All You Can Eat

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Head tipped back, with his mouth working his magic on her cunt, she was gone. Lost in pleasure and the agony of being eaten. His tongue worked her, hard and soft, bringing out the sex thang she was. She pumped his face and worked her hips around in tiny circles on the kitchen counter. She was his dish and he was having her as an appetizer, main course and dessert. He was going to make her cum again and again and again.

It was just one of those days for him. He needed pussy and he needed it bad. It was the drinking and dining kind of pussy he had in mind. Hell yes, her box was wonderful to have his cock in, but a man needs to eat what he needs to eat, and he had to just have it now. Her flower was so fucking gorgeous and sometimes he could sit there and just stare at her, mesmerized by her delicacy. Just so, so fine. But the need, the hunger, the desire to eat her overcame him, so she was on the counter top being made into a fine delicacy of delight, a morsel to be savored and indulged in. Stirring her insides, he turned his tongue over and over inside her fine leaves and flesh with extreme patience and skill. Desiring only her fancy and moans and purring of pleasure.

With hands on her thighs, opening her to be studied and memorized, he continued his affections and attentions to her pleasure. Running his tongue over that sweet place between labia and thighs, that oh so soft place on a woman, he nibbled and filled his insatiable hunger a tiny bit. It could never be satisfied, that overwhelming need, but it was fun to try. Her scent and cleanly shaven self was to be indulged and made his. He made his mark on her with his tongue, to lay claim to that which could not be owned but only temporarily possessed. She was his, and his temperature was boiling for her as she simmered on low and he gently and forcibly, in delightful shifting combinations, made her squirm and moan.

He was a master at switching up speeds and technique. She never knew from one minute to the next what would happen, and it was that alteration and ability that made her cum again and again and again. Whether he was inside her, pounding her like a hammer on a nail, massaging her insides with male chi, or eating her as now with careful controlled power.

The building and rising and falling and collapsing went on and on. She just fucking loved this man and his care for her. Finally someone who had her libido’s need for satisfaction. He pulled out one of her toys from a drawer and slid it into her. Her G-spot hammer. Curved at the top just right, and the buzz began as he switched it on and it worked its magic. He worked her clit with his tongue. Double the pleasure, and she lost her breath for a moment as the intensity hit her and hit her hard. Staggering breath, gasping, lost it again, she looked at him with pussy in his mouth and those baby blue eyes gazing up at her with lust and longing. The relentless vibration on her G-spot and the feeling of him made her cum hard. She felt his love for her to her core and squirted hard into his eager mouth. He latched firmly onto her and drank her nectar, sweet, musky and clean. Her juice was organic and 100 percent natural.

She shook and trembled as the orgasm just went on and on. Pulling his face onto her more firmly, screaming loud, her juice just kept cumming and cumming. He didn’t miss a drop. Swirling his tongue over her more slowly now, and hands holding hers, he held her while her body eased its twitching and shuddering.

“Oh my fucking gawd honey, holy fuck turn that thing off for a second, I’m fuckin’ dying here,” she groaned deep, catching her breath. And he did just that and eased his mouth off her ever so slowly, and with deep care withdrew the toy. Her tenderness was as his after he came. That kind of just jump outta your skin after a huge mind numbing orgasm, as this one had been for her.

With a cheesy grin on his face he looked at her. Studying her regaining her composure. A feeling of accomplishment and pride filled him. Being her lover was a thrill and something he never took for granted. Finding new ways to keep it fresh was a life purpose for him, and her for that matter. He could feel her as she him and they knew what each other needed, ached for and wanted in fantasy and desire. Marrying those two things together in a fine dance of magic and power. Male and female. Divine, sacred, profane and obscene. Delicately balanced in orgasm and breath. A release, a binding, submission and dominance. Handed back and forth between them wordlessly but spoken of in moans and sighs and inner knowing. Their union was unique. It was what empaths know, and born of that most intimate of intimate connections. Feeling the other as if they were them.

Rising to kiss her, she tasted herself on his lips and licked them, staring seductively into his eyes. She was going to have him now as her main course. And so she slithered like the sex serpent she was and made her way down over his body like a goddess and a whore in one to eat him as he ate her. Two can play that game she thought to herself.

