Blow Up Doll

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photo: SexArt

part one: a breathless meeting

I was watching her body from the upper balcony of my beach house two doors down. She was glistening with tanning oil. Her back shone in the sun from oil applied with the help of some sponge on a stick. She was very skinny which made her breasts appear to be a bit too large for her chest. Her hips were wide and her waist was narrow giving her a doll shape that held my gaze for a very long time.

She was desperately trying to inflate a trio of air mattresses by blowing into them. Why she didn’t have a foot pump or electric pump for this had me wondering just how long she could keep this up. Lifting the valve to her lips she worked for a long time as I watched her. Her face was a bit obscured by the straight hair hanging down but glimpses of her when she stopped to breathe allowed me to decide she was average looking. But her lovely body was on full display in a skimpy bikini while she undertook this chore.

After she laid out what little mattress she managed to fill she bent forward, facing away from me, to continue. Her raised ass was an arousing sight even from this distance. Her tight butt tapered to a pair of long thighs before my eyes while she attempted more inflating from this new position. The way her skin shone under the afternoon sun had me transfixed along with the occasional wobble on her knees as she kept trying to blow up the mattress. At this rate I knew it would be a long time before she had all three of them filled. I wondered if I should just bring over my electric pump to help out.

Then she tipped over and just lay there. At first I wondered if she was just taking a break, but she didn’t move at all. Then I realized she’d probably fainted from both the heat of the day and hyperventilating from all the work she’d been doing. I dashed down to my kitchen, took an ice pack out of the freezer, wrapped it in a wet towel, and ran around the back yards to where she lay with air leaking out of the mattress from her efforts. I was quite relieved to hear her breathing a little heavily before I put the cold pack on the back of her neck. While I waited for the cooling to revive her I was able to enjoy an up close look at her flawless body.

I figured she probably didn’t drink enough fluids before attempting to manually blow up all these toys. Not only were there three air mattresses but a laundry basket full of inflatable beach toys it appeared she was going to blow up as well. My concern for her situation helped prevent me from forming any lusty thoughts or forming a response inside my bathing trunks. When her lovely leg moved I knew she was coming around. I held the cold pack against the base of her head while I waited for her to open her eyes. When she did she seemed a bit frightened to see me but also confused about waking up.

Once she could sit up I convinced her to go inside and have some water. I helped her to her feet and then followed her rolling ass up the deck steps into the house. She went to her refrigerator and returned with a pitcher of water. I saw some glasses on a shelf at the end of the counter and put two of them on the table. She was unsteady while pouring the water so I stopped her to do it for her. She sat down and put her head in her hands. Clearly she was still suffering from the heat. The house was very cool, so I expected she would recover in only a short time. I was right.

Her name was Fiona. She was 26. Her best friend was renting this cottage so her kids could have a vacation along with her. She had offered to get the place ready for them so she’d filled the cupboards and fridge with a weekend’s worth of fun. She rambled a bit, but I just let her talk. The mattresses were for the kids to sleep on in the second bedroom. She and her friend were going to use the main bedroom. All the other beach toys were for splashing around at the beach. Then she realized she had not thanked me for helping her out. This gave me a chance to introduce myself and take my eyes off the gentle movement of her breasts as she talked.

I’d inherited the beach house two doors down a year before. Now I lived at the lake during summer. I liked that the hamlet was like a ghost town between the weekends. I explained how I’d seen her faint when I came out onto my balcony and rushed over to help. Then I offered to go back for my electric pump and help her finish the inflating of the mattresses and other toys. Her smile showed her genuine relief and she dazzled me with her bright teeth and wide smile. Her face lit up at the prospect of finding an easier way to get air through those valves.

While we worked with the pump to fill the various toys she talked to me about kids and fun and how she just wanted to relax. She confessed she was a pretty wound up person who had trouble turning off all her worries and perceived problems. After talking about the benefits of massage and quiet nights I told her I had just the thing to help. I produced a joint and persuaded her to join me. Sitting on the step with the humming of the pump we shared a smoke while watching each plastic floatation toy getting filled. Fiona joked about women who complain it takes a long time to blow a man. By the end we were both giggling like kids as we moved them indoors. Fiona stepped into one of the floating rings with a unicorn head and neck then pulled it up around her very slender waist. She strode around the house wearing this inflated unicorn for a while just to make me laugh.

