Down the Rabbit Hole

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Noon, the following day.

I’d been watching Heidi and her niece as much as I could and realized they stuck to each other like glue. I’d run into them later, long after my conversation with Elias, and tried to engage in conversation with them, but they seemed preoccupied with their Nigerian companion and I had to let go. I hovered around the resort’s bar/restaurant area hoping to catch sight of Heidi; I even left word at the reception to alert me should they see her. By the time I got the word, she and Anya were jumping into a car out of the resort… with their friend Olu leading them along. Whoever he was and whatever type of hold he had on the women I couldn’t comprehend.

But the next day I decided to take my mind off trying to spot Heidi alone, and after giving my parents back home a call (catching them early in the morning since New York was five hours behind), I went down to the beach to get a feel of the ocean on this side of the world. I rented a surfboard and swam far into the water with the sun on my back. The water sure felt good. It helped take my mind off what I was in Nigeria for. For the next hour I was out there surfing over the waves, the thought of Catherine almost a memory in my mind. It wasn’t until I got tired and came out of the water that she returned to the forefront of my thoughts.

I returned to my room, and suspected something was amiss. At first I couldn’t quite figure it out, but gradually it came to me to suspect that someone had been in my room. My laptop was still on the reading table, but its position had changed; whoever it was had left the lid half open. I booted my system up and checked on my work; I doubted if the intruder had actually got through my password. Probably had been in a hurry to have left the lid half open. My bag was still in the closet and everything else was in it, but it too had a look that suggested someone had gone through it. Either that or I was starting to get paranoid for no reason.

My money was in my wallet — some hundreds and my credit card, plus some debit cards — and they were still with me. At least I could rest easy about that.

I went into the bathroom and took a shower. I came out and was thinking of what to wear for the evening and what to do later on when a knock sounded on my door. I took a peek and there was Heidi standing out in the corridor. I opened the door and let her in; she practically pushed past me like someone was after her.

“Hi,” she said to me. “The lady down at the reception told me you were asking about me?”

“Yeah I was, but–”

Another knock sounded at my door. I turned to Heidi and she whispered for me to tell whoever it was that she wasn’t here; then she went to hide inside my bathroom. I opened the door a crack with the chain still on it and peeped whoever it was. It was the same Nigerian fellow who’d been with her and her niece at the beach yesterday, Olu Shango. Even with my door between us the man was so intimidating I thought he was about to burst through.

“Help you?” I said to him.

“You can start by letting me in,” he said to me.

I couldn’t comprehend what type of silly game must have gone through Heidi’s mind to want to bring him here to my room, and I wasn’t thrilled about it, but I opted to play nice and loosened the chain link on the door and opened it for him to enter. He entered my room like it was actually his. The polo T-shirt and jeans he wore barely seemed to contain him.

“Was looking out for you yesterday,” he said to me. “I’ve got a party this evening and I figured if you ain’t got much to do you can come out and join us.”

“That’s kind of you, but unfortunately I do have things to do. Sorry.”

“Yeah? Such as?”

“I’ve got… work to do, how’s that any of your concern?”

He shrugged, turning his head around my room. “No concern at all, white boi.”

“Excuse me, my name’s Michael.”

He shrugged. “Whatever, white boi. You seen Heidi around? I got word from the lady downstairs saying the bloke in this room wanted to meet with her, and that bloke happens to be you. What you want to see her about?”

“That’s personal between myself and her and not you,” I said to him.

He stood there looking at me with glaring eyes. I was huffing in my chest, angry that this muscle-bound Nigerian would barge his way into my room the way he did and start throwing questions at me like I was ignorant or something. If it came to a fight, I knew I couldn’t possibly take him down, not with that size of his… but hopefully I wouldn’t make it easy for him either.

“Look, I just stepped out the shower right now and need to put some clothes on and be alone with myself, so if you don’t mind…” I indicated toward the door.

