Breaking Him Down

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A sequel to Breaking Him In

Read the first part of the story here:

Breaking Him In

Trees blurred past and Nyx sucked their smoky-cool fragrance deep into her lungs as she streaked down the trail, two miles into her run. The days were getting colder, and soon she’d be housebound. Running was cathartic, euphoric, but even in milder southern winters, it was just fucking masochistic.

She was running through the woods to clear her head and work off some steam. Her night with Eric had been a week ago, and they were meeting again tonight. All week, she’d been thrumming with nervous anticipation.

Half a mile more, and she was assaulted again by the ghosts of those goddamn moans, whimpers, and cries that had haunted her long after his warmth was gone from her bed. The lust was a full-on crotch-punch, and she slowed her pace, breathless, and transitioned to a walk. The endorphins and fresh air had helped, but she still craved his presence. Mine mine mine. Nyx shrugged. Time to put on her Domme panties and get ahold of herself.

She blasted Pantera on the drive home.

Eric showed up promptly at nine, and she greeted him bathed and draped in black velvet. Nyx normally disdained skirts, but the velvet slipdress was comfy, and easier to slip out of than trousers.

She needed nothing more to accent her porcelain goth-doll looks than blood red lipstick and a flick of black liner. And about twenty tattoos and a dozen piercings, she thought wryly.

Her breath caught at the sight of the pale-gold hair that grazed Eric’s smooth jaw, and he made no effort to hide the desire that sparked in his eyes, or the embarrassment that blushed his cheeks as her eyes met his, invading and excavating the memories of all the ways she’d taken him apart.

He was all in black, as was his preference, in the t-shirt and joggers that he’d worn per her request. She smirked as she realized they both smelled of sandalwood oil.

“You look beautiful, Mistress Nyx,” he breathed, and stepped inside.

She handed him a glass of the pinot noir she’d opened, and he curled up on the floor at her feet at her instruction. Eric rubbed his cheek against her calf and gazed up at her.

“I missed you, Mistress,” he said softly.

Fuck. She gave him a slight smile and leaned down to stroke his face, then threaded her fingers through his hair. “Mmmm,” his eyes closed, his wine glass forgotten.

She downed the rest of her glass and placed it beside his on the coffee table. She then rearranged herself so that he was kneeling between her legs rather than beside them, and took his mouth in a deep, slow, molten kiss. He shivered as the rings of her lip piercings slid over his lips.

“You know why you’re here tonight?”

“Because…you want me to be, Mistress? Because you want to…explore me further?”

“Good boy!” Nyx was a bit surprised. “I’m glad you understand.”

“Mistress, I am happy with things as they are, although I do miss you when we’re apart. And I would continue to be happy if you wanted to keep things this way.”

He was definitely adept at picking up her anxiety about the future of the relationship. “I’m pleased you feel that way, although I’m sure you would not be opposed to a more…committed arrangement.”

He flushed in the candlelight, and glanced up at her. “Of course not,” he smirked. She returned it, appreciating the wit and intelligence in those aquamarine eyes.

Nyx was indeed relieved that he wasn’t begging to be collared right away; that was a major red flag. But she was already thinking of it. Unless her instincts were dead fucking wrong, her further exploration of Eric was going to be the ultimate deliciousness for them both.

“Up on the couch.” She patted the velvet cushion to her right, and he complied.

“Now, stretch out over my lap, like this.” She nudged him forward so he was on all fours, his groin flush against her thighs.

“Lift up,” she murmured.

“Yes, Mistress,” he said, and gasped as she slid his pants down so that his beautiful bare ass was exposed. Eric whimpered as his now hard cock pressed against her velvet covered thighs, rocking back and forth almost imperceptibly.

“No humping,” she laughed, slapping his ass, and he groaned. Nyx shoved a couple of cushions at him so he could balance his upper body more comfortably. She smoothed pale gold hair away from his reddened face, and he kissed her fingers softly.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Nyx found the fingerless leather glove she’d left on the table and slid it onto her right hand. Completely barehanded spanking hurt like a motherfucker. She raked the razor tips of her nails over Eric’s hamstrings and ass, smirking as the skin goosepimpled, and he exhaled a gasp.

