All Over Me

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photo: SexArt

I am lying on my belly pressed into the mattress by his weight, feel his hardness probing my depths. He holds me with his arms under my armpits, hugging me in an uncompromising embrace, his breath drying the dew forming on the back of my neck. I can barely turn my head in search of his lips. I love the feeling of complete immobilisation.

Usually he makes love to me like I am his treasure. Like when he licks my pussy for ages minutes, helping me build to the grand finale sensation after sensation. When he is so caring and gentle that I feel like my chest is going to explode from all the feelings it is trying to contain. Like when I come back home late and see that he is still waiting online for our video chat. In those moments there is no need for words. We just look at each other, soaking in each others image. I admire his smile mile and his naked shoulders as he lies in bed and he tells me I must be crazy… I guess people call it love.

Then there are moments, when the beast comes out and makes a meal out of me. The moments when I can see the raw desire for me in his eyes as I’m being put down and picked up and taken just like that. When I am helpless in the face of his primal need to own me, and all that I can do is to I give in.

Tonight, the beast is out. I could feel the eyes of a predator every step we made on our way home. The way he gazed at me, the way he held my hand the moment we stopped at the red light and pulled me close to bite my neck in a wet preview of what has been brewing inside of him.

Our shoes and jackets end up in a pile at the entrance of our apartment. His claws are discarding of all layers of clothing, in a frantic race to reach that sublime feeling of having his naked skin on mine. We are leaving a path of crumpled clothing behind… my blouse and his shirt, my skirt and his jeans, my bra and his boxer shorts.

He corners me to the bed, and zeroes in on my neck again, just at the spot that makes me weak in my knees. He marks me with the first hickey of the night, as if I were his personal possession. He then diverts his attention to my bare breasts, feeling my nipples with his lips and tongue, just exacerbating the hunger he has for me.

And my body answers. My nipples go hard within an instant, blood rushes to my cheeks, and soon I feel the familiar wetness and that deep pang of urgence coming from my belly. He does not ask, he just turns me around gets on top of me, pressing into my back to keep me in place and to raise my ass for his service. That is the first time I feel the full extent of his hardness. It moves from my thigh, and presses into the flesh of my cheeks.

I manage to spread my legs just a little bit, while he grabs my hips and props my ass up, revealing the entrance for his hardness. He approaches like a tiger ready to attack… and without a warning he begins to slide in, in one painfully slow and steady thrust, filling me up all the way in. I love the way his dick gets harder and harder once it is inside of me. The girth in my pussy and the insistent thrusting while being pinned down is overwhelming.

We start a rough dance. I move my hips to the rhythm that he gives me. I raise my feet and he entwines his legs with mine, immobilising me further. As I manage to find his lips and kiss them, I catch a glimpse of the fire in his eyes and I begin to melt.

I can feel the waves of pleasure accumulating with every push of his manhood inside of me. I need to grasp for air and let his kiss go. But his mouth just moves to that spot behind my ear and connects with yet another erogenous zone that I was not aware I had.

I hear myself begging him not to stop. I curse him and call for him at the same time.

Yes, fuck me just like that…

The pounding finally drives me off of the edge. I close my eyes as I fall. The thunder that follows spreads like an underwater explosion, consuming me whole. I have lost control of my body, and my vagina spasms around his manhood.

I feel the need to come out of the water and take a breath of air afterwards. But the night is young and my tiger is hungry for more. I have no choice but to surrender. Under we go again.

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