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Part 31: Corridor creeping

‘If you don’t mind me asking, what did your ex-husband do, Elaine?’ asked Sue.

‘He was an academic plastic surgeon, but don’t bother getting married to one, you never see them because if they aren’t operating they are away at international meetings, and they make money, not love.’

‘Long hours?’

‘It depended on how obliging the theatre sisters were.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t worry about it, I married him knowing he had a reputation for fucking nurses in the sluice, but I didn’t realise he had no plans to stop on account of me. And before you ask, no I never took any advantage of his surgical expertise.’

‘Well, I can understand why you didn’t want augments.’

Elaine grimaced. ‘Anyone who has them needs their head examined.’

‘But everyone says they feel totally real nowadays.’

‘Only laymen, cosmetic surgeons with expensive mistresses to fund, and women who have just had them done say that. I can’t say I know of a single doctor who has even thought of risking them. Augments aren’t so bad when they first go in, but if I tell you that Christopher’s entire private practice was based around fixing complications, you will get the drift. Half the problem is that once things have gone really wrong, removing them makes it look even worse.’

‘Ted was very keen on me getting enlargements at one time,’ Sue mused.

‘There you go. It is almost always men that want women to have bigger breasts. A year of wandering around with anything the wrong side of a C cup would make you a fan of smaller boobs for ever, trust me,’ said Elaine, emphatically.

‘She’s right, Sue,’ I said. ‘On a hot summer day I would swap with you in a moment.’

‘But you look fabulous in a bikini, Tabby!’

‘Big boobs get you noticed, but you know the trouble I have had with guys, Sue. Given the choice, I’d rather be plain and an A cup, rather than having to cope with trying to figure out whether men like me for being me, or just want to fuck and forget me. And I know that when we were in our late teens I exploited it to the limit, but now I have learned that instant gratification has its drawbacks.’

‘Remember Patrick? He was instantly gratifying.’

‘How could I forget?’

Sue explained to Elaine. ‘It was the only time I went corridor creeping and we ended up with the same guy, but it was a shade more complicated than that.’

‘Do you remember how pitch dark it was in that house at night?’

Sue put her hand on Elaine’s arm. ‘We both fancied him, and we were staying in this huge house, and for some reason we hadn’t discussed our plans…’

‘…as if we ever did.’ I snorted.

‘I wanted him so much I was sure I was going to die if I didn’t have him that night,’ explained Sue. ‘He was one of those exceptional guys who could come twice in the same session, and he had me doggy fashion on the four poster.’ She sighed. ‘It was such a lovely old bed…’

‘I do believe it wasn’t the decor you were most interested in,’ I observed, drily.

‘Patrick had the most fab bod and you were panting for it too, don’t forget. Anyway, after we had had sex, I decided you ought to have him too, so I grabbed my nightie on the excuse of going to the loo — which was halfway down the corridor — but instead I let myself into Tabby’s room, only to find she was in bed with some other guy.’

’That was Steve. You should have seen his face when you walked in!’

‘No chance, he had it buried in your tits!’

’She just climbed in, Elaine. It was so dark Steve had no idea who she was, poor guy. He was like, what the fuck is going down here?’

‘Poor guy, my foot. He had your nipples up like chapel hat pegs. Anyway, I persuaded him that it was only fair if we shared you, so we made you roll on your back and he fucked you while I sat on your face.’

’You were so full of Patrick’s come that it was trickling into my mouth. All I could smell was semen and sweat! Your pubes were sopping with it, and where it had run down your thighs it ended up all over my cheeks. I must have looked a complete mess.’

‘This was nothing compared to how your pubes ended up before the night was over. I don’t think I have ever seen you so sticky before or since.’

‘I ended up losing any vestige of control over what was going on, not that I cared. I lay there for a while enjoying the feeling of Steve slamming into me at one end, while Sue’s sex glazed my face at the other end as she rocked her clit on my tongue. Then — just as I was about to come, I felt him pull out to be replaced by the pressure of Sue’s fingertip on my anus making my sphincter twitch. That was replaced by the head of his cock, which was so amazingly greasy from my juice that it was inside me before I was really aware of what was happening. It took only a few thrusts before most of the shaft had followed and I just kind of abandoned myself to what was happening like I was some kind of sex doll.’

‘You kept on licking me out though, I remember having the most staggering orgasm. Then I decided that I wanted to make Tabby come, which meant rearranging the pair of them so I could get at her clit properly,’ said Sue.

‘You can just imagine what must have been going through Steve’s mind by then, Elaine,’ I laughed. ‘You get into bed for a nice quiet fuck and the next thing an assertive blonde appears out of nowhere and starts ordering you about. If I had been him I would have left the pair of us to it.’

