Down in the Woods Today

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photo: The Life Erotic

Do the trees hear you scream when you come?

The sunlight flitted through the trees as she lay on the forest floor catching her breath. “When I said I’d like to go camping, I didn’t realise we’d have to do so much walking.”

“Oh, Lucy. Don’t tell me you don’t have enough energy for a few hours trekking. I’ve seen you far more active and for far longer.” Jamie’s voice verged on a chuckle as his eyes flirted with her.

“Ah, but that’s more fun than this. I don’t think we can compare fucking and trekking.” Her face scrunched up as she spoke in mock anger. “But, I don’t get why we need to go quite so far from civilisation. We want peace and quiet but I’d like legs that still work.” She pushed herself up and moved to stand behind him, wrapping her arms around him and sticking her hand down the front of his jeans. “Or, was that your plan all along? Legs that are too tired to work so I spend all weekend flat on my back?”

He placed his hand over hers and dragged it to rub his hard bulge. “Oh, you can do that all afternoon if you want but it won’t get you a tent to sleep in.”

She sighed, pulling her hand from his pants. “Okay, come on then. My mouth was getting jealous anyway.”

“Seriously? You are deliberately fucking around now. We’re nearly there and me walking with a raging hard-on isn’t helping.” He placed his fingers in her hair, pulling her face toward him and kissed her, his lips consuming her and his tongue searching, taking ownership of her. He pulled away, keeping his eyes on her face.

“Okay, so I can walk a bit further but only because I really want that body,” she laughed as she spoke, gently shoving his shoulder.

The trail became harder to identify the further they ventured up the mountain. The lack of footfall created a panic that was unfolding in Lucy’s stomach. The sight of his bum, tight and round, in his skinny jeans, had ceased to be interesting and her mind, rather than imagining all manner of open-air frolics, she was pining for coffee and a camp-bed.

By the time they reached the camp her feet ached. The sight of the two small tents caused her to collapse on the ground. “Thank you, whoever put our tent up. I love you,” she yelled, her eyes scanning the campsite for signs of life before she landed in an exhausted bundle on the ground as her heartbeat calmed and slowly returned to a regular pace. When a massive thud sent leaves flying next to her head, she screamed and scurried toward Jamie who was glaring at her, his face crumpled in a confused expression.

“Seriously, Lucy?” came a voice from behind her that she recognised as Chris, Jamie’s best friend. She covered her face with her hands, unable to deny the embarrassment filling her to bursting point.

Having spent most of the afternoon napping in her tent, she had lost track of who was camping with them but she knew it was too quiet.

The sunlight was still struggling to defeat the night but the peace and calm of the evening sent a strange shiver over her skin. She stared at the trees where the others had left camp and began to panic. Her naughty weekend was no longer holding the fun she’d hoped for.

Panic swept through her, freezing each muscle it swept past on its journey. This wasn’t part of the plan, was it?

She moved toward the trees, hoping to hear some sign of life, her feet needing to be forced, one step at a time. She swallowed air, pulling her shoulders back, hoping to quell the fear rippling through her.

The warmth of flesh stung her cold skin when an arm from nowhere wrapped itself around her upper arms, forcing them in tight against her sides. She tried to turn her head to see the face of whoever was holding her. A voice she didn’t recognise whispered in her ear, “You want this, you know you do. Don’t struggle, and do what you’re told.”

The faceless voice tied a scarf around her head, blinding her and heightening her senses. Her heart pounded against her ribcage, the rhythm echoing in her ears.

Another arm wrapped around her, the pair of them lifting her off the ground, her feet instinctively scrambling to reach something solid when two more sets of hands grabbed at her ankles and she found herself being carried through the trees.

Leaves brushed against her limbs and she found her mind trying to follow what was going on. There were voices, faint and distant but audible; she struggled to hear. When they stopped, the hands holding her wrists let go and she found herself hanging in the warm arms of the faceless voice. He moved one arm at a time, allowing another set of hands to bind rope around her wrists.

She gasped as her arms were pulled upwards by the ropes and then the arms disappeared. She found herself suspended in the darkness, her feet barely reaching the ground. The rope pulled at her wrists the more she tried to balance her feet on the uneven ground.

A warmth, from somewhere in front of her, eased the chill on her skin but nerves sent cascading waves of energy racing across her skin, causing her hairs to stand at attention and her hardened nipples to ache under the constraints of her bra.

Through the thin fabric of the scarf around her eyes the moonlight cast shadows around her, from the rounded full trees. All she could see was light and shadow dancing around her, a combination she presumed of the moonlight, the campfire, people, and trees. Branches sent shadow fingers grasping for her when she heard a whisper in her ear. “Still sure about this?”

She opened her mouth to answer and, instead, a low guttural moan escaped from her lips. Her tongue traced the line of her dry lips as she battled to control the emotions surging through her body. “Oh, yes. Absolutely,” she whispered.

