Weekend at Charles’s place, part three

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Everyone in the room stopped for a moment, including myself.

“Queen Bee is here!” Ray cackled before turning away from the window. “Looks like she brought Sis, too.”

“About fucking time the bitches got here,” Charles said.

I expected Ray to return to me so I could continue sucking his cock but instead he returned to the bed to take third place, as Charles was now fucking Juliet. She lay on her back with Charles on top of her; Keon stood beside the bed holding one of her legs while stroking his meat. It was then that it dawned on me with fascinated horror — neither of them was fucking her with a condom! I felt the urge to shout.

The bedroom door opened and two women marched into the room. They looked to me like Black goddesses. They wore knee-length jackets and stiletto heels. Even before they announced themselves I knew which one was Queen Bee merely from her demeanor. Her hair was in cornrows that snaked down to her backside in a ponytail.

“What’s up, motherfuckers!” she hollered.

“Yeah, there Queen Bee,” Charles said. “Glad you made it.”

“Did you think I wasn’t gonna?”

She and her companion Sis unbuttoned their jackets. They were both wearing fetish-style leather corsets, encircling their tits and rib-cage. My mouth was agape at their statuesque figures; they were Black goddesses unlike any I’d ever laid eyes on before.

Queen Bee switched her gaze to me. I saw no love reflected in those eyes.

“Are you the bitch-ass white boy Charles told me about? Answer me, boy!”

“Y-yes… I think so,” I stammered.

“Oh, you think? We’re gonna teach you to do more than think, white boy.”

She stretched out her hand and Sis came forward to give her some contraption I recognised as a strap-on dildo. Queen Bee donned the strap-on around her hips while Sis came behind me and held my head straight.

“Don’t move a muscle, white boy,” she said.

I couldn’t have moved even if I’d wanted to. On the bed, Juliet was back on top of one of the guys, riding him in reverse and staring at me. Though from the glazed look in her eyes I doubt she saw me at all. Ray shoved his cock into her mouth, silencing her cries. It wasn’t long before Queen Bee appeared in front of me, blocking my view, with her dildo aimed right at my face.

“Put your fucking mouth to the pistol, white boy!” she snapped.

I did as instructed. Sis held my face still as Queen Bee shoved inch after inch of rubberised black dildo down my throat. I choked, I gurgled, I gasped… and yet they didn’t let up.

“Fucking bitch-ass white boy,” Queen Bee spat at me. “You love watching your whore wife get fucked, don’t you? That’s what all you white boys love. Don’t worry. Today, it’s gonna get turned around.”

“Oh yeah,” Sis concurred. “We’re just getting started on you both.”

After what felt like forever of sucking her dildo, Queen Bee pulled away and Sis, too, let go of my head. I leaned forward, retching and coughing from the workout. The rope around my wrists stopped me from falling off the chair. Sis untied my bounds while Queen Bee went towards the bed.

“Okay, boys,” she said. “It’s time I got to make use of this white boy’s bitch. Y’all will have another go later.”

Charles obeyed Queen Bee and let go of Juliet. The guys put on their clothes and ambled towards the door.

“They’re all yours, Queen Bee,” Charles said. “We’ll be chilling in the living room. Holler when you want us back.” He looked at me and grinned. “Your day’s just getting started, white boy.”

Keon and Ray burst into laughter as they exited the room leaving me and Juliet with the two Black goddesses.

“You stay put, white boy,” Sis said to me as she went to join Queen Bee, who was pulling Juliet to her feet.

I watched both goddesses sliding their hands over Juliet, examining her body like she were a foreign specimen. They took turns kissing her, sticking their tongues down her throat. They pushed her back on the bed. Queen Bee came forward and straddled Juliet’s face while Sis ate her pussy. Never before had Juliet played with women — this was fucking history in the making for her. My penis was hard again and I stroked myself with love and never once took my eyes away from them. I listened to Juliet’s moans and cries. I watched her squirm and writhe on the bed. Sis thrust her fingers into Juliet’s cunt, and went on finger-fucking her. Queen Bee dismounted her face and bit her tis. Nothing Juliet could do besides whimper and convulse on the bed.

They turned Juliet over. Sis left the bed and went to where her jacket lay on the floor. Beside her jacket was a bag I hadn’t noticed when they entered the room. Sis took out another strap-on dildo that she then wore around her hips.

Queen Bee had Juliet on her knees and was fucking her from behind with her strap-on. Sis came over with hers dangling six inches from her pelvis. She knelt in front of Juliet and forced her to suck on her dildo while receiving the other from behind. It was quite an amazing picture: Juliet getting roasted by two Black goddesses… hearing her moan… watch all three women’s tits bounce about… Queen Bee smacking Juliet’s ass as she fucked her… Sis shoving her dildo back and forth into Juliet’s mouth…

It got to be too much for me to handle. I groaned aloud and ejaculated and fell off the chair when I did. I hadn’t cum so hard in a long time.

The saga continues . . . who knows?

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