Almost Caught

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photo: SexArt

He is on top of her, holding her knees under his armpits while performing their slow dance of love. In and out, and in and out… She feels how his dick is getting bigger inside of her. She likes looking at his facial expressions, and the ones she is seeing right now are telling her that he will be coming soon. Suddenly they hear steps and she stops him, signalling to be quiet.

Her flatmates do not know that she brought him home this afternoon. But what else are you supposed to do on a windy British day? She loved to see the hunger in his eyes as he was undressing her. She was wearing her new leather skirt, with the sexy hosiery that showed the beauty of her legs. Her blouse hinted at her cleavage, framed by her beautiful long hair.

They were very efficient when peeling each other’s outfits off. He noticed how hard and aroused her nipples were for him, and he placed them in his mouth. After wetting both with his saliva she placed the tips of his fingers on them, so he could continue to playfully caress her tips. He then began to tease her sex, just to be confronted with her wetness.

The afternoon light was coming in through the window, allowing her to enjoy the visual of him. She was playing with his longish hair, she loved to shake it and shape it into an unkept mess. As he held her knees to get into position, she lightly stroked the features of his face with her fingers.

She loved the feeling of the first penetration. As he held the tip of his cock at her entrance, she could feel how her wetness called for him. He moved in slow strokes that went deeper each time. She loved the visual of his cock sliding into her. Having her knees held up allowed her to be the front row spectator of their little loving skirmish.

He was moving in and out of her but without slamming against her labia as he would usually do. It was an isolated in and out, and it was driving her crazy. She alternated between kissing him passionately and looking down at the motion of his body and of his rod in her sex.

Suddenly she heard steps. She thought they were alone in the flat, but clearly one of her flatmates was home. She knew her friend could walk into her room anytime to check on what to do for dinner or whether the laundry was due to be done. She stopped his movements to listen carefully. His cock was parked all the way inside of her. She could feel it pulsating.

They heard the front door open and close, the steps growing fainter in the hallway. She looked in his eyes as if to confirm that he had heard the same. He was already moving slowly in and out of her again.

“I am so close to coming hunny bunny…”

Were his words. He looked hot and the fury in his eyes drilled a tunnel all the way into her soul. She moved her hands to grab his butt and rhythmically pushed him in and out of her. He was still not touching her vulva, but focusing on the in and out, shoving all his length inside of her.

She could feel how he was getting out of rhythm, with some of the strokes coming a bit later, some a bit earlier. She looked up at his expression as she moved her hips to rub her vulva on him the next time he pushed in. It just went wild from there. It was a race to the finish line.

She felt him spasming on her, once, twice, a third time. She moved her hips to squeeze him a fourth time and this drove her over the cliff. Her orgasmic waves took her over at the same moment as he leaned down for a kiss. She opened up her legs and embraced him hard, holding onto him for dear life.

“Next time we lock the door, Teddy…”

Were the words she could mumble as the sounds of the afternoon in the city brought her back into reality.

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