Please Come Back

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photo: SexArt

I couldn’t pretend to be the one
you wanted me to be
and still be your friend
I couldn’t pretend not to see
the way things are going to be
without telling you when
Sometimes our eyes deceive us
from the truth
but still the truth it remains
Sometimes we wish no knowledge
of what rests inside
still it changes not what it contains
But when darkness falls
and we see nothing at all
hearing only the voices of contempt
no faces can we recall
It is then
our memories
will shape the image of trust
It is then
you’ll feel
the love
long obscured by the dust
And like the miracle seed
laid hidden below the frost
awaiting the return of a summer
long past
life’s deep wound will
find its healing way
with a lover’s warming touch
like the comforting warmth
of a summer’s day

Please come back!


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