The sight of her glistening body soon had me unable to hide the hard length of my erection from pushing against my swim trunks. Fiona noticed the bulge. I saw her stop to look at it when I was bringing in the last of the beach balls.

Once our job was done the door was shut to the approaching evening. Fiona asked if I wanted some ice cream. If this was an invitation to stay longer, then I sure did. Anything to spend more time in the presence of this arousing woman. I sat on a stool at the kitchen island while she brought out bowls and served up some seriously delicious ice cream. I dug into my bowl with more enthusiasm than I expected, not realizing Fiona stood watching me gobble down my share. By the time I looked up she had removed her top. Her beautiful breasts were concealed behind the unicorn’s head, which offered some sense of modesty to the decision. But Fiona decided to untie the strings of her bikini bottom as well before she sat on the stool beside me to eat her ice cream. I must have looked like a stunned squirrel, frozen by what I’d seen, uncertain what to do next. But my bowl beckoned and we sat together until the ice cream was finished. I got up to clear the counter but my head was spinning with her naked body on full display.

Fiona made the decision for both of us by taking my hand and leading me across the room to an inflated row boat. She managed to snag the bottle of tanning oil along the way and turned me to stand next to the boat. Stepping into the boat she moved to kneel while tugging my swim shorts down to expose my urgent length. I almost toppled when I lifted each foot out of the swim suit. Then she stood to gently guide me into the boat with her, then lie on my back in the squeaking plastic boat. For a moment I wondered if our inflatable toy could handle two adults.

From that point onward I was her plaything. Kneeling over me she drizzled her tanning oil onto my cock before using both hands to stroke me up to full hardness. It felt amazing to have her hands going up and down my stiff cock. They were slender and warm. She seemed familiar with handling a man’s arousal. It wasn’t my first time being handled this way either. Oil slid around between my thighs, and her body was still decorated with the inflated unicorn. After what seemed a very long time of stroking and pumping my length Fiona climbed over me.

Her shiny hands lifted the inflatable ring to reveal her glistening damp pussy arriving to meet the tip of my erection. When two of her fingers opened her pussy I glimpsed some of her juices escaping. Once her pussy completed its descent we just held each other with arms outstretched. I had my hands at her breasts with the unicorn head between my elbows while she was holding my shoulders to steady herself. Those amazing breasts were firm and pliant. Her slender body was accepting my full length with a warm embrace.

I couldn’t decide, in my stoned condition, if our motionless moment would last just a minute or if it would go on forever, but Fiona seemed to either be waiting for me to make some sort of move or she was just enjoying the feelings, much like I was. I didn’t want to move. I wanted to stay this way with my fully embedded hardness throbbing deep inside her slick cunt. My heart was pounding so hard I felt she might even be able to hear it. I watched her face closely for a sign of what she was feeling. Was she enjoying the sensation of having my cock inside her? I was certainly happy to wait until she decided how this would go. The goofy unicorn expression caught me smiling. At least the toy was looking at me.

That’s when Fiona started lifting her hips and falling on my cock. She would slowly lift herself up and then plunge down on me. I loved the way her pussy seemed to be pulling on my shaft each time she lifted up until the lunge of her opening would capture my entire length again. Each time she would stop, with me inside, as if she was waiting for the echoes of her arousal to fade before starting upward again.

I was comfortable with letting Fiona set the pace. I was in no hurry to stop letting her fuck me like this. It was unlike any fuck I’d had before; including the squeaky plastic she was wearing. I had already enjoyed her enthusiastic hand job and now I was just pleased to feel the bounce of the boat after each of her thrusts. When one of my hands went to her waist she opened her eyes.

Fiona brought both hands up to gently move my hand off her breast. I dropped it to rest on her thigh. Then she struggled to slide the ring up. She got it as far as her chest but her breasts were clearly not going to allow the ring to pass. I lifted her hips until my cock was released then helped her pull the ring down and off her amazing legs. I suddenly knew what I wanted. I hoped desperately she wanted the same thing.