“I’m going to spank you now,” she told him, “and I want you to count after each one. And do try to be still, sweet boy.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he said, and she felt his cock throb against her thigh.

She warmed his ass up with a gentle circular massage, then began with short, but firm, smacks. His thighs trembled, and his hips rocked, just once, on the tenth hit, so she paused, massaging him again. “Such a beautiful, muscular ass,” she praised him. “Strong enough to take any rough treatment I might want to dish out. But still pretty for me to look upon.” She stroked his perineum with a whisper-light touch, and gritted her teeth as his moan curled around her. She doubted he’d ever realize how badly she always fought against the urge to just take him on sight.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he managed, voice unsteady, hands fisting burgundy silk throw pillows.

She began again, putting more weight in the blows, and his ass was reddening beautifully. He spread his thighs wider as they trembled, and Nyx reveled in the tension. Eric was poised to break, mind and body, and oh how she loved taking him to the edge.

“Tw-twenty-two,” he groaned. “Mistress, yellow, please — ”

“Stinging, baby?” she questioned, her palm balanced in midair, ready for the next strike.

“Yes-yes, but that’s not, it’s just, I can’t. Oh god I’m so close Mistress.”

Nyx chuckled darkly and threaded her fingers through his hair to pull his face towards her. He was a complete mess, lips bitten and wet, pupils blown, barely able to glance at her, face as lobster-red as his well-tanned ass cheeks.

“I think I like the idea of making you come bent over my lap like this, writhing in humiliation,” she drawled, and his eyes squeezed shut as he whimpered helplessly.

“I’m going to continue with your spanking. I think you can make it to thirty. And then I will allow you release, but only when I say. If you come before I tell you to, you will be punished. Ok, baby?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he whispered, clinging to the cushions for dear life.

Nyx finished the spanking quickly. She knew he could withstand far more pain, but heavier blows created more friction between his cock and her velvet-clad thigh. In the future she would likely push him past the brink so that she could enjoy that particular humiliation, but tonight she wanted the delicious spectacle of Eric losing control at her command.

“Good boy,” she praised as he counted out Thirty, removing the glove and caressing his abused bottom with her bare hand. “Such a good boy.” She slid his t-shirt up and over his head, letting it drop to the floor. She raked her nails over his reddened flesh, his tattooed spine, up to the back of his neck, and snagged his glorious hair again.

“I know you need to come very badly, don’t you?”

“Yeees, Mistress, please…” He quaked, a live wire.

“I bet my velvet dress feels so good against your cock. It’s probably been torture for you, hasn’t it?”

“Oh god yes…I can’t stand it…please Mistress.” He began thrusting against her lap, hips stuttering.

“Sit up, my sweet boy. Let me help you get those pants off, and now sit back down beside me.”

He quickly complied, and her eyes feasted upon him, a beautiful wreck, near sobbing, his cock swollen and twitching. Her skirt glistened with precum. Nyx wiped it off and shoved her fingers into his mouth. Eric sucked it off, moaning, humping the air.

She grinned wickedly and wrapped a handful of skirt around his cock, loving his agonized cry. She stroked him slowly with the velvet, her left hand cupped to catch his tribute to her.

“Come for me now, baby,” she purred, and Eric began thrusting into her too-slow strokes. She felt the electricity thrum in her palm as he pulsed and spurted into her waiting hand. Her cunt throbbed at his ragged cry, and she felt certain she was leaving a puddle on the sofa.

Eric collapsed against the back of the couch, and she continued milking his cock slowly as his hips jerked with the aftershocks, a delicious chorus of moans and whimpers escaping his lips.

“Th-h-hank you, Mistress,” he stuttered softly, his eyes blazing blue and wet.

“You’re welcome, my sweet boy. I must confess that I love making you come. And I love it when you leave me such an impressive tribute.” She displayed her palm full of his glistening seed.

Eric flushed purple and looked down, and she curled next to him. “Now it’s time for you to learn what you must do every time I allow you release. You must clean up after yourself, ok, baby?”

