A Taste of Kansas

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Roamers 3: Two badass women try to save the world, but not before blowing off some steam

The two women escorted at gunpoint into John Marshall High School didn’t seem so lucky. Their captors had a nasty reputation. “Sgt. Frank,” dressed in desert camo, was waiting for them in the boys’ locker room.

“Look what we have here,” he said. “New kittens.”

Their faces were stoic, and it seemed to unnerve him.

“Do you have ANY idea what you’ve gotten yourself into?” he said.

“Do you?” said the woman with red hair down to her shoulders.

The officer stepped closer. “What is your name?” he asked.

“Kansas,” she said.

“Is that right?” said Sarge. He began to laugh hysterically. “Kansas? Fucking Kansas. Oh, the poetry. Ruby red hair but no fucking shoes.”

Sarge handed them each a bag. “These are your dresses and pretty things for today’s ceremony. You two are going to be the General’s Wives so you better come out of here like a pair of Cinder-FUCKIN’-rellas.”

Sarge looked down at his clipboard. “Now go clean up.”

The men behind them jabbed them in their backs with machine guns into a cloud of smoky steam.

“Thanks for the backup back there,” said Kansas.

“Pfff,” the other woman responded. “Go ahead and get yourself killed. I have a plan.”

“What plan?”

“Take your clothes off. We don’t have much time.” Her look was stern with eyes that radiated green.

“Not going to buy me a drink or something, or tell me your name?”

“Maddy,” said the woman.

Maddy was already stripped down to her khaki pants. She turned away from Kansas and ripped them down her legs. Next came her baby blue underwear with white trim. She had thin but muscular legs and a cute little butt.

Maddy squatted down and reached up into her vagina. She pulled out a tightly wrapped Ziplock bag.

“Jesus,” said Kansas. “What did that feel like?”

“Kegel balls.”

Maddy unwrapped the bag and Kansas finally saw what was inside. A small bottle of glue and…

“Fingernails?” said Kansas. “Ewwww.”

“They’re highly infected,” said Maddy. “We’re gonna cut off the snake’s head and he won’t even know it.”

“At the ceremony,” said Kansas.

“Bingo,” said Maddy. “Now get undressed like I told you. I need your help.”

Kansas was suddenly feeling giddy. She threw off her black leather jacket. Her white t-shirt was melting over her black bra. She took them off and put them on the table along with her dark blue jeans. She stopped at her purple thong.

“Take that off, too,” said Maddy.

Kansas gave Maddy a pissy look, but she dropped her thong down on her foot and kicked it away from the wet floor.

Maddy grabbed a washcloth and dipped it into a steel watering trough full of boiling water. There was a fire at the side of the trough, releasing smoke through a makeshift smokestack.

“Lift up your arms,” said Maddy.

“Wait, you want to bathe me?” said Kansas.

“You need to be clean everywhere,” said Maddy.

Kansas threw up her arms in surrender, letting Maddy clean her armpits. The hot cloth felt like heaven. And so did the touch.

“You part of a group?” said Maddy.

“They’re gone now,” said Kansas. “You?”

“Probably looking for me,” she said. “But I had to do this alone. It’s the only way to get close to the General.”

The dirty towels piled up as Maddy scrubbed Kansas’ face and neck, over her shoulders, and down her back all the way to her butt. She edged the washcloth down Kansas’ crack to her puckered hole. “Relax,” said Maddy.

Kansas leaned forward and widened her legs a little. She was breathing in quick bursts as Maddy gave her ass a deep cleaning, even poking the hot cloth insider her a little.

“That’s enough,” said Kansas, feeling herself losing control.

Maddy pulled up a white plastic lawn chair from the table and told Kansas to sit. She washed her hair and got behind her ears.

Maddy got on her knees and lifted Kansas’ feet off the wet concrete floor. She scrubbed the bottom of her feet and between her toes, going through several towels. She then shimmied a wet towel up and down Kansas’ legs, front and back. By the time Maddy made it up to her waist, Kansas was struggling to hide her pleasure. Beads of sweat formed over her freckles. She was breathing in quick bursts again but this time she didn’t say stop.

“Scoot up on the chair,” Maddy ordered. “Now spread your legs.”

Kansas bit on her pretty lips and opened her legs with anticipation.

“Take a piss,” Maddy whispered.

“What?” said Kansas.

“Shhhh,” said Maddy. “This is a cleansing.”

Kansas leaned forward and concentrated. Maddy went behind her with two burning hot towels, which she placed over her breasts. She massaged Kansas’ burning pink nipples through the towel.

Kansas twitched in the chair, finding it hard to pee. “Slow your breathing,” Maddy whispered in her ear. “Don’t think about it.”

