My Favorite Couple

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Justin and Alicia are very special to me. We have been friends for years and closely affiliated in some strange ways. Justin and I were in the service together. He got stationed near me a while ago and met Alicia through me. Alicia and I were ending a hot yet complicated relationship at the time, and I thought Justin would be a better match for her. They have now been happily married for seven years.

Justin heard about my recent broken engagement and invited me over for dinner. I haven’t seen them both in a long while and was excited to catch up. I was a little anxious about seeing Alicia again, but as soon as I got to the door, it was all love.

“Get over here, you!” Justin growled, hugging me like an overbearing brother.

My face was squished between his gigantic pecs and biceps as I patted him on the back, trying to get some air. Alicia kissed my cheek and gave me a warm embrace, after prying me off her husband.

I was quiet at dinner. I didn’t want to talk much about my problems, although I appreciated the gesture. I just smiled and listened, celebrating their happiness over the years and their accomplishments as a couple.

After eating, Alicia refilled my wine glass and came towards me. Instead of sitting next to me, she sat on my lap. I looked over at Justin and he had a goofy smirk on his face like a little kid who couldn’t hide a secret.

“Do you remember that story you wrote about the girl surprising her girlfriend after a long day at work?” Alicia asked.

I nodded, although I didn’t really remember.

“Well, Justin built you something very special. He and I both thought you would have lots of fun on it.”

I was intrigued. Slowly but surely, that old story* was coming back to me. And I hoped it was what I thought…

Justin took my hand and led me to the back room. Alicia followed, softly caressing my arms from behind. I couldn’t believe my eyes when they opened the door. They took every detail of that story I made up and renovated their bedroom just like the setting.

There were velvet ropes on the corner posts, flower petals scattered on the sheets, and a beautiful handmade massage table with a lever on the right corner.

“Jesus. Is this what I think it is?” I asked excitedly.

Justin nodded. “Go ahead. Pull it.”

I touched the lever softly at first, my pussy already getting wet at the idea of living out something I totally made up. When I pulled the lever, the bottom half of the table opened perfectly, allowing access between your legs for an ultra naughty massage.

I wish I could have seen my own face right then. I knew it was possible in theory, but seeing it right before my eyes was incredible. It’s an indescribable feeling to see a fictitious object in real life.

Justin came closer and caressed my shoulders. “You know, I never got the chance to thank you properly for introducing me to the love of my life…”

Alicia came behind me and kissed my neck. “Nor I,” she whispered softly.

She unclipped my hair and let it fall, then slowly undressed me from the back. Justin picked up two bottles and showed them to me, lotion for my skin, and lube for my pussy.

I thought to myself, “This can’t be happening. This is really happening…?”

Alicia gestured for me to lie down. She fondled my breasts and stomach, then kissed my lips. A fire ignited within me that could scorch the sky. Justin squirted lotion on his hands and gently massaged my shoulders, then smoothed down my arms. Alicia squirted lube on her hands and dripped some right on my pussy, then began rubbing my clit.

All these hands on me made my body shiver in excitement; the firm rounding presses up top and slow circles to my pussy below had me floating in a heavenly cloud of lust.

Justin walked to the other end of the table and pulled the lever, making my legs spread apart. He pulled down his pants, revealing his engorged erection. His cock was long and thick, just as muscular as he was. Alicia spread my lips open and guided his cock inside me. She circled the tips of her fingers around my clit while Justin fucked me. It felt amazing! Alicia rubbed a little faster while I arched my back, thoroughly enjoying her husband’s cock. The tension within me wound up like a clock, ready to ring the alarm of my climax. I gripped the sides of the massage table, moaning and cursing, feeling Justin’s cock go deeper. His perfect rhythm along with her gentle touch had me cumming hard within moments.

“Mmm… my goodness, you came already?” Alicia smiled. “Poor baby. You must be backed up, huh?”

I nodded, biting my lip. Justin was still inside me thrusting slowly, letting every throb pound around his girth. Alicia kissed me while I moaned even louder, muffling my sounds in her mouth. She licked down my neck, then kissed my breasts, letting her teeth scrape my skin gently.

Justin started shaking and groaning loudly as I came on his cock again. He was fucking me so deeply, I could feel the head of his cock pass my pelvic bone from the inside. He squatted down, fucking up into me, hitting my G-spot perfectly. Then he gripped my thighs firmly as he came inside me. His hot sticky load felt amazing, gushing through my walls, triggering a third climax to erupt. My body was dripping in wetness.

