All They Wanna Do is Eat, Sleep, Fuck, Eat, Sleep, Fuck…

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He lay under her feeling tremors shock through his body in the sex of the moment. She was hot as fuck, palms flat on his chest grinding and pumping with long slow, deep, deliberate, focused thrusts. All he could do was submit to her tonight. She felt so amazingly in control and it was easy to let her have it. The weight of her finely shaped hourglass pushed firmly on him. Her eyes were closed, head tilted back, long, black hair flowing wild, free and unencumbered. She was vivacious and wanton on this fine, breezy, warm night. Her breasts glistened in the setting sun’s light, sweat from exertion and saliva from being mouthed and sucked added to the beautiful, sensuous scene. Her hips gyrated and her pussy’s well toned muscles worked his long hard staff slowly and deliberately, filling every inch of her up and stretching her to the limits of pleasure and delight. She was taking him up into her soul, her heart and her mind and all was gone, like the world had simply vanished away.

The bed was so incredibly comfortable, sheets of soft Egyptian cotton, a nest made for a King and Queen, suited to perfection to this warm Pacific night. Ocean lapping at the stilts holding the little hut above its deep blue iridescent waters. Grass woven with tender care and masterful design above their heads. Painted murals of fishermen and their catches, and lovers playing on the white sandy beach. A statuette of man and woman entwined in an embrace, melting into one another, stood on a gilded stand. Her sighs and his grunts permeated and blended with the ocean’s undulations, clapping for their harmony and love.

There was not a soul to be seen or heard for miles around. They were absolutely free. It was off season there, and it was perfect. French Polynesia for two: two weeks of all inclusive intimacy, full course pussy and cock 24/7. Breasts, legs and thighs served all day and night for two, so long, deep and hard as they could stand or collapse, whichever came first. And so it was, here on the second night of their getaway.

He could feel her lift. Her flight, her soaring on the wing tips of his manhood’s majestic power. Their union was like that. It was mystical, it was magical and it was now. It was soul permeating and it felt like the two never had lovers before, until now. Not like this. Books, movies and erotica have been created many moons over in attempts to describe this, but few could even scratch the surface, it was just like that. It was domination, it was submission in each and every breath. In each inhale and exhalation. One took in, the other let go. One pushed down, the other lifted up. There was no choreography needed, it just happened without cue or words. It was in the eyes of each lover. It was in the scent of her perfume. It was in the musk of his cologne. It was in the fire ignited and sparked with each caress and each fingertip on erogenous zones. Those little spaces mere inches in length and breadth that made the heart skip a beat. That made for a loss of breath. An arch of the hips up for more, begging, pleading, “Please baby don’t stop, not ever.”

They kissed long, slowly and deliberately delicate, taking breath from one another as if to feed their need and quench their desire. As if they were kissing a rose and it was kissing back. Careful not to make any petals fall off or disturb their combined majestic fragility. They connected soul’s desire to own and be owned. Of soul’s need to merge flesh into the other, seeking higher realms of unity and oneness. Moving as if one. Muscles tight here and relaxed there. Seeking new frontiers of connection and harmony with the universe. With the ocean surrounding them. With the elements all around. Earth, air, fire, water. And they burned and melted and molded and formed one into the other in their passion and heat and ache for one another.

She elevated with him to the skies and they flew far and wide in the arms of one another and came together deliciously. Him firing his man seed into her deeply and penetratingly and she squirting warm woman sauce all over him. Her finely curved self wrapped around him adoringly and he held her strong and purposefully. Each to the other, passing the moments in the wait for the breath to return. For it had been lost in the little death and it was lost in such a deliriously wonderful exchange. And neither would have cared had the breath not come at all, for death would have been so easy together in that moment. There was no fear and there was no knowing of anything but each other. It was just him and her and their playground of lovemaking.

Their lips met again and with tender care they explored the plains and valleys of each other’s soul. Still holding himself inside her they collapsed and met each other side by side. Still exploring, still looking and seeking more. Holding fast she clenched his now softening cock and pulled the last tiny morsels of semen out of him through her hungry pussy. She always wanted more. And he was always willing to feed her. Willing to give completely, without reservation, without holding back. He was hers to take, to have and to hold. To fuck and to suck and drain him fucking dry at will, anytime she wanted, day or night. And he was in his bliss, so happy to have such a lustful, gorgeous, sexy toned body of an angel. A naughty angel of perfect sexual delight. None had ever had him like this and none ever could.