He looked at me and then shook with laughter. He came and tapped my shoulder in a friendly manner like we were buddies all along. “Chill, white boi. I was only messing with you. You get your ass ready at about seven. Got a party I’d like you to be at. You see Heidi around, tell her to give me a call.”

“If I see her I will. Bye for now.”

I closed the door behind him, glad to have gotten rid of him. I returned the chain back to its lock and turned the key in the lock as well, then went and put on a pair of shorts before coming to knock on the bathroom door. Heidi stuck her head out after I’d told her he was gone. Now it was her turn to look embarrassed.

“I’m sorry I led him here. Didn’t mean for that to happen,” she said.

“I’m not complaining. At least now you got to see what my room looks like.” Instantly it clicked in my head; I saw this as the opportunity I’d been waiting to find. “Although this means you’re going to do me a small favour.”

That spurred her to jump into my arms, bringing her lips to mine. I baulked and pushed her aside. She caught the gesture and looked at me, hurt and surprised.

“What? Did I do something wrong? Don’t you like me at all?”

She threw the questions at me rapidly.

“No, no… not like that, Heidi. You’re beautiful and everything, except I… I’d like you to do me some other favour first. We can always do this afterwards.”

That seemed to mellow her somewhat, but there was scepticism in her eyes.

“Okay. What’s this favour you’re asking for then?”

“I’d like to see what your room looks like. Think you can take me up there?”

Her features broke into a smile when I said that.

“Oh wow! Sure, I’d love to show you my room. We can go there right now; Anya won’t be there, I expect.”

I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity. I grabbed a T-shirt and put on my flip-flops. Together we left the room and headed towards the elevator.

Heidi never questioned my curiosity as to why I wanted to see her room; I doubt if she even thought about it aside from that it sounded kinky to her.

We arrived at her apartment suite and she let us both in. Her niece — she admitted to it during the elevator ride after I’d asked her about it — wasn’t inside, as she’d hoped; she pointed out Anya’s room and she went and knocked on the door and was rewarded with the silence. She took me into hers, which I recall Clarence informing me in his mail was the same room Catherine had slept in when she and her parents arrived here. The room was spotless and neat. The windows closed to the world outside. I tried picturing Catherine lying on the bed, putting her bags away in the closet… going into the bathroom to take a shower.

“What do you think?” Heidi said to me, spreading her arms at the room. “Lovely, isn’t it?”

“Much lovelier and bigger than mine,” I admitted.

“I’m not too comfortable with bigger rooms. Usually I’d have wanted something like yours, except Olu preferred Anya and I here; he made the arrangements.”

“This Olu fellow, what is he, your guardian or something?”

She was about to say something when there was the slamming of a door. I jerked my feet thinking it was her bedroom door, but it wasn’t. Like kids playing a game we got closer to her door and peeped out the side. There was the voice of someone laughing — a woman’s voice. It was Anya in her swimsuit, being grasped from behind by her Nigerian lover Olu Shango. They sauntered into the living room, laughing, and slumped on the couch kissing and fondling each other. Anya came down from the couch and knelt before him, fumbling and pulling his jeans down his thighs, and Heidi and I watched as she lowered her head down on his crotch, both of us ogling the sight of her exquisite butt. My mouth came open as I watched Heidi’s niece suck on her black boyfriend’s monster cock. I couldn’t see all of it but the sight of her bobbing her head up and down, choking on a few inches of his shaft, was enough to tell me he had something impressive.

Something was pressing against my shorts. I looked down at Heidi’s hand squeezing my crotch. She had a coquettish smile on her face. She stuck her tongue into my ear and pulled at my earlobe. I felt my prick give a kick; her hand kept on squeezing my erection. I wanted to push her away… I wanted to fight her off me… I didn’t want to be in the room with her any longer. My mind, my body — my soul and my cock — was for Catherine, and no one else. I wanted to push her off me and run away…

But I couldn’t. I was too weak to want to do anything except inhale her sweet fragrance and allow her to keep pressing her hand against my crotch. I didn’t want her to stop; I wished for her to do more.