Justin pulled out and Alicia sank to her knees. She slowly licked his cum off my slit, slurping and sucking the rest out of me. She swallowed his load and circled her sticky tongue rapidly around my pussy, keeping me in a constant state of arousal. I thrust my hips fiercely to her face, gripping her hair tight as I came again.

I sat up and pulled her close, kissing her wildly, sharing her husband’s hot cum on her tongue. They led me to the bed. Alicia straddled my waist and wrapped my wrists in the corner ropes, then she leaned in to kiss me softly. She reached under the pillow and pulled out a black silk scarf and tied it around my head.

I forgot about this part of that old story, too. And I laughed, thinking I’d never imagined living out the entire fantasy. I felt her reach for something, and click on a vibrating device. At this point, my pussy was leaking, and so sensitive from cumming back to back. How much more was I able to physically take?

I moaned and wriggled in delight as soon as the little toy touched my nipples. It was a soft, smooth tingle at first. Then, as Alicia moved it back and forth from one breast to the other, I felt another orgasm build out of nowhere. I thrust my hips up, grinding on her pussy as she played with me. She leaned down and teased my lips with hers. She snaked her tongue down the middle of my body and licked my clit slowly, alternating between her mouth and the little vibrator.

My legs wouldn’t stop shaking, feeling her warm tongue on me. Then, I felt Justin get on the bed. I assumed he started fucking her from behind, the way the bed was moving. Hearing her sexy moan and his husky voice doubled the pleasure for me.

She sucked my clit firmly and eased the vibrator inside me. I gripped the ropes wound around my hands and took every smooth lick of her tongue until I came all over her face. I came so hard, my pussy spat out the toy, spraying wetness down my thighs. Alicia licked up my slit, getting every drop she could, then let it all spill over my pussy.

Damn, I wished I could see all this. I begged them to untie me or at least take the blindfold off. Having to imagine where all the sensations were coming from was both torture and pleasure for me.

Justin finally gave in and took the binding off. I yanked the scarf down and pulled Alicia closer to sit on my face. There was no way in hell I was going to just be their pillow princess for the night.

I hadn’t tasted her pussy in so long and I was so wound up, I wasn’t gonna let her up until I felt her thighs nearly kill me. She has a natural sweetness about her that I always enjoyed, and damn, was her pussy dripping that honey. I licked up and down, inward and around, getting every spot I could with my tongue. Then I sucked her clit softly, swiveling my head firmly, just letting the tip of my tongue touch her clit. It had been a while, but I still knew where her hot spot was. As soon as I heard that gasp and hard exhale, I knew to suck harder. She thrust her hips on my face, grabbing the ropes on the corner posts. I gripped her waist firmly, pushing and pulling her up and down on my tongue until her pussy melted between my lips.

Justin lay down on the bed and I had Alicia straddle his cock, still facing me. He knew to be gentle in this position because Alicia has a tiny tight pussy. He stayed halfway in while I leaned down. I licked and sucked his balls, then moved higher to lick her clit. I had them both squirming as I circled my tongue up and down their flesh, concentrating on that spot where they both connected as one. I took the vibrator in my mouth and pressed my lips to Alicia’s pussy while Justin fucked her faster. She leaned back, gripping his torso as I held her thighs firmly. I swirled my head slowly clockwise, then counterclockwise, letting my wet tongue and the rumbling vibrations heighten her immense throbbing. Justin started shaking as he thrust deeper, feeling her aching walls tremor around his cock. I let the vibrator press his balls right after, causing a massive eruption inside her.

“Oh my God, you two are my favorite couple ever!” I exclaimed, licking and sucking them both.

Alicia gently pulled Justin’s cock out of her pussy and collapsed on him, arms dangling over the sides of his body like he was a little bed on a bigger bed. I smiled, watching my exhausted lovers lie in solace. I kissed Alicia’s stomach softly and rested my head on it. We were piled on top of each other for the rest of the evening.

This was such a surprise to me. I assumed dinner was going to be awkward, or just normal at best. I never realized until that evening how much effect I have on people. It made me happy that I helped these two find love. What’s awesome about it is that it’s their definition, and not the world’s. Life is crazy like that sometimes. I guess it is possible to remain friends with old flames, just like it’s possible to find new ventures from old stories.

*If you’d like to read the story, it’s posted here — be warned, it’s on an adult entertainment site, very much NSFW!

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