An Unorthodox Treatment

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photo: The Life Erotic

Dr. Longoria gestured to the exam table, covered in white paper.

“Welcome to my clinic Ms. Kat. Please, take off your clothes and put on this robe. Have a seat and we’ll have a look at you.”

The room was a bit cool, typical for most exam rooms, but the walls were painted in warm colors and art depicting abstract vaginal flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. The doctor, a beautiful woman who towered over my petite figure, had a lovely smile and her chestnut hair was tied up in a bun.

“Thank you, Doctor,” I said with my eyes down. I felt a strong sexual energy in the room that made my skin warm in contrast to the crisp air. I removed my clothes and carefully put on the robe. I sat on the exam table with my hands in my lap as if she had already instructed me to do so. But Dr. Longoria was silent.

She pulled on her exam gloves and wiggled her long fingers to stretch the nitrile, making me stare at them, almost feel them.

“Now, this is an unorthodox treatment. I need your verbal consent to continue.”

“Yes, ma’am. You have my full consent.”

“Lie back. How are you feeling?” The doctor’s voice was warm with concern.

“I’m still burning up. But I’m ok,” I gave her a nod of assurance as my back pressed the loud crinkly paper. I put my feet near the edge of the table and adjusted my knees up. “What sort of treatment are you proposing?”

Dr. Longoria sighed. “They didn’t give you the literature?” There was an edge of irritation in her voice. She picked up a white tube and squirted a milky fluid over the middle finger of her right hand. “We’ve found that in some patients, the chemicals released during an orgasm are far more effective than some prescription drugs at combating the fever you have.”

She reached under my gown and gently applied the lube to my labia. I gasped and gripped the chest of my gown. My mouth parted suddenly as if I forgot how to breathe.

“Just relax. Your orgasm may be a little more intense than usual. I’m a well-trained professional and there are some special qualities to the lubricant.”

“No, Doctor, I wasn’t informed. But if you feel it will help me with my fever, I’m completely in your hands. I’ve tried everything. I need your help.”

The doctor’s nipples were evident through her scrubs, full breasts straining at the dark blue fabric. I felt her arousal drawing out my own. My body eased to her expert hands. Her long fingers took turns pressing my lips apart and sliding slowly inside me.

I bit my lip lustfully. My pussy started suddenly throbbing as if I were being eaten out by a skillful mouth. “What kind of special qualities does this lube have?”

“It heightens the sensation. The more intense the orgasm the better chance your fever will break.” She slid one finger inside me.

Oh… fuck. It was so smooth yet intense. My own wetness meshed nicely with the lubricant. The sensation crested and rippled through my pelvis like liquid vibrations.

After a second or two she found my G-spot and her thumb lightly massaged little circles on my clit. It felt more like a soft tongue lapping my flesh softly. I couldn’t hold in my arousal. I’m sure she saw it all over my face.

“Feel free to play with your breasts or do anything you might do normally in a sexual situation.” Her tone was clinical but her eyes glinted sexually. I could feel them scanning me in a more than professional manner. She looked under my robe. “You have a lovely body, Kat.”

“Thhh…ank you, Doctor,” I stammered, failing to remain professional. My lust had nowhere else to hide. “May I take this robe off?”

“If it makes you more comfortable,” she smiled.

I hurriedly peeled off the gown and held the crumpled ball of fabric to my chest. I felt my temperature rise beyond the fever I’d been stuck with for days. My skin felt like sauna stones, finally hot enough to release some steam.

photo: The Life Erotic

The rhythm to my clit was languid and steady. Her expert hands knew exactly where to touch me, like a lover I’d known for years. I felt my self-control drastically slipping away.

“Does this feel good? Feedback is important to the process.”

“Mmm… yes! Your fingers feel amazing!” She added a second finger. Mmm… fuck! I could barely concentrate to respond anymore as my hands gripped the sides of the table and my legs trembled.

Her pinky teased the pucker of my asshole. I flinched a little. My eyes widened and my lips parted dramatically.

“Spread your cheeks, please.” Her tone was vaguely clinical and carried the weight of an order.

“Yes, ma’am…” I spread my legs over the table and rolled my hips forward to expose both orifices.

