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We chose to walk home rather than take a cab that night.

It was our last night together before he moved to Bangalore for work. We had decided to spare the tears and focus on the happy moments instead. Maybe that was why I had drunk so much wine, to numb the pain. My boyfriend Anand’s flight was at 2:20am, so we had about five hours together before we bade each other adieu.

My heels were slung from my left hand, my right wrapped around his waist. My hair hung loose and fell to my shoulders in brown cascades; the off-the-shoulder dress I had chosen for our date clung sexily to my curves. His left hand was around my shoulder, helping me walk straight in spite of my drunkenness. I tilted my head and looked up at him, admiring the smooth skin on his cheeks and the stubble on his chin and neck. He was more than a head taller than me, and though we’d been together for more than a year, his presence never failed to make me feel tiny.

We were in the middle of an animated conversation, when he casually slid his hand from my shoulder, ran it all the way down my back and let it rest on my ass. He gave my bottom a tight squeeze and said,

“Tonight I’m fucking that sexy ass.”

Even though we had planned and prepared for our anal session tonight, on hearing his words, I felt a tingle of anticipation bubble up between my legs.

When we reached our room, I threw myself in his arms and started kissing his neck. I would have liked to kiss those delicious lips of his, but he was so tall, that his neck was as high as I could reach without standing on my tiptoes. He grabbed my hair gently and pulled me off.

“Let’s take it slow tonight, baby,” Anand said.

Maybe the alcohol had gone to my head or maybe my body felt so starved that it ached, but the idea of going slow did not appeal to me. I sat him down on the bed and started kissing him passionately. I felt his breath quicken as he returned every bit of my passion. Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths, swiveling around each other, caught in a fierce game of whose will would prevail. I bit him on the lip so hard that he pulled back for an instant. He started kissing me all over my face and neck, and bit my shoulder. I let out a low moan. He had his lips pressed to my skin and his tongue was moving in frantic little circles beneath them. When he withdrew, there was a bright red hickey on my pale skin.

I looked up at Anand.

His eyes were filled with lust, his hands moving all over my body as if he wanted to devour every bit of me right there and then. They found my boobs and started fondling them — gently at first, but as his breath quickened to rough gasps, he started squeezing them. He pulled my nipples hard and pressed them tight. I moaned loudly from the pleasure of it. The very thought of the fair skin of my tender boobs being so ruthlessly manhandled by his hands made me get sopping wet in an instant.

I placed my hands gently over his and moved them away. I pulled the dress over my head and stood in front of him, in nothing save the black lace lingerie I had so carefully picked for the night. His eyes widened in appreciation as he ran his gaze over my body — those soft curves of my waist, the enticing swell of my breasts hidden just enough by my sheer black bra, my rounded hips with little but an exciting glimpse of the curve of my ass visible. My body quivered under his lustful stare, and I saw his hard cock strain against his pants in response.

Letting out a breath, I reached down to rub his hardness with my palms. I undid his zipper and removed his belt. When I was getting him out of his pants, he slid his shirt over his head and when we were done, he was wearing nothing but his underwear. His hard cock was completely erect under the thin fabric. There was a little round spot of wetness near the head. The thought of all the precum that must have leaked made me salivate, and wasting no time, I pulled his underwear off and exposed his hardness.

I moved to my knees and licked the tip of his dick — greedily slurping off all the glistening precum. I rolled my tongue over the head and heard his soft groans of pleasure. I quickened my pace as he grabbed my hair tight from behind. Suddenly and without warning, I put all of him inside my mouth. His loud “Aaah” of pleasure made my wet pussy throb with anticipation.

Hands gripping his thighs, I pressed my lips around his root and started running them from the base of his balls all the way up to the head, my tongue tracing out every ridge, every fold along the way. Back and forth my head went, his clutch on my hair growing tighter with each stroke.

I let go to take a breath, but the sight of his balls hanging tight beneath caught my fancy. I lowered my head to take them in my mouth. I pressed my lips tightly around their base, while my tongue flicked wildly over the skin. My mouth was filled with spit — all the warmth and wetness engulfed his balls in a blanket of sheer pleasure.

When he thought he was going to cum from all the things I was doing to him, I let go and gave him a slutty gaze. His face was flushed; he looked all worked up and ready to explode. I playfully turned around, showing off my rounded hips draped in those black lace panties. He reached out and grabbed my ass hard, making me let out an inadvertent moan. He held me by my ass and pulled me closer.

He made me sit on his lap.

I ground my hips slowly, making his hard cock even harder, my pussy crying out to be fucked. When he’d had enough, he grabbed my shoulder and turned me around. I stood up to face him, but he threw me roughly on the bed and locked his thighs around my hips. He bent a bit and held down both my hands with his own — not letting me move even an inch.

There was so much craving in his gaze that I felt I might cum if he kept on looking at me like that for a second longer.

Greedily, he pulled my panties down to my knees. I let out a gasp of pleasure. He held my thighs and put my legs high up in the air, exposing the folds of my wet pussy and tight ass. He bent down and pressed his face between my legs. I moaned as he lapped up my wetness. His warm tongue ran in a single motion from my clit, through my pussy and all the way down to my asshole. I closed my eyes and screamed, “Anand… I’m going to cum…”

My whole body shuddered as a massive orgasm hit me. I clutched the sheets and buried my face in the pillow to drown out my shout. He straightened and looked at me, his hands still holding my legs up in the air. My cum was all over his lips and nose, dribbling down his chin. Without touching his dick, he rubbed his meat on my throbbing pussy and my waiting asshole. His dick was drenched in my sweet pussy juices, which had leaked all the way down to my asshole. Without needing to use any lube, his dick slid right inside my ass in one swift motion.

The sensation was so good.

My body was electric with anticipation. The walls of my ass clamped down tight on his dick, but there was already so much of my cum on his smooth skin that there was no friction. In and out, the head of his dick pumped, till I could hold it back no longer and started moaning loudly. I wanted his dick all the way in, so I began moving my body on the bed. My boobs bounced with each thrust I gave, and my moans grew louder. He grunted as he pumped in each time, his grip on my thighs growing tighter. We moved our bodies wildly, desperately, wanting to devour each other, yet eager to prolong the sensation for as long as we could hold on.

He dug his nails into my skin and with one last thrust, exploded inside my ass. I could feel his sweet, sticky cum filling my asshole up from inside. He collapsed on top of me, his dick still hard. I nuzzled my head in the crook of his shoulder. Our sweaty bodies pressed together as we held each other for a long while after.

When Anand finally pulled away, my involuntary reaction was to look at the clock beside the bed.


Two more hours before Bangalore.

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