Once the oily unicorn toy was dropped at the back door I returned to guide Fiona onto one of the beach mattresses nearby. She stood next to it waiting while I located the tanning oil and rejoined her. I got her to lie back on the mattress. I had wanted to lay my hands on her body since I first saw her in the yard. I had wanted to touch those breasts, feel that firm ass, and run my fingers all over her shiny skin since we finished the ice cream. I knew if this was the only chance I would get I just had to take the reins of this situation.

She lay back and lifted her hair out from under her neck. I rubbed my hands together, applied a bit of oil and started at her toes. She seemed a bit stiff at first, but by the time I got to her knees she was relaxing her muscles and breathing more softly. I went around her thighs and hips to avoid stroking her pussy, then worked the base of her spine for a long time. Eventually, of course I enjoyed the feel of her breasts again while handling her arms, shoulders, and ribs. Then I massaged her neck while kneeling just above her head and hair. My stiff cock was bobbing up and down each time I reached around her neck and slid my hand up the back of her head. Fiona reached up to take hold of my cock. I knelt there wondering what she wanted to do next. But she just seemed to like holding it while I finished up her ears and jaw. When I stood up over her glistening body she reminded me again of a doll shape with proportions not quite common to your average woman. If she’d had high cheekbones, or a long jawline, she would look like any other high fashion model. Skinny, beautiful, and trim in all the right places. Having large firm breasts was just a bonus for me while I admired the way they did not flatten much as she lay on her back.

Fiona made a move to sit up, but I laid my hand on her shoulder and told her there was just a bit more I wanted to take care of. I went to between her ankles. I spread her legs, knelt at the end of the plastic, lifted both knees until she was opened up for me. I could hear her breathing change. I didn’t know if she was worried or if she was aroused even more. I had to believe this was something she would enjoy because it was something I desperately wanted to do. Leaning forward I let my lips and tongue work their way around her pussy. I celebrated the first gasp Fiona made and kept on toying with her until she was fighting for air. I stopped occasionally to slide my fingertips around while I asked her how she liked it. She was unable to say much through her gasps but managed to convey how much she liked feeling my tongue in her pussy. After a little more licking and stroking I opened her labia further and started giving her love button some attention.

Fiona flinched at first, twisting on the slick mattress, then slumped back resigned to the flicks and kisses I was delivering. My fingers could feel her getting closer and closer to her first orgasm while my tongue tip danced on the stiff bulge of her desire. A choking kind of scream broke the calm as Fiona’s body took over. She flailed her arms a bit while groaning and gasping before they landed on my head at the same time as she came. My delight surged through me. My joy grew to an intensity I had not felt in a long while. I was proud of being able to deliver such a response in this lovely and giving woman. But then I became concerned when Fiona went limp. I lifted myself up from between her thighs to find she was unconscious. I thought to myself, not again.

She was breathing well if not a little deeper than usual. I got a wet cloth from the kitchen and returned to put it on her head. Then I moved her arms and massaged her legs until she came back from her faint. Maybe it was from seeing my familiar face over hers again or maybe it was reverberations from her orgasm but she giggled and smiled at me. I told her she gave me a shock when she fainted again. But Fiona seemed unfazed. Perhaps this was a pleasant kind of faint instead of a system overload from the heat and hyperventilation. We paused to let her take some more water.

Fiona insisted on getting up from the squeaky mattress. I helped her to her feet just as she suggested we use an actual bed next. I was happy to go along with whatever this woman wanted because I had no expectations for sharing another evening after this one. I was determined to milk as much fun out of this encounter as she would permit. Once we were in the bedroom she said it was my turn.

Her hands quickly brought my erection back to full hardness. Then her lips and tongue went to work on my slick cock with slurps and sucks on just the end of it until I could barely breathe. She was really good at knowing just when I was about to explode from her sucking before she would stop, or slow down, or change to jerking me, or any number of other tricks she used to bring me to the edge over and over again. I didn’t know I was even capable of having so many visits to the very edge of coming without actually blasting my release. Fiona knew how to talk, how to hold, how to roll her lips, swipe her tongue, and how to tease those most sensitive parts of my cock until I could barely stand it. This was unlike anything I could have done by myself. She called it edging.