Shorts pulled down with no underwear underneath, she gulped his raging hardness into her mouth and salivated all over its majestic power. Circling the firm head around with her hungry little tongue in an up and down motion, she ate his manhood, swallowing and drinking musk and her mouth’s juice. He lost it, just enough to forget where he was and enjoy his darling’s mouth fucking attention. Bringing her hand into the action she grabbed him greedily and jerked his meat and bobbed and slobbered loudly like a hungry animal in need of satisfaction after the hunt. Playfully she gnawed on him with teeth and he was broken from the spell of forgetfulness as the hint of pain made him aware of her naughty play. He was her prey and she was in need of feeding too. That manpower a woman needs so badly, so desperately, so full of yearning and hope. A re-balancing, a filling of a missing piece, a key in a lock opening a door to bliss and never ending love. For they could be sluts and whores with one another and still keep it sacred.

Her indulgence was making the tingling happen and a bead of salty pre-cum oozed out of the tip of his cock. He pulled out of her mouth, lifted her up on the counter again and before she could protest had her pussy in his mouth yet again. After a few seconds of wrestling and fondling of hands, the pleasure of his tongue and mouth sucking her latest dripping juices made her forget. Sucking his cock made her pussy salivate as her mouth had, and he was enjoying the new moistness.

Pushing three fingers into her wetness she squealed and thrust down on him with wild lust in her eyes. Gyrating her hips and fucking his hand, he rubbed the head of her hooded clit with his hard tongue. A quick clitoral orgasm split her up the middle and she giggled at its sudden approach and light polishing of earlier feeling. A quick glaze over meat soft and tender. A sweet juice to marinate the lovers divine.

He picked her up and lifted her to the table and with one sweep cleared everything off so as to make room for her. There was a thud and crash of the candle holder and some cutlery hitting the floor but most had been removed earlier so there was nothing of concern to break the spell of the moment. Laying her out before his feasting eyes, he fucked her with his mouth yet again; the hunger was not filled, not even close. Slick and slippery from the previous orgasms he could now settle down for the long haul. She was gonna get it and get it good. She had almost made him cum earlier with that delicious cock sucking, so he had to pay her back for her naughtiness.

Tossing her head right to left and left to right she felt another clitoral cumming swoon over her. This one was building softly, a step by step one. Feeling this he did not break contact with her pussy and maintained a steady pace of flicker and suck.

Her lovely chest heaved and sighed with the elevation lifting her up from within. She pinched her nipples and pulled them to add to the feeling. His eyes bulged with the sight of her action on her breasts. Such an amazingly beautiful woman and even more so in this state of exquisite pleasure. He slid his hands under her ass and ate more and licked more and dined hard and drank fervently of her overflowing cup.

“Oh fuck baby I’m cumming again.”

With a much more calm and subtle feeling, this orgasm was like a dessert, giving more energy than the two earlier had taken. And he knew this and kept going at what he was so good at. Tonight was not a quickie thang but a long slow deliberate feast. Making his way up her body with little kisses and nibbles and finger caresses he found her breasts and nipples to suck. Having seen her pull them reminded him they too needed satisfying. With one hand to pull and tease her left breast, her right in his mouth, she sighed and arched her back up to meet his face to her chest.

Pangs of passion and delight shot down loving vibes to her pulsating pussy from her nipples being pleasured. He had to kiss her mouth hard as she arched and flowed together with his body on hers. Tongues entwining, they pulled love from each other through their mouths and filled the need of each other in their kisses. An intense passion, longing and fire burned on low heat. Their sauces made just right for stirring. Their fuel for one another raging in flame and water for the other cooled. Both fire and ice.

They kissed for what seemed an eternity and his hands flowed over her, as far over her body as he could reach with her splayed out on the table. Again his fingers found her moist thighs and inserting his middle finger into her in an angled approach found that sweet spot that made her shudder. Then placing his forefinger over her clit, he worked the two spots in a back and forth harmony until she squirted hard all over him yet again.

With both arms splayed out in an ultimate surrender, her pussy was satiated but her mouth was not. “Honey, fuck my mouth and cum deep down my throat, I need your hot cum.”

So without further ado he adjusted her body and face to service his raging cock so as to make for ease of work. He helped her to rest her neck on the edge of the table and tilting her head back was able to take his meat in her mouth without effort. He did all the physical labor of pumping her face and throat. She licked and sucked just as she knew he liked. Running his hands over her breasts and hardening nipples, he fucked her mouth hard and steady. She engorged herself on the shaft hammering her mouth. His pace picked up and he thought of making her cum yet again. So reaching down her delicious form he found her petals and played with them and inserted one finger after another until she was full. His pumping built to a crescendo and his orgasm reached deep down to his core and he shot stream after stream down her swallowing throat. Arching his back and hammering her clit she too came, even after exhaustion, and they collapsed on top of one another in a deep wet kiss and they both had all they could eat and more.

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