‘He wouldn’t have done anything of the sort, and you know that. He told me later that he had dreamed of taking you to bed from the moment he first saw you,’ Sue snorted. ‘Anyway, after a lot of encouragement, I got him to roll over onto his back, and I held him while you lowered yourself on top and watched from about six inches away as your yummy little anus swallowed the head of his cock like it was the main course before eating the shaft for dessert. He sank all the way in until all I could see were his balls crushed under you, and then I started on your clit. I had only given it a few tiny little flicks with my tongue when you grabbed me and crushed my face against your sex.’

‘I had one of those orgasms which goes on for ever… it just built and built and built. Most of it was centred on Sue’s tongue, but then the sensations in my clit began to merge into the ones coming from my bum as it stretched around him, until it was like the two were the same. My whole pelvis was pulsing. I felt myself teetering right on the edge for what seemed like minutes on end, and then — finally — I came. If the first jolt didn’t make me collapse, the second one did. It was like a hammer hitting. I lost control of my thighs, fell back onto Steve, and if he hadn’t wrapped his arms round me, I would have rolled right off him and ended up on the floor. I was still coming, and I was panting for breath, and then I felt really wet down there, and realised that he must have come too, but to be honest, I was beyond caring.’

‘It happened right in front of my eyes, Elaine… she kind of fell over onto him, and he came about halfway out in the process, and then I swear I saw his cock swell as his come surged into it, and the next thing it stiffened, and semen started oozing out around it.’

‘He had his arms right around me with a hand on each boob, and he was kissing me, and I could feel the wet mess he had left behind, with more leaking out every second as his erection softened, and just as I was thinking I had better do something about it, I felt Sue’s tongue on me. I propped myself up a bit so I could look down and there was Sue licking it all up as if his semen was custard or something.’ I ruffled Sue’s hair. ‘As far as I was concerned, she could have carried on forever. I think it was one of the most erotic moments I have ever experienced.’ I thought for a second. ‘Now I think of it, most of the most erotic moments I have ever had have been with you, darling.’ I leaned over and gave Sue a kiss.

‘Were the two of you always as wild as this?’ asked Elaine, looking bemused.

‘You haven’t heard about the best of it yet!’ answered Sue.


‘It took a while to get the idea that we could have anyone we wanted out of our systems, Elaine. It was quite simply too much to resist. We would just spot a guy and plot how to have him, and so it went on for a few years until I suppose we grew out of it.’

‘I was scolding Steve that we didn’t want a mess on the sheets, so I packed him off back to his room while Tabby mopped herself down, but he didn’t come back, and we must have gone to sleep together for about an hour, or something.’

‘I woke about 3 am to hear someone tapping on the door. I grabbed a towel and opened it, and to my complete surprise there was Patrick, who told me that he had lain awake all night thinking about me.’

‘It was all delivered in this huge stage whisper. He had a bottle of champagne with him and a couple of glasses. I will never forget his face when I sat up in bed,’ Sue said, going into peals of laughter. ‘He knew the game was well and truly up.’

‘She sent him back to get a third glass.’

‘You didn’t!’ squeaked Elaine.

‘Well, I wasn’t going to be left out. Besides, he hadn’t brought me a glass of champagne when he sneaked into my room and had me. Fair’s fair.’

‘So we sat there drinking champagne in bed, and Patrick couldn’t keep his eyes off my boobs, which prompted Sue to say, ‘Well, if you aren’t going to suck Tabby’s nipples, I am,’ before dribbling champagne onto them so that they stood up on end. The next thing I knew, she was on her hands and knees running her tongue around my areolae…’

‘…which always drives her crazy,’ said Sue, stroking my hair.

‘And while she was doing that, Patrick took her from behind, which left us gasping and clutching each other, which is when Steve walked back in…’

‘…with yet another bottle of champagne. Now he did bring three glasses. Fortunately it was a big bed and there was room for all of us, so we all had another glass and we arranged ourselves side by side.’

‘Only in England, Elaine. They did the whole ‘after you, no after you’ thing, and it was only when I asked if we had a vote that they snapped out of it.’

‘It was hilarious,’ said Sue. ‘They were a fair bit older than we were and suddenly Tabby took charge and told Patrick to have sex with her, and Steve to have sex with me, and they were like, ‘Yes ma’am, no ma’am’.’

‘Did you have sex together like this often?’ asked Elaine.

I glanced at Sue. ‘Not like that. Things changed after we settled down. They had to, but there was a period when we knew it was changing and it was like we weren’t comfortable with moving into the future.’

‘And are you both there now?’

‘Yes,’ said Sue.

‘Ummm…’ said I. And I realised that that was why I needed Elaine.

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