Body Heat

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photo: SexArt

After having sex for hours, I kiss her body under the blanket. I lick her navel and circle the tip of my tongue around it. The lightest feathery licks, just warming her up for more to come. I trail my tongue lower as her legs quiver over my shoulders.

Her inner thighs are still dripping and shivering from what I’ve done to her all afternoon. I’ve made a meal of her flesh; creating hickey after hickey, marking her hips, pelvis, and thighs as territory.

Her lips are wet, swollen, and leaking. Scented and stained by my tongue. Glistening like gold. Pulsing madly from how many times I’ve triggered her to climax, keeping her in a constant ebb and flow of sensation. Her pussy lips are puffed out and begging to be licked and sucked again.

Her heat turns me on. It’s a steamy mammalian warmth. A constant rise in temperature from all the teases and tickles that open her pores, letting her nectar out for me to drink.

I can’t get enough of it. It’s an excruciating thirst that never goes away. I happily suffocate myself between her thighs, covered under the sheets, engulfed in her sexy scent. I could live in here. My tongue feels at home between her legs. My lips feel welcome on her flesh.

I spread her pussy open and gently play with her clit. Tracing around it and massaging it with my mouth. Sucking it softly, then flickering my tongue over it as my fingers ease inside her.

Her tunnel tightens. Surrounding each appendage, wrapping around them like a wet fist. Her hips thrust shakily, unsure whether I’m starting again or just teasing. I haven’t decided yet…

I play with her feelings when I’m between her legs. I lick her fast and slow, then hard and soft. Never second guessing my route to drive her wild. I let her anger fuel her lust as I keep my lips softly pressed on her pussy. Each light wet kiss is like an added trickle of gasoline over a flame.

I am a menace to her pussy. I keep it at an aching peak, until she doesn’t know whether to cum or to go. But my lips tell her to stay put without saying a word.

“Be still,” they beckon, “your reward for your patience is coming. Now, cum for me!”

And with my dancing jaws and slithering tongue, her pussy flourishes in a state of madness. A clitoral heart attack. A merciful death.

I curve my fingers deep inside her to fuck her back to life, and kiss her lips gently to soothe her suffering. Her body writhes in bliss as her fevered skin glows.

She turns her body over and we switch to a 69 position. Our tongues whirl in circles, receiving parallel pleasure in a fight for the finish. The bed turns into a battlefield as each archaic swing of our tongues takes strength from one another. Each lick tightens the archer’s bow, manifesting in sweet potential to let the arrow fly, depicting who among us is closest to the bullseye. Hit in that spot not all lovers can touch. But once you hit it, once is never enough.

I surrender, caved in sumptuous lust. Breathless and broken. Punished and rewarded.

This heat is enough to burn me alive. I burst in erotic flames, until there is nothing left of me but cinder. Nothing but soot and memories that haunt me for days. Then, with a breath, I arise like a phoenix from the ashes just to love her again.

I grab her thighs. My slick hands grip her supple flesh as I inch my tongue between her juiced up lips. I don’t let go until her hips shake, thighs clamping my cheeks like a wet trap. Blissful muffled screams in pillows. Fire ignited within damp sheets.

The heat we make is madness! Scorching flames of lust, kindled in sin. Engorged and unstoppable. Burning dangerously like a forest fire.

Our bodies melt into each other like lava scorching stone. Revealing diamonds in the rough that glisten beneath the sheets like embedded stars.

Then, nothing is left. Not even air to breathe. Just her body and mine, creating lifeless life in sinful heat.

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