As Kansas let her mind relax, the pee trickled down her legs then came out in a steady stream. It splashed onto the floor and leaked into the drain.

“Oh my God,” she said. “That does feel good.”

The piss kept coming as Maddy sucked on Kansas’ exposed neck. She dropped the towels down on Kansas’ lap and started to pluck at her nipples as she licked under her ear.

Her pee had stopped but she could still hear the drain. She looked back and saw liquid flowing down Maddy’s legs.

When Maddy finished she got a fresh towel and got on her knees in front of Kansas. She used an extra helping of soap to put the shine back in Kansas’ red pubes. Maddy started a light scrubbing of Kansas’ swelling pussy.

“How long has it been?” said Maddy.

“Too long,” said Kansas.

Maddy used two fingers to push the towel into Kansas’ vagina. Her thumb massaged Kansas’ clit.

“We need to be relaxed for the ceremony,” said Maddy.

“All part of the plan,” said Kansas, nodding her head and biting her lip.

Maddy slowly leaned in and took Kansas’ clit in her mouth as she come hithered the towel inside Kansas, pressing up on her g-spot and releasing. She repeated the motion as her tongue went crazy on Kansas’ clit.

“Ahhhhhhhhh, fuuuck,” said Kansas.

The pleasure shot hard through her body.

“OK, stop, stop,” she said. “Fucking kiss me, you bitch.”

Maddy’s lips were wet against Kansas’ busy tongue. Kansas pulled the washcloth out of her pussy and stuffed it in Maddy’s mouth.

“How do I taste?” she said.

“Mmmmmphhh,” said Maddy.

Kansas pulled it out and slapped it over Maddy’s face, making her laugh. She cleaned Maddy’s pretty face with a mix of her tongue and the wet towel. Kansas threw the towel away and squeezed Maddy’s ass.

“Get up,” she said. “Put your hands on the tub.”

Maddy could also take orders.

“Bend over.”

Kansas touched the water to take its temperature, and filled the cup. Maddy leaned over the tub and Kansas poured the water over her hair, scrubbing the soap down into her pores.

She got a towel wet and whipped it on Maddy’s ass.

“Oh, fuck,” said Maddy.

“Another?” said Kansas.

Maddy shook her head and Kansas slapped her on the cheek again.

Two little welts formed as Kansas scrubbed Maddy’s butt. She came up behind Maddy and cleaned her back, her shoulders, and under her armpits. She got fresh towels for Maddy’s perky little breasts and plump nipples.

Kansas was moving a little faster and she was messier. She was impatient for Maddy. She only lightly washed Maddy’s tight pussy on the surface. She didn’t want to wash away all the juices on Maddy’s insides. Her tongue moved over Maddy’s privates freely. She could still taste the sweat in Maddy’s crack and her pussy.

“I don’t think your ass is clean enough,” she said.

Kansas dipped two fingers into the hot water. Maddy went in for a kiss and felt Kansas’ hand on her butt. Kansas probed her ass with a finger. When one was in, she made room for another.

“I hear the General is a real ass man. He’s going to love you.”

“Fuck you,” said Maddy, smiling.

Maddy rubbed herself as Kansas finger fucked her ass.

Maybe for the first time since the outbreak, the two completely lost any sense of time and space. Even the plan had gotten lost somewhere. They went through an intoxicating whirlwind of scissoring on the floor followed by some 69 and then spooning on the table.

Kansas’ breasts were compressed against Maddy’s back. Her hand was over Maddy’s clit. Maddy’s hand was wrapped under Kansas’ ass and she had her fingers halfway in her juicy hole.

The sounds of squishy wet skin offset their elevating moans and swears.

“Ahhh, yes, baby.”


“Ohhhhh, oh, oh, oh.”

“Oh my god, fuck, fuck,” screamed Maddy.

Maddy’s climax was a little too loud.

“What’s going on in there?” a guard shouted. “No fucking around. You have 15 minutes.”

“Shit, shit, shit,” said Maddy.

By some miracle, they came out 14 minutes later looking like genteel women of a forgotten era. Their wedding gowns were purple ballroom dresses. They had matching pearl necklaces and earrings. Their makeup was impeccable.

Their borrowed fingernails were painted bright red. Underneath, the microbes festered.

“How do we look, Sarge?” said Kansas, holding out her hand delicately.

“Hah, like finger-licking kittens,” he said.

Sarge took Kansas’ outstretched hand and kissed it.

He was so taken by her beauty that he didn’t notice a small pinch on his finger. Nor did he think anything of the dab of blood he found on his finger a few minutes later. And when a fever kicked in a few hours later, it was mild enough that he didn’t think to take his temperature.

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