Three Men Came to Help

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I spent the afternoon setting the stage, thinking through the experience and unboxing my new sex toys. I thought through how to tell her my role-playing, sexually deviant plan. How to be respectful and show her how loved, adored and desired she is while also providing her an opportunity to feel the unknown; the anticipation of something new and potentially intimidating. How do you tell her that you want her all to yourself, but that it would turn you on like nothing before to see another man pushing down into her? How do you tell her that you invited three men to help?

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, #metoo. WTF. You invited three men to fuck your wife without ever talking to her about it?

Just hold on (I’m a gentleman, mostly)….

We skipped dinner altogether that night and went straight to the bedroom, already prepared with candles and soft music. We were both horny as fuck, but we still took the time to touch softly. Took the time to kiss slowly and to caress each other over our clothing. She was the first to go for my belt, cinching it tighter and unlocking the clasp. Then a snap of my jeans, a zip, and her hand was pushing and pulling softly on my cock through my boxers.

I lifted her sweater upwards and she obligingly raised her hands as I slid it up and over her head and to the ground. I quickly and less gracefully pulled my shirt off as well, sliding my hand down the backside of her jeans and pulling her ass toward me. Still standing at the foot of the bed we pressed our chests together and felt the seduction that only another body can provide. It had been too long.

“I need to feel your skin against mine,” I said softly in her ear.

“Me too,” she smiled.

Stepping back, I quickly removed my pants, socks, and then without hesitation, my boxers. She looked at me and reciprocated; jeans, bra, and panties to the floor. After all these years, she was more beautiful than ever. My eyes lingered on her for a moment and then I stepped to the bed and pulled the sheets back, inviting her in.

We kissed and touched for a bit and then I whispered again in her ear, “Role-play? I have some fun surprises if you say yes.”

“I just want you to fuck me,” she said, as she reached down, grabbing my shaft and rubbing the head of me against her lips.

“What if I told you that I want to watch you fuck another man?”

She gave a wry smile, “I’d tell you there better NOT be some guy walking through that door right now? I’m kinky, but you gotta give a girl some warning.”

“But what if I told you there are three make-believe men outside that door? Men that look exactly as you would want and will do exactly as you ask. Men that crave your body and know how to fuck like they are making love. And that each one has a slightly different but, oh-so-above-average cock.”

“I’d say, ‘get off me and send in boy toy number one’, but not until I feel you first.” She pulled my shaft toward her again and my head began to part her. She moved it up and down from the base of her opening to her clit and back, then let me dip ever-so-slightly inside. “Oh, and I’d also say, you have to give me a little pre-freak massage too. The lavender oil’s in the cupboard in the bathroom.”

She turned over onto her stomach and looked back at me lovingly. “If I’m taking three cocks today… three ‘above average’ cocks… I definitely deserve a massage and a good warm-up from my real man.” She tilted her head slightly, squinted her eyes, pursed her lips, and then nodded her head as a visual cue that my next move was simply to say, ‘yes.’

She was right— she definitely needed to be warmed-up and given the chance to buy into the fantasy, and massage was the perfect foreplay.

I lubed her up from head to toe and rubbed my hands up and down the back of her legs, over her buttocks, up to her lower back, and finally over her shoulders and neck. I straddled her and let my cock rest between the crack of her ass as I softly worked my hands down her spine. Finally, I took my whole body, forearms, chest, torso, and worked my way up and down her body, sliding skin to skin.

On the final pass, I slid my chest over her ass, along her lower back, and up to her shoulders, but this time I lowered my torso down into her and let my cock slide slowly between her legs and into her pussy. I pushed deep into her and then slid my knees forward and raised my head and chest back up to straddle her again, this time while inside of her. She moaned a little. I stayed there and continued to massage her with my hands while moving very slightly with my pelvis from time to time; nothing rhythmic or even intentional, but just the natural movement of my body as I touched hers.

“Are you warm yet?” I asked.

She wiggled her booty playfully under me, raised her arm, extended her pointer finger, spun her wrist in a circle and softly muttered, “Let’s do this.”

In the master bath, I had three toys warming up — a cock sleeve and two cock sheaths. I decided that starting with the cock sleeve would be best, as it was the smallest and she could feel the natural size of my actual head. With a few drops of lube on the inside, I slid it on and pulled my balls through the strap to secure it in place. At five inches long with an open-ended design, it created a fat shaft with a tapered insertion edge ramping down perfectly to my penis shaft and head. Its soft and flexible skin-like material easily pushed back or could be pulled forward to give the look of a very girthy uncircumcised penis. I wasn’t fully hard so I opted for the uncircumcised effect and walked back into the room.