His hunger for her could not be satiated either and he slid down her gorgeousness, sucking her beautiful breasts in his love starved mouth. She arched her back up to him again and again. Pleading, imploring, begging him with moans and sighs not to stop. Her tight hard nipples tasted of salt and sweat and the mingling of man and woman’s hormones and scent. He pulled her into his mouth and gorged his need for tits and ass. Pulling her sweet hard ass closer to him and slurping and sucking and playing with her body as lovers do. Drinking her in and pleasuring her. Taking and giving and giving and taking. She was just so fucking hot and she wrapped herself around him more to make as many square inches of touch as possible. Anything to get more and keep more so long as the moments kept passing from one into another.

His hands on her made her body sing out in glorious ecstasy. She had not been touched like this by any man. Yes, she had been fucked and even made love to on the odd occasion, but nothing like this. He filled and quenched her thirst in ways she had not known possible. The way his hands glided effortlessly and sensuously over her ass and hips as he drank of her breasts. She wished she could feed him mother’s milk in this moment and instead fed him her love and tenderness. She ran her fingers through his hair and curled her shapely legs around his waist. Inviting him in and opening herself more and more to his need and desire. A divine match, a twin flame union, a spark from heaven itself sent to Terra for the gods and goddesses to wonder at with awe and respect.

Her sweet self was feeling the rise of another orgasm lift within her as he kept playing her nipples just the way she liked. For that union between breasts and vagina was strong in her as her kundalini was wide awake through all her centers. Electricity flowed easily through her as his pleasure activated and lifted her, heaven bound yet again. She came again, gently this time as the calm lapping water below them. Easy and sweet and calm, not taking so much breath but enough to bring a smile to her lips.

Still not satiated, he slid further down her wonderful body and lapped up their love’s elixir. Their combined juices was clean and powerfully erotic with the unique fragrance of their combined bodies. He swallowed much of the elixir but saved enough to slither up again to her mouth and give that which he took from her petals and flesh. She took it into her as he had done and they were united more. Such a delicious concoction of love. It stirred them both deeply to taste each other and their hands and bodies danced with a renewed vigor.

“Be right back angel,” he said, and he was gone from sight but not sound. He returned with some pieces of fresh mango and papaya to play with her mouth some more. Feeding her playfully with kisses between each morsel, they delighted in the simplicity and sheer magnetism of their bonding.

Their tongues massaged one another in deep kisses and the hardness rose inside him and his cock stood tall and proud for her yet again. The attraction was just that strong. She slithered down his body this time and sank his cock to the back of her throat in one sweep of her mouth. His cock’s head touching her right in the back made her pussy tingle again as if he had been inside her down there. She went up and down his length salivating and drinking his manliness in. She adored his fucking meat and craved its hardness and salute to her femininity. It gave her such power and fire to have a man respond to her body in this way as this man did. She felt like she could suck this man forever. Her mouth watered and she gulped it up. Parched for man flavor. As he had been for her flower earlier.

Her attentions to him and the way she sucked his cock was monumental. The way her eyes could look so innocent with his meat in her mouth was masterful and sexy AF. She knew this turned him on incredibly so, and put on a show whenever she could. Her bobbing up and down and not letting her eyes wander or close, all the while staying transfixed on him, piercing him to the core. Gawd, goddess with cock in her mouth is so fucking hot, he thought. Delicious damned thing was so capable of making his world turn inside out and around again. And he went there freely with her. She was so good to him and he to her.

Pulling out of her sweetness ever so gently he laid her out under him this time and without letting his eyes move off hers he slid deliberately and masterfully into her. The tip of his cock touched her cervix and she let out a squeal of delight. Their hips kissed as their lips connected again and the roll and thunder of their lovemaking eased gently on. Electricity pierced the air around them. Slow thrusts, pumps and grinds on each other raising the roof for them to soar higher than they had before. Locked in a tide, phases of the moon, shifting and moving through them all in the long slow drawn out contact between cock and pussy. Between sweat and curves. Between breasts and chest. Pushing one another higher and higher, then rapidly falling then rising higher and higher again. The tingling building up inside them both. The sparks of desire setting off the chain reactions. Breath being pulled out of them as if by the invisible force of their fucking. Hers building faster than his and she sprayed all over him again as if marking her territory, all the while screaming loud into the night. Into the void, into creation, calling out the wild woman in herself and meeting her face to face in her orgasm.

The sound of her cumming built him up and he took a breast into his mouth, sucked it hard and bit a nipple with just the right force and shot again into her deep and wide, spraying her with his cum. And they ate, slept and fucked and ate, slept and fucked for the remainder of their time here in Paradise.

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