She did eventually. While I returned my eyes out the half-inch open door to stare at her niece ingesting the black man’s cock, Heidi slid down to her knees and unzipped my fly. I tried to take her hands away but she kept at it and I gasped when I felt her hand wrap around my dick and pull it out of its hiding place. Droplets of pre-cum stained her lips as she stroked my hardness and she licked them off before bringing her lips to my prick’s head. I held my breath for a second as the sensation of her lips washed over me. I gradually exhaled it. I alternated between looked down at what she was doing — she’d pause in her sucking of my cock and smile at me before putting her lips back to work again — and resuming watching Anya and her black lover.

Anya was up on her feet now and hurrying to get out of her swimsuit but Olu seemed impatient and I watched him pull her down towards him and she straddled him. She moaned as he ripped her swimsuit off her and I watched mesmerized as he pressed her ass down on his prick. Anya was giggling but it turned into a loud cry, throwing her head backward when his cock went up in her. I nearly jumped. Hearing her cry so loud I thought he was hurting her. She leaned forward, her tits brushing over his face, and I watched him suck her breasts like they were ripe oranges while her ass rose and fell on his cock.

Heidi was still sucking me and now she’d undone the top button of my shorts and let them fall to my ankles and was tugging at my balls while she rolled her tongue over my prick’s helmet. My eyes felt like they were on fire and I could barely stem my gasps. I’d never had a blowjob this good before. Matter of fact, this was the first blowjob I was getting; Catherine had only given me hand-jobs and that was it. Had I known it would be this good… I’d probably have had her give it to me before she left with her parents.


“Aaahhhhh! …”


“… Aggghhhh!”

It sounded like a gun going off. I turned my head and there was Olu slapping Anya’s buttocks. Anya was riding him harder now, moaning louder too. She got on her haunches and I licked my lips as I watched the perfect half-circles of her ass bounce up and down on the monster black dick that was fucking her. Olu made her sit back down and lifted her off the couch and brought her down on her backside. He pulled his shirt over the back of his neck and got down to fucking Anya.

I watched as he drove his cock back and forth, in and out of her open legs, listened to the voice of her screaming frenzy. I listened to her beg him to fuck her harder… she hollered his name over and over again… then her voice broke into a panting frenzy as she murmured that she was about to cum. Still Olu was like a man possessed and didn’t let off what he was doing to her. I could hear her cries inside my head. Her voice merged with mine. I could hear myself screaming too… except the reason for mine was coming from the raging storm I was feeling inside my prick.

I don’t know what happened except that I couldn’t take it anymore. The reflex got to me. I pulled my prick out of Heidi’s mouth and nearly bit my tongue from the pain I felt as her teeth scraped against my foreskin. She fell on her buttocks and at that moment my cock let loose a stream of semen and spewed it over her body. In the living room Anya was still screaming her joy of climax, as I was. I was breathing faster, my hand shook as I kept stroking droplets of semen out of my cock.

The strength in my legs went like spaghetti and I slumped to the floor still struggling to catch my breath; my shirt was drenched with sweat and I had it over my brow. My arms felt weak as if they’d been glued to my sides and wouldn’t come up. Heidi still remained on her butt with her legs spread, giving me a mixed sort of look of anger and surprise; some of my sperm was on her face. I wanted to say something to her but no words except gasping air came out of my lips. She got up and marched into the bathroom.

I could hear Anya’s voice giggling once again. When I’d gotten some strength back I pulled myself to my feet, careful not to trip on my shorts, and peeped out the door. I caught sight of Olu picking Anya up from the couch and carrying her to her room; they left their clothes behind. I heard the door close behind them at the same time Heidi came out of the bathroom holding a towel to her wet face. This time I did manage to say something.

“Sorry about that,” I said sheepishly.

“You should leave now,” she said.

I opted to leave while I still had some dignity intact.

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