her knees open, her wet, glistening pussy on display. I can’t wait to slide inside it, feel the warm moistness sheathing my cock.

Without a word, she puts the equipment away, bending purposefully over the chests and crates. She wants to give me a lovely show, and I take it all in. I want to run my fingers from that soaked slit up to her buttcrack, tease that tight asshole, maybe slip a finger in. I take off the few clothes I have on. When Carol turns around, I have my cock in my hand, stroking it lightly.

There is no need for words or directions anymore. She stands in front of me, so close her nipples touch my chest. I grab them to pull her even closer to kiss, twirling them between indexes and thumbs. One of her hands strokes my dick; the other explores lower to play with my balls. I moan and move my hands to her shoulders, pushing down. She obliges. From down on her knees, she looks at me and opens wide. I grab her hair and guide my cock in. She takes in big mouthfuls, head bobbing back and forth, slurpy sounds filling the air. It feels so fucking good.

I test the waters, holding her head to push myself deeper in. She allows it. I push some more. There is some resistance and a gagging sound, but her throat relaxes and takes me all in. Fuck. I enjoy for a few seconds and then let go. We do it over and over again until I’m close. For the last one I hold myself in and she grabs at my hips. I can feel another gag when my cock stiffens even more, and then I’m pulsing down her throat, feeding her blow after blow of hot jizz. She pulls away, catching her breath, chin covered in drool and white strings, coughing a bit. She looks so sexy like this.

“I’m gonna eat you up,” I say. “Then I’m gonna fuck you.”

She chuckles with approval and finds a table to climb on, face down, ass up in offering. She is so wet her libations drip down her thighs onto the hard surface. I dive in, long licks from pussy to ass, followed by suckling and tongue fucking. She beats her clit with abandon and spreads even wider. I finger fuck her while teasing her asshole with a thumb. Her orgasm comes in waves, clutching and squeezing, and I let her ride it like this though I’m already hard again.

When she collapses on the table, I turn her around carefully, pull her ass to the edge, spread her legs, and slide my dick inside slowly. She moans in pleasure, still surfing the orgasmic wave. I rock slowly, my finger softly pressing on her clit. She is a lovely doll, letting me do as I please, but not yet spent. The lazy movement builds up inside her, and the soft moans are replaced by loud pleasure sounds. Fuck, she squeezes my cock, so good her climax drags me, and I fill her to the brim with cum.

After catching our breath, Carol suggests, “Shower and round three?”

“I have all night, baby.”

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