Cougar Meet

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“You should have a one night stand,” my friend Candice told me as she drank her fifth glass of wine.

I had just caught my husband cheating, and Candice came over to cheer me up. We had some Chinese food, and we got drunk on wine while I explained my predicament to her.

I felt like it was over for me. I was 40 years old, and I cherished my marriage. I felt crushed when I found out that John was cheating on me.

“Look, sitting around and crying about it isn’t going to do anything. You need to get some fucking dick!” Candice exclaimed.

“Who would want me? I don’t want to date again,” I told her.

“Are you kidding me, Jenna? Look at your body. Big tits, big ass. Guys love that.”

I felt so embarrassed. “I’m overweight, and I’m old.”

“Hey, 40 is the new 25,” Candice told me. “You’re not overweight. You’re curvy. Guys love curvy. Get out there. Get your mind off this asshole. Have some fun!”

“Have you been dating?” I asked her.

A naughty smile went across her face. “I wouldn’t refer to it as dating,” she said.

She showed me an app on her phone; it was called something like Cougar Meet. “I use it to meet younger guys, early twenties, fit, and they can last for hours.”

She scrolled through some of the guys she was seeing. They all had incredible bodies. They were muscular, fit, and fucking hot. They were the kind of guys I’d always wanted to have sex with, but I’d settled for John.

After Candice left, I thought about what she’d said. I thought about the adventure of being with a hot younger guy.

I downloaded the app and quickly set up a profile using pictures from my phone from my last beach vacation. While I drunkenly scrolled through the menu of delicious men, I came across an image of a genuinely delightful specimen, Jerome. He was tan, with glistening muscles: six-pack abs, hard pecs, and he was tall. As I looked at him, I reached down and began to touch myself, imagining him on top of me. I thought about what it would be like to feel his muscles with his hard cock filling up my tight pussy. I worked myself up into a frenzy thinking about him.

Before I passed out, I messaged him and put it bluntly: “I want to fuck you.”

When I woke up the following morning, he’d responded: “I want to fuck you, too.” He gave me his phone number.

Now that I was sober, I was shocked at what I was reading. I tried to go about my day and forget about him, but I couldn’t get his image out of my mind.

I thought about his pictures all day at work. My pussy grew slick at the thought of him. I felt myself begin to sweat as the sexual fantasies filled my mind. It was unusual because my office is so cold. My friend at work thought I was sick until I reassured her. I crossed my legs under my desk and shook my leg to stimulate myself. I knew that I had to fuck him.

In the middle of the day, I texted him. “What are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing, but I’d like to meet up with you. How about we meet at a coffee shop and see if we hit it off? If we do, we can go to my place.”

I went home really quick to put on something a bit slutty. I decided on a tight red dress. I felt self-conscious about wearing tight skirts, but Candice’s pep talk gave me confidence in my body.

We met at a coffee shop. He was wearing a tight polo shirt, one that hugged every muscle on his body perfectly. I felt myself salivate looking at that fit, young body. I had to have him.

I touched his muscular forearm and looked into his eyes. “I need you,” I told him, as my heart skipped a beat at the sheer risk I was taking.

He smiled in that bad boy, James Dean kind of way.

As we went up to his apartment on the elevator, he reached around my tight skirt and felt my ass.

“You have a nice ass,” he said as he licked his lips. He kissed me. It wasn’t the casual type of kiss that I had become accustomed to in marriage; it was an intense, lustful kiss — the kind I hadn’t experienced in at least 15 years. As he kissed me, I gripped his biceps. Big, tight muscles. A sharp contrast to my schlub of a husband.

As we ventured into the room, I allowed my hands to caress his chest. I reached down to where his shirt tucked into his pants. As I reached down, I could feel his abs. I removed his shirt over his head and admired his perfect body. He drew me into his hulking, muscular arms for a delicious kiss.

His hands caressed the smooth fabric wrapped tightly around my thick ass. He then hiked the skirt up and gripped the bare flesh of my ass.

As he kissed my neck, I pushed my dress down and unveiled my massive breasts. His eyes widened as he gazed upon them, and he moved his mouth down and licked my nipple. My nipples hardened under his slick tongue, and I let out a gentle moan.

He pushed my thong aside with his finger and began massaging my slick clit as his tongue pleasured my nipple. I moved my fingers along his muscular back, admiring his hard-won gym physique.

He dropped to his knees and continued to pleasure me. His tongue flicked my clit, and he inserted two fingers inside of me. My moist cunt dripped all over his stubbly face. I propped myself against a wall as he aggressively feasted upon my cunt.

“Where is your bedroom?” I implored him.

He stood up and kissed me aggressively, allowing me to taste his tongue and my lustful juices. He looked me in the eyes and said, “Come with me.”

He led me by the hand into the bedroom and pushed me down on the bed. His cock was out, large and throbbing. For a brief moment, I recalled the cock of my soon-to-be ex-husband, which looked humiliatingly small in comparison.

Jerome propped his muscular body on top of me, with fists upon the mattress and rippling muscles holding himself up. He looked into my eyes as his cock stretched out my tight cunt. I let out a whimper as my dampness welcomed him into me.

“Fuck me,” I implored him.

He began to fuck me, slow and gentle. He looked me in the eyes and said, “You are so beautiful.”

I wrapped my legs around him tightly. “Fuck me harder!” I asked.

His pace quickened. Sweat began to bead across my body as he fucked me harder, and the lust began to consume my body. I wrapped my legs tighter around his muscular frame as his cock filled me up, and his balls slapped against me. I reached down and began to stroke my clit while he fucked me hard.

I became so engrossed in the experience and could only hear the sound of our sweaty bodies slapping together, and his cock pummelling my pussy.

“You’re so fucking hot,” I told him. “I touched myself last night looking at pictures of you.”

He smiled and then kissed me while he fucked me.

“I want to ride you,” I told him. “Let me take control.”

He laid down on the bed with his stiff cock at attention. I descended upon his fat cock and began moving slowly, holding his hard, muscular chest for support while I rode him. I began to glide gently at first, and I quickened my pace, grinding my cunt against his hard flesh.

I began fucking him harder, more aggressively. I became animalistic, lost in the moment. My head drifted back, my hair moving wildly. His hands gripped my thick ass as he ground his teeth in pleasure.

I could feel the heat build up within me. As I ground my pussy into Jerome, I heightened my pace. My muscles tensed up as a warm wave of joy flooded my body. I dug my fingernails into his chest as the pleasure overwhelmed me.

“Oh my god!” I cried out as the orgasm overcame my body.

As my pussy tightened and my sweat dripped down onto him, Jerome could no longer handle the excitement, and his cock erupted within me.

I collapsed on top of him and kissed his stubbly cheek before I drank in his lips.

“That was what I fucking needed,” I told him, while he smiled and gripped my ass tightly, regaining his strength for round two of our encounter.

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