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I drove into the motel’s courtyard, slid my Sedan into an empty parking space and turned off the engine. The courtyard was dark and quiet. It was the witching hour, as my late mom called it. Laura and I ought to be in bed by now, but instead we were here, at a nondescript motel across town, to meet with a friend, who possibly had brought other friends along to spend time with us.

“Are you ready?” I turned to look at Laura, who sat half in shadow. She gave me a faint smile and shrugged her shoulders beneath her jacket.

“Not really,” she said. In translation: let’s hurry up and get this shit over before I lose my fucking mind.

I pushed my glasses further up my face, and we got out of the car. Laura adjusted the scarf around her neckline. She came around to my side and took my hand as I led her toward the back entrance of the motel. The instruction had specifically stated that we come through the back way instead of the front.

“Are you sure about this, Sean?”

“Yes, I’m sure. Don’t worry, everything’s going to be all right,” I reassured her as we made our way along a dark grassy path leading towards the back of the motel. “It’s everything we’ve always talked about. And I’m going to be there with you all the way, so you needn’t be afraid.”

“I’m not saying I am,” she said, but the shakiness in her voice told me otherwise. Unless it was merely excitement on her part. “It’s just… we’ve never done anything crazy like this ever before, have we?”

“Not this crazy since New Mexico,” I reminded her. “Remember New Mexico, darling?”

She punched my arm. “Like you’d ever let me forget it. But that was what, three years ago?”

“Two years and four months to be exact.”

“Yeah, that long. How many guys did you say are going to be here?”

“Just three,” I said; which was a lie.

This was one of the few times I’d ever lied to Laura. The truth was I had no idea how many men would be waiting for us. I had placed an advert on the Cuckold forum and I’d gotten plenty of correspondence from guys wanting to have a go at my wife; more responses than I could handle. It had taken me an entire weekend sifting through their photos and writing back and forth to them to whittle away the ones that seemed undesirable. But even that wasn’t enough.

I was biting the bullet, but I’d eventually entrusted things to one guy named Simon. He said he worked for some erotic talent agency called the Tongue Patrol and this was the sort of thing they specialized in when it came to sexually satisfying married couples. He set up this motel rendezvous.

“I’ll bring the arsenal,” Simon declared when last we talked on the phone a few hours ago. “You just bring your wife on over and tell her nothing. And I mean that — tell her nothing.”

He couldn’t have been any clearer. I promised I wouldn’t, and I stuck to it. We found the back door and went up the stairs. My hard-on was swelling in my jeans, I could barely think straight as I led Laura along the corridor.

“This is it,” I said as we came to the designated door, Room 52. I checked my watch and was glad to see we had made it in good time. “Are you ready, honey?”

She gave me a kiss; anticipation glowed in her eyes. “Let’s do this thing before I change my mind, Sean.”

She turned around for me. I removed the scarf from around her neck and folded it in half then used it to blindfold her eyes as per the instructions Simon had given me. I waved my hand in front of her.

“Do you see anything, honey?”

“No, I don’t. Please, Sean, I’m so fucking nervous right now.”

I gave her a reassuring kiss. “You’re doing great, babe. Come on, let’s do this.”

I knocked on the door. It opened and I recognized Simon when he held the door open for us.

“Glad you made it.” He shut the door behind me.

There were four other black men in the room besides Simon. Two of them occupied the bed; one sat by the table and the other leaned against the window looking like he half intended jumping out of it. None of them uttered a word as I ushered my wife into their midst. She was bewildered by the silence, I could tell. But this was how Simon and I had intended to play things out, so she wouldn’t ever guess how many men were there to ravish her. I was happy with look of the men Simon had found. They looked just as anxious to get things started as we were. I could tell they meant business.

I adjusted my glasses on my face and licked my lips before addressing them.

“Good evening to you all. This here is my lovely wife, Laura, and I’d love for you to take very good care of her.”

“Oh yeah, we’ll take care of her, alright,” said Simon, who came over and took charge, pushing me to the background.

The other guys rose to their feet as their de-facto leader started undressing Laura while she stood nervously in the center of the room with the blindfold still shielding her eyes.

“How are you, Laura?” said Simon with a silky voice that sounded comforting and soothing, for the moment. “Myself and my buddies are gonna get you out of your clothes to see what you’re made of. I hope you don’t mind?”

“Not at all,” Laura said. “Just make me feel good about it,” she added.

“That we’re sure as fuck gonna do,” one of the guys sniggered; that earned him a sharp stare from Simon that abruptly killed his laugh.

I stood with my back against the far wall, watching. I liked the way Simon took charge of the other fellas. He had explained earlier that it was best Laura heard from one man only. It made it kind of erotic too, knowing I was about to watch my wife get fucked by these silent strangers. Maybe none of them will ever get to be with her again after tonight, but who knows. Simon, though, I’d love to see him and Laura become tight afterwards.

Simon unbuttoned her blouse. The other men formed a tight circle around them. He pushed her blouse open and copped a feel of her breasts hiding behind her lace bra. That came off in a matter of moments. Her cheeks turned rosy red and she was giggling as she felt Simon undo the buttons of her jeans and pushed them down her hips. One of the men supported her as Simon knelt to undo her sandals, before helping her extract her feet one after the other out of her jeans. The whole time the blindfold scarf remained over her eyes. Next came her panties; Laura offered no resistance to that either.