She played along brilliantly, lying on her back now touching herself while she waited for me to return. Or, rather, waited to meet her new friend.

“Oh, you’re handsome,” her right hand still circling her clit, “where did my husband find you?”

He (I) used my best Russian accent (and it’s pretty bad), but luckily we both have good imaginations. “My English is not so good. You are beautiful. I okay for you?”

She looked down at my cock as I pushed the sleeve back and exposed the end of my quickly growing shaft and head. She reached forward, cupping my balls and inspecting the package.

“Fuck that’s thick,” she observed.

“It’s okay for you?” he asked again.

“It’s okay for me,” she paused, “but take it slow, my husband isn’t as big as you.”

He leaned forward, holding himself above her with one arm and using the other to rub his head against her. He slid his head inside, now holding himself above her with both arms outstretched. She looked up at him, inviting him closer with her eyes as he lowered to his elbows so their chests could meet. Now, pushing in a bit more, slowly spreading her as his cock widened at the shaft. The transition from cock to sleeve was seamless. He moved slowly and let her adjust to the width, staying shallow, waiting for her to ask for more.

“It’s okay for you?” he ventured again.

“Oh yes… it’s okay. So fucking O — K,” she moaned more so than replied, as she reached her left hand up to his jaw and the other down to rest on his hip and pull gently downward.

And with that, he lowered himself fully into her, extending his hips forward and pushing her pelvis down into the mattress. She gasped, made a few guttural sounds with half words attached and then a “ahhhhhh, uhhhh, FUCK,” as he started a series of short strokes deep inside of her.

Getting closer and closer to the edge, he shifted his weight to change positions. They rolled to one side and she was on top, riding him. He let her feel his girth and move at her pace. From time to time he would hold her hips still and push up into her, looking down to the visual of his fat cock spreading her open, her pussy wet, her stomach tight, her tits staring down at him. He was getting way too close now and knew his friends were eagerly waiting for their turn.

“I must go now,” he said abruptly.

“Don’t go,” she swirled her hips around him.

“Me go now. We take turns… for you.” His Russian accent seemed to have morphed into a ‘me Tarzan, you Jane’ impersonation, but she neither noticed nor cared.

He gently but decidedly rolled her to the side and over to her back, gave her a dozen deep, aggressively passionate thrusts — lingering on the last — feeling her wanting him to stay.

“You are beautiful, I get my friend now.” And with that, he rose from the bed and walked quickly out of the room

I pulled off the cock sleeve as quickly as possible. The pressure of it on my shaft and around my balls still reminding me of being inside of her and how close I was to cumming. Difficult being one man most the time, let alone three, or technically four if I counted myself in this scenario.

I pulled the second toy, a six-and-a-half-inch cock sheath, out from under the towel where it was staying warm with a small heating pad. As before, I added a bit of lube to the inside and slid it on, securing the ball strap in place. It’s a full sheath so think of it as a really absurdly thick condom that is held in place with the ball strap. It’s a little short on me so there is a bit of a gap between the base of it and my pubic bone, but it is so stretchy that this minor shortness makes no difference during penetration.

When the second ‘guest’ walked into the bedroom, she was touching herself again, but this time asked for no introductions. “Get on top of me,” she instructed.

He (I) did as she asked. She looked down at him, grasping his thick cock, now measuring over six inches in circumference. “Damn, you’re even bigger than your friend.”

He pushed into her quickly. He was bigger all around with a proportionate head but a shaft far above average. If he had been first, she would have wanted to go much slower, but she was craving that feeling of fullness inside of her. Before he could even speak (I had a whole background story worked out), she rolled him over and began to ride him slowly, but with short bursts of faster movements when she wanted.

She was owning it and lost in the fantasy of not giving a fuck about who that cock was attached to. She was on the edge now too, but not so much that she couldn’t control it. She looked down at him. He was having a hard time holding back and she loved that. She toyed with him — rotating her hips, taking his hands and cupping them around her breasts, instructing him to squeeze her nipples.

Staring down at him, she continued to take the role-play to a new level. “Look down at that fat cock spreading my tight little pussy apart. It’s so fucking big. I bet you want to cum all over that pussy, don’t you?”