“Yes, Mistress,” he breathed without hesitation, looking her in the eye as he bowed his head and licked. The eye contact and the sight of his tongue slicked in jizz made her sigh, and Eric’s eyes lit up, with both the elation of pleasing her, and the thrill of getting another piece of her puzzle. He licked her hand clean completely, swallowing after each pass, until the stickiness was all gone and he was sucking on her fingers, moaning, his cock twitching back to life.

“You’re going to enjoy another first tonight, sweet boy,” she informed him. “I’m going to allow you to worship me with your mouth.”

She almost laughed at Eric’s strangled gasp, and the crazed look in his eye as he scrambled to kneel before her on the floor, without her command.

“Calm down, baby,” she said, stroking his face. “Breathe. You’re not going to be of much use to me, I suspect, if you’re overexcited.”

“Yes, Mistress,” he sighed, and she smiled as he took several deep breaths, his face set in concentration.

“You remember the notes I gave you?” She’d gone over an anatomy diagram with him and left written notes of her preferred style of oral pleasure.

“I do, Mistress,” he flushed, eyes smoky with lust, and Nyx thought she might embarrass herself with how wet she was getting.

“Good boy. I will still guide you a little this time, if needed. Remember, no fingering, and no teasing. Are you ready, baby?”

“Oh fuck, yes, Mistress.” His enthusiasm was so endearing that Nyx pulled him in for a kiss, and as it deepened, melting and weakening them both, she leaned back against the couch cushions, drew her legs up so her heels were dug into the seat, and pulled up her skirt.

When she released Eric he saw the throbbing pink morsel that was now displayed to him, and sighed, leaning close in between her legs, and she held him back a little.

“You may explore a little, gently, with your mouth and hands, first, ok baby?”

“Yes, Mistress, thank you Mistress, oh god you’re so beautiful….” Eric bit his lip and leaned in, delicately tracing her folds with a finger, dipping into her moisture.

“See how wet I get when I have you thoroughly at my mercy?” she smirked, and Eric moaned as he sucked her juices into his mouth.

“Oh fuck you taste so good,” he whispered huskily, and Nyx took his swollen lips again, tasting herself faintly.

He smiled, dazed, as she shoved his head down between her thighs, and he began kissing and then lightly sucking on the tender pale flesh of her inner thighs. Nyx hummed her approval as his kisses moved closer to her center, and he began licking and sucking the nectar from her labia, moaning senselessly, his cock raging hard again and twitching. Right before she was about to tell him it was time to get down to business, Eric dove in with purpose, moving from her entrance to the tip of her clit with gentle sucking kisses, then as she began thrusting into his mouth, pulling back and firmly tracing the hidden wishbone shape of the clitoral crura with his tongue.

“Good boy,” Nyx breathed, fingers threaded in his hair, hips moving to the rhythm of his hot pulsing tongue. “Just like that….”

As the pleasure thrummed in her center like an electrical charge, Nyx spread her thighs wider and pushed Eric’s face against her, fucking his mouth. He sucked the folds around the head of her clit desperately, the vibration of his moans sending her over the edge. She came into his mouth, thrusting hard against his bruised lips, allowing him to lap up her juices as she rode the aftershocks.

“Good boy,” she sighed again, completely limp and nearly transformed from a flesh and blood woman to a liquid purring cat.

“Thank you, Mistress,” he panted, and he was a wreck, lips swollen and wet, hair tangled. He’d never looked more beautiful. She saw that his cock was throbbing purple, precum leaking down his belly.

“My leg,” she pointed, and she was thankful he understood her meaning, because her brain was complete mush. She held Eric as he straddled her silky shin, and four thrusts later he painted her leg in bursts of white, head thrown back, crying out his pleasure without shame. He collapsed against her thigh, gasping “thankyouMistressthankyouMistressthankyou,” and as she stroked his hair gently, Eric slowly licked her clean.

He looked up at her, drowsy and sated, and asked again as he’d asked before. “Yours?”

It was a whisper, and his gaze was both a challenge and an invitation.

Nyx regarded him. Perhaps the future would bring disappointment and regret, perhaps blissful adventure. She’d never know if she closed the door.

She took a deep breath, exhaled, and wrapped her hand around his offered throat.


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