The Black Bull Interview, part one

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Paul woke up with a start and the first thought that occurred to him was that today he had to go out and look for a job. He had been making excuses for getting close to a week now. Except for twenty dollars in his wallet he had nothing left in the world besides his soul and his nuts to sell, and he knew the Devil wasn’t taking either. Not his poor black ass.

He had a shower then went into the kitchen and made himself a cereal breakfast. He figured he needed as much food in him as possible before leaving the apartment to walk the streets; he would hold onto the twenty bucks in case at some point he got hungry again or had no choice but to make it useful for something important. He finished his meal, then returned to the bedroom to grab his jacket and out the apartment he went.

It was 09:45am. Paul went down the flight of stairs and winced from the sun’s heat when he made it out of the building’s lobby. He shielded his eyes as he walked towards the compound gate and opened it and stepped out onto the main road. He thought for a moment which direction to take. He opted for his right, which would take him towards the city. There he knew he at least stood a fighting chance of finding something.

With nothing to lose, Paul started walking.

The sun was on his back the whole time. Paul hadn’t gone further than two blocks when he realised he was starting to sweat. He stopped to unfurl a handkerchief out of his pocket and was dabbing at his face when his eyes caught something glued to a nearby utility pole. He drew closer and at first thought it was a missing person’s bulletin, but then saw it was actually a notice that said:


Lonely couple seeks handsome male attention

Must be btw 25–35yrs old

Physically fit; Disease free.

Apply Within.

There was an arrow underneath that indicated the home address. Paul looked about and saw he was actually on the exact street and the house in question was to his right. It was a suburban home with a trimmed lawn and a BMW parked in the driveway under the shade of a tree.

Paul shrugged his shoulders. “What the hell,” he thought, and approached the house.

He pressed the doorbell and waited. The door opened moments later to reveal a middle-aged man with ruddy features wearing spectacles and a striped shirt and tie. There was mild curiosity in his eyes but that went away after Paul introduced himself and shook hands.

“I saw the bill posted on the utility pole,” he indicated. “About the vacancy. I’d like to inquire more about it.”

“Oh, of course. Would you mind coming inside please,” the man opened the door for him. “I’m Gerald, by the way.”

“Pleasure meeting you,” said Paul, and shook hands with him again. Gerald shut the door and invited him towards the den.

“Please have a seat, I’ll only be a minute. Would you care for anything?”

“No, I’m good,” said Paul.

He opened his jacket and sat waiting for Gerald to return. In the meantime his eyes roamed the living room. He noticed the collection of photos that sat on the mantel of the fireplace. They featured Gerald smiling alongside a buxom blonde.

Gerald soon returned to him. He carried a notepad and pen in his hand, and he was all smiles when he sat across from Paul.

“I’m glad you saw the vacancy bill,” he said. “We’ve had it out there for more than a week now. So far, you’re the only one that’s showed interest.”

“No problem. One question, however: is there going to be money involved?”

“Oh yes, sure. That won’t be a problem, trust me on that. First question, do you live nearby?”

“I certainly do.” Paul told him his address. Gerald scribbled it on his notepad.

“These are some basic questions I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. How old are you?”


“Single or married?”


“What’s your social life like: do you party often?”

“I’d say occasionally.”

“Are you usually trustworthy? I mean, do you consider yourself as such?”

Paul thought the question odd, but decided to go along.

“I’d like to think so, yeah. I mean, I try to be good.”

“That’s okay. Do you smoke or drink?”

“I do drink, but no on the smoke part.”

“That’s good,” said Gerald noting it down in his pad. “And you’re disease free?”

“Last time I checked, yeah. Which was last month.”

“Great. Are you currently employed by anyone?”

“No. If I were, I wouldn’t be here. What are all these questions about anyway?”

“Oh, honey,” a woman’s mellifluous voice spoke, startling Paul to sit upright as a tall blonde woman entered the room. Gerald turned his head and smiled at the sight of his wife. Just like in the photos, the woman had a huge pair of tits that seemed to strain against the fabric of her blouse. Her hips pushed sideways against her skirt. She wore thigh-high stockings and high heels. Paul felt a nudge in his jeans as he inhaled her perfume.

“Hi darling,” said Gerald. “Thought you’d still be dressing up?”

“No, I was almost done already. Hi, I’m Kimberly,” she came forward to shake Paul’s hand, flashing him a coquettish smile. “You can call me Kim.”

“Nice to meet you, Kim. I’m Paul.”

“I was just interviewing Paul for the job,” said Gerald. “He seems right for the job; matches everything we want.”

“Oh really? That’s perfect. I can’t wait to get him started.”

“Started on what exactly?” Paul asked.

Kim turned to her husband. “Let me go make drinks, while you two finish up.”

She kissed him, then left the room. Paul’s eyes followed her behind. Gerald caught where his eyes were looking and smiled — he knew he had found the right man for what he wanted.

“Here’s the thing, Paul. The reason for the vacancy is for someone to come and be with my wife. Kim and I have been married almost fifteen years now. She’s beautiful and sexy as you can see already, and she’s super-horny 24/7; too horny for me to ever satisfy. We’ve signed up at swingers’ conventions but even then we couldn’t find the right type of person to take her on. I’ve previously placed ads on Craigslist and various adult forums, but nobody came calling. This was our last attempt and so far you’re the only one that’s called, and from everything you’ve told me about yourself, I can say that you’re absolutely perfect for her; she appears to like you, too, if you haven’t already noticed.”

“Hold on, you want someone to take care of her . . .”

“I want someone capable of fucking my wife,” Gerald didn’t mince his words. “Yes, that’s what I want. That’s the reason why we’re having this conversation. I’m more than willing to pay you an hourly rate of two hundred bucks for your time, if you’re willing to take up the assignment.”

Paul thought for a moment. “Two hundred bucks . . . just to fuck her?”

Gerald nodded. “Fuck her, entertain her; make her happy in bed and out, wherever and however you want to do it. While you’re here, you’re free to use our home however you want — the option’s open if you want to spend the night. If you have friends you’d love to share her with, I don’t mind that, either. Just as long as they don’t break anything in the house. Or if she’s in the mood, you can take her to your place, since you say you live close by. Does all that seem fair to you?”

“Yeah . . . yeah, sure. It all sounds fair. Do I get to sign a contract or something?”

“Yes, but it’s nothing legally binding,” Gerald chuckled. “I mean, it’s not like I’m gonna take you to court if you renege on it.”

He opened a page in his notepad where he had long before written out the agreement and indicated below the write-up where Paul’s signature should be. He gave Paul his pen, and he scrawled his signature and wrote the date as well. Gerald took back the notepad and fished into his wallet and counted off several bills and laid them on the table.

“That’s your first two hundred, so you know how serious I am about this.”

Paul scooped the wad of money and folded it into his jacket pocket. He felt a wave of happiness and good luck wash over him. No point thinking about getting myself a real J-O-B after this, he thought.

“Thanks. So, when do I start?”

As if in answer to his question, Kim entered the room carrying a tray loaded with drinks, beaming a hostess smile.

“Are you boys done with your meeting, is it too soon for me to cut in?”

“Actually you’re just in time,” said Gerald.

He and Paul rose to their feet and Gerald offered him one of the drinks and they all took a sip.

“Well, I’d best be heading off for work,” said Gerald. He kissed his wife then went and grabbed his jacket off a coat tree by the door. “You two can get to know each other. Call me if you need anything.”

“Oh, I doubt we will,” Kim said. She took Paul’s hand and led him away from the living room.

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