Her pinky slid into my tight hole. The lube made the passage easier and it tingled pleasantly. It came as a surprise at first, but deliberately added to the slow aching build within me. I began to grind my pussy against her fingers, letting her knuckles massage my taint. My pussy tightened and I felt my clit engorge, pulsing a little, feeling immensely close to climax. I moaned softly and my eyes rolled under my lids. My face and neck began to bead in sweat.

“That’s it. Good girl.” The doctor caressed her own breasts and gave her nipple a lustful tweak. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I blinked rapidly and looked again. I did see her touch her breasts and it made me grip mine.

The crumpled gown fell to the floor. My hot sticky body made loud rustling noises over the paper, chasing the sweet sensation. I felt sweat trickle down my skin. There was an aching grip within me. Damn, I was about to blow! “Please fuck me harder, Doctor.” The words passed my lips effortlessly, which made me blush suddenly.

She added a third finger to my pussy and pumped firm and fast. “Now you might squirt. Don’t be alarmed.”

“Mmm… Oh, God!” The pressure of her fingers on my G-spot made me convulse. I thrust my hips roughly, keeping up with the rhythm of her hand. My mind zoned in to welcome the delicious release I’d been aching for, as I came, screaming. My pussy splashed wetness clear across the room.

Dr. Longoria licked her lips hungrily, as she carefully withdrew her fingers and knelt between my thighs. She licked and sucked at my still quivering, leaking pussy. Her hands gripped my thighs open to let her tongue reach deeper between my soaked lips.

“Oh, Doctor. Yessss!” I reached up and grabbed her breasts, squeezing them through her scrubs. “Fuck… you feel amazing… you’re gonna make me cum again.”

“The more, the better.” She continued slurping and sucking, making the most delicious noises that made me picture her wet whirling tongue on my quivering flesh. I moaned desperately as I ground my pussy up and down her mouth and came again, painting her face with my juices.

The doctor stood up, pulled off her scrub top, and pushed down her bottoms, revealing her delectable curvaceous figure. She crawled on the table and up my body, kissing up my midline to gnaw at my neck, while we ground our cunts together.

I gripped her bottom firmly as I ground my pussy on hers from underneath.”Your pussy is so wet! Your work really turns you on, huh?”

“Not usually this much,” she panted. “You’re a special patient.” She kissed me fiercely, her tongue, fucking my mouth like a slick cock.

My hand slid slowly down her body, fingers to her pussy. “Mmm… how lovely to hear.” I sank my teeth into her collarbone and eased two fingers inside her.

“Fuck yes,” she whispered seductively.

I flicked them hard, gripping her insides as her walls tightened. My soaked flesh was heating up and cooling down drastically as if I were a glowing ember, radiating desire. She ground against my hand and held my head to her neck.

I sucked her flesh in vampiric bites. I could taste her main artery between my teeth, her life flowing in rhythmic beats between my lips. Her body was screaming for me to fuck her. I sucked her neck hard enough to bruise as I squeezed a third finger inside her.

She groaned loudly. “Pump me. Fuck me hard.” Her hips lifted up and down faster and faster.

I pressed hard into her body and could feel her walls twitching around my fingers. I gripped her shoulder while I thrust into her pussy even deeper. “Mmm… are you gonna cum for me, Doctor?”

“I ammmmm…” She clenched and pressed her lips to mine, moaning into my mouth. Clawing my back. Wrapping her legs around mine.

“Mmm… yes, cum for me! Just let it all out.”

She clung to me and rode it out, leaking just as much as my fevered flesh. Her moans nearly drowned out the loud filthy thoughts in my head. Finally, she went limp.

“Fuck.” She lay loosely on top me, a quivering mess, and took a moment to catch her breath.

I fucked her as gently as I could until her tight quivering walls relaxed. I kissed her softly, feeling her body calm. Then, I carefully withdrew my stiff wet fingers.

“Are you looking for a job?” she asked delightedly.

“Mmm… perhaps,” I whispered as I licked the sweat off her neck. “Would you train me right away?”

“Lots of on the job training.” I felt her fingers slip back into me. “Starting now.”

Thanks to Sorcha Rowan for the story collaboration.

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