Finding The Male G-Spot

photo: Klaus Hausmann from Pixabay Finding the Male G-Spot Since I shared the story of her first squirt, I’ve had two requests to help with the...
Erotic Musings
3 min read

Setting Things Straight

It was one of those mornings when nothing went right. The kids were cross. My husband and I had a stupid argument....
Sorcha Rowan
2 min read

Being a Stripper Turned Me On

 Getting naked for a crowd felt like an awesome gangbang. by Christina I know it’s not the accepted narrative. Strippers are...
Colt Stevens
5 min read

Without A Single Touch

Orgasm with the mind Silky sheets caress and blend with the heat of my skin.I lie still, arising heat. Breath slows down, yet deepens...
Alma Awakened
56 sec read

Cinnamon Lipstick

swathedin lacecloaked in suedea living pieceof parchment for your written pleasure an illusion of faitha contradictionof darkness and light within nature teases you with the woman...
7 sec read


Beautiful, magically warm, mysterious place! Let’s get into it… Things to know There are levels to this powerful female part: Surprisingly, vaginas all look alike on the...
2 min read