My Innocence

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You won’t be fooled by my innocence, no.
I truly am that innocent.

When I ask you to explain your words,
your flirtatious advances,
hints that graphically describe
your devious thoughts,
twisted desires,
and carnal cravings,
I simply need to know,
and understand.
I truly am that innocent.

When I look at you, and my eyes spark,
my tongue with a slow trace
wets the silky smoothness of my lips,
and slow fingers find its curves,
tilting my head,
eyes locked with yours,
breathing slower, hearts beating faster,
I simply feel possessed,
by all your charm.
I truly am that innocent.

When I touch your arm, or hold your hand
and my body steadies in its walking,
my touch is not seduction,
and doesn’t try to entice you,
but seeks protection,
the kind you always give
with your embrace, and with your words.
I simply feel stronger,
braver, just not alone.
I truly am that innocent.

When my words draw lines of poems,
and our notes go back and forth,
at any hour, and just because,
the intricacies of our lust intertwine
and ride orgasmic waves
of virtual sex and imperceptible touch,
we feel connection, and
I simply feel satiated
as if our bodies had just been one.
I truly am that innocent.

When I slowly crawl, on my knees,
follow your essence, or just your steps,
my mouth intensely drooling,
hungering to feel your skin,
devouring your every inch.
I’m simply hypnotized,
and drawn to that who owns me.
So, no, you won’t be fooled by my innocence.
I truly am that innocent.

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