Confessions of a Baltimore Hotwife

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I’m a dirty white married housewife from Baltimore, USA. I’m 40 years old. What I’m about to tell you is the honest truth, and I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit it; my husband knows all about it, too.

My husband was the one that started me on this journey. Years ago he began taking me out to service black guys in downtown Baltimore. I know I was born to be used for my pussy and I’m destined to suck black dicks. To this day, I am still the same whore I’ve always been. Whenever a black guy walks over and flirts with me sexually, I beg him to let me suck him dick and then fuck me. They always do. I’ve been fucked many, many times by different guys. I’ve been fucked on mattresses on the floor, in dark, abandoned houses and railway tracks.

You wanted some pics of me, I have a few you might like. Perhaps during your forthcoming trip, you might like to look me up. I promise not to bite!

Years ago I used to work at a mall store. I worked with an African guy named Armand. He had a thing for curvy American white women. Being my manager, one day he asked me to work late and close the shop with him. It was just Armand and me. When we closed up for the night he asked me to help out in the back store room to get things ready for tomorrow’s opening shift. I emptied out the register while he went out back. When I finished, I went looking for him — and caught him masturbating. He saw me, and for a moment we just stared at each other. My eyes moved down to his cock; it was the biggest cock I’d ever seen.

“Need any help with that?” I asked as I drew closer to him.

He grabbed me by the back of my hair and pulled me down to my knees and shoved his huge black dick in my mouth, and I couldn’t stop myself. I slobbered all over that cock, but I couldn’t get it all in my mouth. He pulled me hard and rammed it down my throat and wouldn’t let me go.

He throat-fucked me and kept telling me, "That’s right baby, choke on this African dick, that’s what you’re meant for.” He pulled me off by my hair and said, "You’re gonna suck my dick whenever I tell you to bitch, aren’t you?”

I told him, "Yes, I’m here for you to do whatever you tell me, Armand. I’ll do whatever you want.”

He pulled me back down onto his dick and I really got into sucking him and loved it. I made love to it and worshipped it.

I got up and bent over, pulled down my spandex leggings and said, “Please fuck me, Armand. I want you to cum inside me.”

I was extremely wet and his dick was wet from my mouth. He penetrated me slowly, making me gasp. I got down doggy-style and spread my ass apart wide and he rode me from behind.


It made me cum over and over.

Then for the first time I squirted.

I was wet everywhere. I couldn’t stop. He kept shoving in and pulling out and then I would squirt. I was moaning so loud, finally I felt a huge warm load pumping deep inside me. He grabbed my shoulders and kept pumping his seed into me and told me to take it all . . . take that black seed in my white pussy. He kept calling me a slut and said I was black-owned by him now and he would make me work every night with him and that he was going to fuck me every night. He kept his word. Every night in the back store room I was made to suck that dick and used for him to fuck and dump his load.

I learned to become a slut first for African men, then Muslim men. Since Armand, my husband has been made to watch me fuck and ended up liking it. There was one Muslim guy from Somalia named Nadir who started ‘sissifying’ my husband. He got my husband to watch him fucking me in our bed and made my husband wear my panties. It was such an overwhelming experience. I was moaning so loud thinking about how this Muslim guy could fuck me and make my husband become his bitch, and how my husband was letting him.

Nadir was a real man. He fucked me like a master fucks his servants. He fucked me better than my husband ever had; even better than Armand. I became Nadir’s fuck hole, and my husband became a sissy for Nadir’s older brother, Diric.

Diric did fuck me sometimes, but he usually preferred fucking his sissy-bitch — my husband. Nadir occupied our bedroom with me while his brother and my husband slept in the guest bedroom together. We heard them fucking almost every night. My husband loved taking that dick in his ass repeatedly. The weird thing is Diric was very hung. I got sore when he fucked me, yet my husband never seemed to mind taking him. Diric even invited his friends over and they all got to cum down my husband’s throat and in his ass plenty of times.

It has been months since my relationship with Nadir and Diric ended. No, we didn’t break up; they closed their shop and relocated to another city. But nothing has changed between me and my sissy-bitch husband. We still cruise the downtown area looking for black men to fuck. My husband loves visiting Glory-Hole bars to whore himself out.

Last week I hooked up with a guy I met on Craigslist. We met for drinks at a bar on Sunday and he made me play with my pussy while we talked. I told my husband about him, and he agreed that I should invite the guy over, which I did.

He showed up yesterday afternoon. My husband was at work at the time so he missed out on the action. The guy fucked me hard in our bed and smacked my ass while he did. He told me right before he was about to cum and I sat my pussy all the way down on his dick and felt him blow a heavy warm load of cum inside me. He’s supposed to come over again later this week to fuck me some more; I told him to bring a friend or two if he can.

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