And she was right. He was about to climax and that poor last guy waiting wasn’t even going to get to say hello. She had taken over this role-playing game and made it her own — made it her fantasy as much as it had ever been mine.

“I think it’s time for your last visitor,” he said and began to try and slide out from under her.

She steadied herself above him, “You can cum if you want. I won’t tell the others.” And with that she unleashed a series of aggressive hip thrusts, baring down on his huge cock with an oh-so-devilish smile.

Who cares about that last guy, he thought as he tried to stay in role. “You’re so sexy, I’m so close, I guess I could- ”

She stopped abruptly and dismounted. “Better get your friend.”

All I could think about was how damn sexy and good at these things she was as I quickly changed for the last time. This time, it was a seven-and-a-half-inch cock sheath with a little more length and girth. Same giant condom concept but thicker, putting me at over six inches in circumference and long enough to go all the way to the base of me for a perfect visual. It created the largest and, I hoped, most pleasurable cock as it also had a micro ribbing exterior texture for added friction.

As the final ‘friend’ walked into the room, she gazed squarely at his cock and nothing more. Her face ran a quick gamut of emotions — disbelief to enthusiasm to determination. This was one BIG beautiful cock. Not one that most women would want every day, but with all of the massage and fucking leading up to this moment, she was ready to own it and him.

“I look a lot like the first two guys, don’t I?” asked the final ‘friend’ of the night.

She motioned for him to lie on his back and quickly mounted him. She reached down with one hand and guided him between her legs. At this point, she was so dripping wet that not a drop of lube was needed. Still, this final cock was big enough that she had to take it a little more slowly. It was a little longer just because the sheath was long enough to not hold anything back. It was girthier too. And then those magical micro ribs.

She finally sat all the way down to take in everything he had to offer. She started to roll her hips back and forth leaving him deep inside and then lifting only slightly from time to time. She leaned forward and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Jerome,” he whispered, “I am a French Canadian with a temporary US work visa.” (I really wanted to get to use those backstories.)

“Shh-shhh-shh Jerome — suck my tits.”

She could feel her orgasm building and as she pushed down onto him, the pressure of her pussy around his cock began to build as well. With each movement, she tightened and he grew, their combined pressure and friction intensifying.

His mouth still wrapped around one nipple, he moved both hands down to her hips subconsciously to try and slow her movement as he began to reach the point of no return. She knew this move. Her husband used it. He was close, but he wanted her to cum first.

Asserting her power, her dominance in that moment, she clinched down and rode that cock back and forth, staring down into his eyes. “I’m right behind you,” she said. “You can cum now… I want you to.”

“I don’t think your husband wants me to,” Jerome muttered.

“He won’t mind,” and with that, she swayed her hips back and forth in rhythm to the words, “I… want… you… to… cum… now.”

Jerome/he/I started cumming somewhere between ‘you’ and ‘to’, but did his best to not vocalize until ‘now’.

“Oh fuck, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh God, I’m cumming, oh you feel so fucking good.” His head tensing forward and then collapsing back against the sheets as she continued to ride him.

She leaned forward, kissed him on the cheek and then pulled his head forward again and put her nipple back in his mouth. “Suck my tits and fuck me now. Make me cum on that big fat cock of yours.”

She clenched her teeth and moved slowly on his still throbbing, engorged cock, getting herself right to the edge. A small moaning sound began to come from somewhere deep inside her, growing slowly in volume and pitch. Her eyes closed, as she completely gave in to that magical feeling of anticipation before total release. Barely moving now, her sounds growing, taking in every moment and sensation. Then abruptly eyes opening, locking with his, she gave her final command. “Fuck… me… hard… NOW!”

Jerome did as he was told. Grasping her hips, he raised her up slightly to provide space to push into her. Even though he had climaxed moments before, he was still as hard as ever, engorged. He steadied her hips in place and began to fuck her as hard and fast as he could, their bodies slapping against one another as she dripped down onto him.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m still… oh, fuck fuck fuck, that's good. That’s… good… dick!” And with that, she collapsed down against his chest.

They lay panting, trying to catch their breath — their hearts racing against each other and their bodies melting together. She lay on him until she began to feel the thud in her chest calm and she could finally speak again…

“Damn Jerome, that is one mighty big dick you have there. Now please go get my husband — I want to thank him for letting you and your friends play.”

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