When I asked where she learned to do this she told me her best friend taught her. I wondered for a moment, with my throbbing cock being sucked a little more, how someone learns to do this. When my cock emerged from her mouth she went on to explain how her girlfriend taught her this by demonstrating it with her husband. Well, that image burst into my brain with the full force of an electric bolt. As her fist traveled up and down, I listened to her tell me she’d been schooled in this unbelievable edging thing by watching her best friend doing it. The power of that fantasy surged through me like a shot of adrenaline which pushed me right over the edge into blasting shot after shot of come into the air while Fiona giggled at her success.

As much as I suddenly loved being edged by this woman she left to get a cloth to clean me up while I played a movie in my head of her keenly observing the way her friend handled some guy’s cock, made him squirm with anticipation, brought him up to the gasping edge of his release only to contain it for yet another trip to the top. It felt great to have finally come, but I immediately regretted it because it meant the end of this timeless surrender to her intensely focused ministrations. My cock got a good washing as did her pussy before she suggested I decide how I wanted to fuck her.

This seemed a strange way to invite my cock back into her pussy. Perhaps our earlier fuck was her fucking me, maybe she was giving me permission to put her in any position I wanted. Alternatively, considering what she had just demonstrated with regard to her experience, she was wanting me to take control for once and do whatever I wanted.

I had her kneel on all fours on the bed then stood behind that perfect ass to fuck her doggy style. I held that tiny waist in both hands to drill my renewed hardness into a pussy I was now so familiar with. Each time I entered her she grunted. I didn’t mind it at first because I thought she was just expressing her enjoyment, but after a while I felt she was grunting just because she thought she should. I kept thrusting but avoided slapping my belly against her ass. I was enjoying the way my shaft felt with her pussy sliding along it. I stoped a few times to enjoy the sensation of just having the head of my cock inside her opening. I’d learned how much I loved that feeling from the previous women I’d fucked. My cock would get harder and harder whenever it was poised at the entrance, barely entering, with the tip warm and the shaft cool. Sometimes I feel myself softening while fucking someone. So, I learned to just slow down to a stop with just the bulb of my cock still inside their cunt until my cock gets harder and I can resume pounding them. Fiona didn’t seem to mind me stopping every once in a while. It made me capable of fucking her for a long time.

My hips moved in and out while my cock enjoyed the sensation of Fiona’s very wet pussy. Her grunts started to seem insincere so I asked her to stop. She responded with asking why I didn’t like it. I told her she didn’t need to make any noise just to please me. She told me she had heard her friend grunting whenever her husband fucked her and thought she was supposed to grunt. I had to catch myself to avoid laughing at this. Clearly this woman was experienced in some ways and innocent in others. I told her I didn’t think it was necessary to make a noise. This seemed to make sense for her. But now my cock wasn’t enjoying this position as much as before. I pulled out to turn her over onto her back.

I fitted my cock back into Fiona then lay on top of her. She seemed more frail than before. My impression of her had suddenly changed. She went from being an accomplished sexual partner to a cautious and uncertain young woman who had been taught to please a man. We fucked slowly and smoothly for a very long time. I was certainly able to maintain my composure after already coming from our edging play. She’d already come pretty strongly from my oral affections. At this point we just fucked until we were happy together. Once I felt her pussy tightening around my cock I went faster and faster until she came first and I followed only two heartbeats afterward. Our coupling ended with us breathing each other’s air, feeling each other’s body tight against us, and staring into the other person’s eyes in deep appreciation for what we had shared.

Fiona told me, as we both found some clothes to put back on, how this was the most romantic and fun sexual experience she had ever enjoyed. We kissed a lot as we searched for the words to express how wonderful this evening had been. Eventually Fiona suggested I needed to go home. She thanked me profusely for helping with the inflatables and promised to see me the next day at the beach. I took my pump home feeling like summer had only just begun.

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