Something cold and hard touched her skin, running up from the waist of her shorts to stop just under her bra. Her brain struggled to identify the sensation. A part of her knew it was a knife, even without feeling the blade. With a swift movement, the blade cut open the front of her top and bra in one movement and fingers traced the line of her breasts. Her body recoiled and rejoiced in one confused collection of tingling feelings.

With fingers skimming her skin, following slow torturous circles around her hardened nipples, her body arched causing her to lose her footing, and pain pulsed through her wrists in response to the rope digging into the skin. She fumbled and wriggled to regain her balance when, at the same time, a second set of hands ran up the inside of her legs and grabbed at the waistband of her shorts, pulling them and her forward to again lose her balance.

With a swift ripping of fabric, the warmth of somebody’s breath replaced her knickers and a tongue flicked between her legs. As she braced for the possibilities of the pleasure of the tongue, fingers ran up her spine, winding their way into her hair, and pulled her head backwards.

Her body screamed in anticipation at the promise of the fingers and mouths of those she knew were touching her, longing for them all to reach their target.

When the rough palms of the first person finally rubbed her nipples, cupping her breasts, she heard the sounds of her own desperation as her body writhed, desperate for more. Her moans were met by a mouth circling her clit, flicking and stroking her to the point of no return.

The pain of the ropes cutting into her wrists merged with the pleasure of the hands and mouth to create a new and confusing pleasure-pain combination that created a wetness full of promise between her legs.

“Please,” she begged in a small voice, unsure what she was begging for.

The fingers wound into her hair released and a pain shot through her as a hand slapped her arse.

“When we say,” whispered a voice she recognised in her ear and a smile formed on her face. She moved her lips to speak when, at that moment, something was forced into her mouth. Her brain scrambled to identify the fabric in her mouth.

She went to speak, even though she knew she couldn’t, and her mumbling was met by another slap to her arse. The warmth of her arse cheeks was then eased by somebody kissing them better and instantly biting the skin, forcing her body forward, further into the tongue creating the dampness between her legs.

The mouth disappeared and an empty ache filled her. “Do you want more?” the voice in her ear whispered. She nodded, grateful for the darkness that covered the flush that filled her cheeks. Her desperation and longing caused her to wriggle as her body hunted for the person that she knew was still there, even without their touch.

Instead of a tongue, she felt a finger rub on her clit, teasing her honeypot and threatening to enter her before disappearing.

“Oh dear, did you expect more, baby?” came the familiar voice of Jamie as his body leaned into her back, his arms reaching around to replace the missing fingers of the other person. His body slid down her back until his finger entered her from behind, finding her spot with ease, and she heard her moans echoing in her ears as he pushed her further over the edge. A second and third finger pushed inside her and she heard that sweet sound of her wetness and she knew what was coming.

His fingers moved with a new urgency and her body reacted with raptures of ecstasy when she gushed, her body his to control. With her nectar running down her legs her body relaxed, limp and unable to fight the ropes. Her breathing, heavy and full of her lust, filled the air.

Then, in a coordinated attack, a mouth bit down on her nipple, forcing a scream to escape through the fabric in her mouth, followed by a glorious flick of the tongue that sent spasms through her. At the same time, a hand rubbed against the hardness of her other nipple and a mouth consumed her clit.

With the waves of pleasure clashing against each other, her mind no longer functioned. Her body gave in to the orgasms that flooded her body.

When somebody grabbed at her ankles, pulling her body to balance against theirs, her body reacted with unconscious knowledge of the promise of what was to come.

As the person holding her body pulled her legs toward him, her body reacted, desperate to finally feel the pleasure of his cock entering her. Her body clamped onto it and, as he pulled her back and forth, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her, his warmth filled her. His juice merged with hers, and she groaned.

The sudden realisation that somebody was wrapping more rope around her waist, over her ribs and breasts, and then her thighs, did nothing to alter the pleasure she was swimming in. When the rope holding her arms loosened and her head slumped backwards, the new rope around her waist catching her weight, the air in her lungs escaped and she caught her breath.

The urgent thrusting of another person pushed inside her and her head hung down. When somebody’s fingers removed the fabric from her mouth she smiled, confident she knew what was coming. Matching the rhythm of the thrusting inside her, a cock pushed inside her mouth, catching the back of her throat, and the sounds of her gagging replaced her moans.

Every thrust of the person inside her honeypot pushed the cock of the other person deeper into her throat and again the pain of the ropes vanished, replaced by ecstasy. The mouth on her nipple was met by another mouth on her other nipple and she was lost.

When she heard the groans of the person fucking her she knew it was time to swap and, without a second to think, another cock entered her, forcing her to continue to ride the waves of pleasure that threatened to drown her.

One by one the bodies moved, taking turns to fill her holes, to drive her pleasure to new levels, and consuming her. She knew, without doubt, that this was the best camping trip she had ever taken.

Camping would never be the same again.

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