I watched Simon trace his hands over her legs as he slowly rose back to his feet. His hands slid behind her back and Laura uttered a gasp as he clutched and pawed her buttocks. My hand was in my pocket feeling for my hard-on. My penis got even harder when Simon kissed my wife. Laura opened her mouth and kissed him back. That was the clincher to let me know she was definitely down for whatever.

The other men began feeling up her body. Simon turned her around. I watched them take turns kissing her, smooching her titties and smacking her butt. Laura cooed and moaned and giggled the entire time; I knew she was enjoying herself, but fighting not to let it all out.

Everyone got out of their clothes; everyone except me, that is. Simon pushed Laura to her knees and then slapped her face with his penis. Laura opened her mouth and he playfully teased her with it before allowing her to suck on it.

His buddies all stroked their penises inches from her face. They all waited their turn for her to mouth to come to them. Her foreplay started out slow, but as time went on Laura loosened up and gradually picked up the pace. In no time she was slobbering gobs of spit while rolling her mouth and tongue over each black cock that got thrust at her face. Her hands got busy stroking whichever penis she could grab on to. Two of the men fell to their knees and played with her tits and fingered her pussy. Laura gave mewling responses and gasped aloud from the attack. Already I had my penis in my hand and I was masturbating with a slow and steady rhythm to the unfolding action.

Simon ended the foreplay when he raised Laura to her feet and helped her get onto the bed on her elbows and knees. One of his buddies went to the front and Laura instinctively found his cock and took it in her mouth. She grunted around her mouthful when Simon shoved his cock, which to me looked as thick as a beer bottle, inside her. I looked on, unable to take my eyes from the way the length of his shaft seemed to disappear inside my wife. I was listening to the lengthy groan coming from Laura and wondering if she would be able to take him. Simon grabbed her hips and pulled her backward to take more of his meat.

“Urrmmmhhh, Uuurrrhhhmm… Uhhh!”

Laura groaned aloud, choking on a mouthful of black cock while Simon went forth with ripping into her pussy. I remained where I was stroking my cock and watching the other men crowd behind Simon, awaiting their own turn. Simon eventually pulled out of her and smacked her ass one last time before moving aside for one of his buddies to take his place.

Just like that, the men changed places. Each man had at least two minutes tops fucking the shit out of Laura from behind while another man went and knelt in front to offer his cock to shut her mouth up. Not that it was enough to quell her frenzied moaning. They smacked her buttocks, yanked a fistful of her hair, and grunted noisily along with her, but none of them broke the cardinal rule of talking aloud.

As for myself, I went on playing with my penis and didn’t stop until I realized I’d splattered semen over my hand and down my pants. I felt a little embarrassed and made quickly for the bathroom to clean myself. I could still hear Laura’s throaty cries while I wet my hand to brush cum off my pants. So eager was I to hurry back to see how things were going, I nearly tripped over my feet as I stepped back into the bedroom.

Laura was resting on the bed now, with the blindfold still shielding her eyes. I knew she could whip it off if she wanted; I was glad to see her still keeping up with the fantasy part.

The men were all ganged up on her now: one ate her pussy, others feasted upon her tits while she stroked another’s cock and sucked another one. I watched Laura writhe and jerk against their activities upon her body; the men were worshipping her body like she were a Queen whose essence they wanted to have.

I whipped out my cell phone and took snapshots of her.

The one eating her pussy mounted her. I dropped to my knees to have a clear shot of his cock sliding into her warm hole. Her pussy seemed to part ways for him and she whimpered aloud when he fell on top of her. The man worked his hips and pelvis and got down to fucking Laura harder.

She gasped.

She screamed.

She grabbed onto him as he grunted and fucked her harder.

One of the men choked off her screams by thrusting his meat down her throat, and Laura willingly accepted it.

The bull came off her and another took his place and pounded her even harder than the first man.

My hand went on squeezing my penis inside my pants and gradually I grew hard again. I was torn between attending to my needs of jerking off once again or keep taking snapshots of Laura getting fucked. I opted to stick with Laura for the moment.

Simon’s turn came to mount my wife. He chose to remain on his feet and propped Laura’s legs over his arms, lifting her lower back off the bed, and went on slamming into her like that. His athletic body glistened with sweat. Laura’s cries went up an octave when he slammed into her with such rapid fire thrusts I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to handle it. He lowered her onto the bed and I thought he was done. Instead he hooked his arm under her backside and lifted her up from the bed. Another bull assisted Laura with locking her arms around Simon’s shoulders. Simon had a firm grasp of her buttocks, hefted her against his hips and continued hitting her with his monster cock. Laura tightened her hold around him, gasping frantically against his face while still remaining blindfolded to everything around her.

Simon returned her to the bed and allowed his buddies to continue having their way at her. By this time, I figured I’d taken enough photos of Laura and pulled my cock out of my pants and resumed masturbating.

Each man ejaculated multiple times on Laura. They sprayed their seed all over her face, into her mouth, across her titties and over her buttocks. None of them came in her pussy; that was something I hope to get Laura to agree to next time. She swallowed as much cum as they fed her. Each man, having pumped his last drop, took a moment to catch his breath, then scooped his clothes from the pile that littered the floor and without a word left the room. I knew not where they were heading to, nor did I bother to enquire.

Simon was the last person to fuck Laura. This time he did get to be on top of her, grinding his hips and pelvis against hers. The room stank of sweat and semen. I had ejaculated a second time over my pants. This time I didn’t bother running into the bathroom to clean myself up.

Simon pulled out of Laura at the right moment and jerked his shaft and spurted semen over her abdomen. Laura groaned as well, as if he had cum inside her.

That was when Simon loosened the blindfold from her eyes.

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