Beg Me To Fuck You Harder

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Ask me to push us both past our limits

We lie together in the quiet aftermath of our sexual destruction. NY’s head rests on my full breasts, rising with my breath. Our skin is cooled by the fan whirring above. I run my fingertips through his short hair. He holds my left hand, which rests on his chest. It’s a loose hold with our fingers interlaced. I find that I enjoy it immensely.

Earlier, I dragged my nails down his chest. I gripped at his chest desperately. He kept pumping into me like a man possessed. He pushed my legs up to my ears. They were straight this time, versus our contorted pretzel position.

In this position he could look me directly in the face as he fucked me. Through half-lidded eyes I’d look up and see him studying my writhing form. I watched as he fucked me on my back. We kept our eyes on each other. He hissed a hot “yes” as I gave in to my orgasm. It pushed me over the edge and my head rolled back with a scream.

In this moment we’re still. I wonder if he can hear my heartbeat. If it sounds steady, or if he can hear the heart condition I have, the valves leaking blood where they shouldn’t. I know it would be impossible. It’s something so minute that it wasn’t caught until recently.

We talk about his week since he last saw me. The plans he has for the weekend. I drag his face forward at times, kissing him on his forehead and raising my legs to trap him closer to me. We tease each other and burst into laughter occasionally. His hair grazes my palm as I run my fingers through it. Small strands shed and leave reminders of his presence on my cotton sheets.

He slides his arm under my hip and gives me a squeeze back. Like we’re giving each other a strange, sideways hug.

“I think I’m going to wet my whistle. Come on, you.”

He rises up from our scrunched position. I follow after him as he disappears into the other room. The darkness of the night embraces our naked forms.

The lamp casts him in a pink glow. I admire him only briefly. The slope of his chest gliding down into his lower abdomen. His thighs have just the perfect strength to hold me under him. He can force me to take him, pinning me down if he wanted to. His chest moves in a steady breath now; before we were both panting. We stand in the dining room.

“So, which whiskey should we have?”

I pause and chew my lip. We have options of Knob Creek, Bulletproof, Angel’s Envy, and my birthday whiskey, Black Barrel Jane Walker. I point toward the beautiful Black Barrel bottle. A woman in a tight skirt with a top hat adorns the see-through glass. The light brown color of the drink shines through.

“The Jane Walker, since you’re the one person I want to share my whiskey with. You pour, as you’re the more experienced one.”

He pours a small amount into each glass. We salute each other and clink our glasses. The glasses almost touch our lips. We smile at each other like we just discovered one of our inside jokes. We remove them from our lips with a nod.

“Almost forgot,” he says.

The glasses tap the wooden table. It’s now something I always do when I drink. A little gesture of good luck before we down our drinks. We both take that first sip. The complexity of the whiskey washes my taste buds. It combines with the taste of our sex from earlier. We murmur in appreciation.

We move in closer to kiss each other. The flavor of whiskey and my sex on his lips is amazing. Our kiss deepens as our tongues explore the uncharted territory of our mouths. We almost forget about our drink and pause with our kisses. His heat radiates into my cooling, chilled skin. His hands run over my body like he’s trying to memorize the curves, hills, valleys of my topography.

I want the drink gone, even though it tasted delicious. All I can think of is having him again. We return into each other’s arms. His hands roam over my uncovered back and ass. He grips my plump ass cheeks like he’s trying to pop them within his palms. I think of how we’ve been discussing him taking my ass. We kiss like we want to devour every inch of each other’s skin with our lips, our tongues, demanding each other’s taste.

The feel of him exploring my body sets my skin on fire. His nails graze my back. He grabs my ass cheeks and we press into each other like we’re starved.

He finishes his drink first. We pause in our impassioned pursuit of each other. The last of the drink is tossed back. The whiskey warms my throat. It reminds me of the wonderful heat from his cum spurting down. The flavor, the taste of it as I guzzle down every last bit. That primal act of emptying his load within my willing throat is addictive.

He’s the first to re-enter the bedroom. I like to watch him get back into my bed. There’s something beautiful, and so right about seeing him adorn my sheets. His legs spread slightly with his hips opened. I know he’s aware of what I want.

I slide into the bed on all fours. My hair is pulled back in a ponytail as I rear up into the air. I must look wild and controlled at the same time. Like a woman possessed, yet planing to use her devious mouth for his pleasure. He gives me this smirk watching me remove my hair from my face. It’s a silent signal that I’m going to devour his dick.

His dick stands rigid in front of me. I bow before it. Like I’m paying homage, reverence to it. He watches me as I slide onto my knees. My mouth yawns open to envelop his thickness and length. I purposefully go down to the base. My nose rubs against his balls. I look up at him sideways and choke myself on his dick.

My body clenches at the sensation as I push him to the back of my throat and swallow. Each time I choke myself his dick grows bigger. It swells within my tight restrictions. He mumbles for me to keep going, to keep choking myself on his length. I only grin, more than happy to oblige his command.

His dick is that beautiful hardness I adore. I straddle him. We kiss like lovers separated for years where we never forgot the beauty, depth, recreation of the kisses we shared in another time. His mouth tastes like the potent whiskey and our sex. Like a sexual elixir I’m allowed to tap into again and again.

My hips roll back and forth, teasing his cock. It sits at the entrance of my pussy and grazes it each time. I can feel his hips pushing up into me. I decide this is enough teasing for us both. My hand grasps his dick and guides him inside me. His hips help drive it deep within.

We both gasp at the same time. My head rolls back and I growl. I’m a woman possessed as I grind his dick within me. My hips roll back and forth like a rodeo rider. His brown eyes close blissfully as I use his dick.

I bend down next to him and still my movements.

NY knows what I want from him. He grabs my hips and thrusts into me like an animal. I’m left whimpering, my saliva wets his shoulder as my mouth stays open. I gasp into his ear. He keeps pummeling my pussy deeper and harder with each thrust.

We’re entangled so much there is no beginning or end to us. Entwined together like a creature mated by each other’s tails. Our bodies coil around each other. I lick his shoulder and taste his sweat. My teeth try to find that area above his collarbone.

I rise up from his relentless fucking. His hips still and I begin rocking back and forth. I’m determined to make him cum. I make sure to rise a little from his body, as if I’m a horseback rider posting. Then I sink down so he’s forced further inside my constrictive walls. My pace quickens and I grab my tit.

“That’s right, fuck me. Ride me,” NY growls.

This encourages me to fuck him harder. He’s a gorgeous sight rendered helpless beneath weight. My orgasm builds up. My moans crescendo. They reach fever pitch and I scream at the ceiling. My pussy contracts around his length with its spasming chamber. I feel him clenching underneath me.

“I’m cumming,” he whispers hotly.

I ride him as fast and as hard as I can. My own orgasm ripples through my body. I’m an electrical system set on high. My pussy walls twitch, convulse, spawning with his spurting dick. I know I’m milking him of every bit of cum he has.

My hips roll to a gentle movement. We both make murmurs of appreciation. I lean backwards and grind my hips for several more thrusts. He’s rendered helpless to my using his dick once he’s cum. It’s kept captive within my pussy to be devoured and squeezed tight. His cum leaks down the insides of my thighs that straddle his hips.

I make sure to keep his dick trapped inside me when we kiss again. I can taste his sweat on my lips. My hands caress his bearded face as we let out a sinful sigh.

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