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Part 33: Dreams

I had barely sat down in Elaine’s waiting room, when her secretary offered me a cup of coffee. After a quick glance around, she treated me to a flashing smile, and murmured, ‘I don’t know what you have said or done to her, but she is the happiest I have seen her since her divorce. So whatever it is, keep on saying it, or doing it. She even dresses differently. Everyone notices it.’

I had no idea what to say, but Elaine solved my dilemma by coming out of her office as she pulled her coat on. After a long discussion, we had decided that fixing my head in her office while we were carrying on an affair could only land her in trouble. Since the therapeutic side of the relationship largely consisted of having sex with each other, we met once or twice a week at the end of her day and I was officially her patient no more. But this night was going to be different, I could tell.

‘I’ll make you dinner,’ Elaine announced. ‘Come over to my place, because I would like to talk to you on your own. I have an idea.’

I followed her tail lights on the well-worn route to her apartment. The traffic was heavy enough to make it difficult to keep up, though why I bothered I do not know, because I could have driven it with my eyes shut. She dropped her bag inside the front door, kicked off her shoes, and threw her arms around me. ‘This pleases me more than you could possibly imagine, Tabby.’

I pulled her to me, hard enough to feel the wire in my bra squeak, and kissed her with one hand massaging her boob and the other around her neck. When we broke the clinch, her hair had half fallen down and she pulled out her Scrunchie before putting her hands back around my waist and kissing my neck. I felt a hand slip under the hem of the short dress I was wearing, slip inside my opaques, and slide down to rest comfortably between my buttocks. If I had been aching for her before, her touch had me brimming with lust; but then she pulled away.

‘Later,’ she chided, ‘and don’t remind me that I began it. You have that sort of effect on people.’

She cooked while I chopped the vegetables, happy to have achieved some kind of resolution, and happiest of all that I was with the person that had led me to it.

‘What did you think of my most secret fantasy?’ Elaine asked, without warning.

‘Um… to be honest, I thought it was rather sexy.’

‘And impractical?’

I hadn’t really thought about that. ‘Yes. I keep meaning to ask what happened to that couple where the wife was breast feeding her husband. Did you get to the bottom of it and manage to sort it out?’

Elaine shook her mane. ‘There wasn’t any bottom to reach. In the end I encouraged them to agree that since it wasn’t illegal, or fattening, or harmful, that if they were both enjoying it, there was no reason why they should stop.’

I gave her a sidelong look. ‘But how did he cope with going to work?’

Elaine grinned. ‘That was the only tricky bit. In the end I led her to agree that using a breast pump during the day and allowing him free access to her boobs during the night was a good compromise.’

‘I had never heard of anything like that before. It is so unusual.’

‘Ohhh, you don’t have do a job like mine for very long before you realise that unusual is nothing more than a word we keep around so we can reassure ourselves.’ She smiled at me over her shoulder. ‘Look at you.’

‘Am I unusual?’

‘I have never thought of you that way, if that is what you want to know.’

‘I don’t know anyone else who has a sex life remotely like mine.’

‘Then what about Sue, Angie, and Toby? They all have a sex life just like yours, because — after all — they are part of it… and you can count me into it too. Does that make me unusual?’

‘No, of course not.’

She let go of the pan, turned to me, took my face in her hands, and kissed my forehead. ‘If you want my opinion, I think your life has been spent running away from the things you enjoy the most.’

‘Which are?’

‘You have to tell me. I am your shrink, remember?’ She went back to stirring the pan. ‘Now tell me about your most secret fantasy. After all, I told you mine.’

‘Can I tell you in bed?’

‘If that is what you want, darling.’

We ate, showered, and curled up in each other’s arms under the duvet. Elaine switched off the light and we kissed a couple of times, before I nestled up against her.

‘It isn’t very coherent,’ I began, ‘but I have dreamed it many times, as well as imagining what it might be like.’

Elaine stroked my hair. ‘Then tell me about it.’

I could hear her heartbeat where my ear rested on her breast, and I curled my fingers around the other one, comforted by the swell of her nipple against my palm. I looked up at her questioningly.

‘You always do that to me, you are far too easily distracted. Come on, we need to do this.’

‘I don’t know where it happens, but it is always the same place. I leave the office, and everything is normal until I find myself on the street, and — this is really odd — it is raining, very heavily, but the rain is so warm, it is tepid. I would say that it feels like New Orleans, but I have never been there. The car park isn’t where I expect it to be, and all I am wearing is a white bodycon dress and white undies underneath it.’ I laughed. ‘I don’t know what the place is, but I can tell you the brand. Gossard Glossies.’

Elaine put her hands over her eyes. ‘Trust you to recall a detail like that.’

‘The thing about Glossies is that both the bra and the panties are incredibly sheer. I sometimes turn to them in hot weather because they are very light, and that may be it, but there is no way I would wear them under anything even remotely white because my nipples show through — and that is before I get wet. But in my fantasy the street is full of guys, big guys like Liam, and they are all stripped to the waist.’


‘Toby’s big brother.’

‘Oh, that Liam. Carry on.’

I settled more comfortably against her. ‘So I run up and down the street, searching for the car park, and I am wearing the most stupid pair of heels imaginable, and the pavement is uneven, and I know the car park is right next to me, but I can’t find it. And every time I make an effort to pull myself together, I realise that all the men are looking at me, and one of them is looking at me most of all, and he has a gigantic bulge in his pants. By now, everything I am wearing is soaked, and I might as well be naked, and then all the men have gone, except for this one guy, and whichever direction I walk, it ends up being towards him. It is raining so hard that I can hardly draw breath, there is so much water in the air, and as I walk towards him, all our clothes dissolve, and he has an enormous cock, bigger than anything I have ever seen before, and it becomes erect.’

Elaine blew out her cheeks. ‘I think I am going to need another shower after you are done with this.’ She stroked my hair.

‘In the dream, I know that there is something evil following me, and that I have to escape from it, and in my fantasy, it is there too — and this guy offers my only way of escape from it. I can’t really describe how we get there, but in the next part we are somewhere that I know is safe, and although I have no idea who the guy is, I just give myself to him.’

‘Whew,’ went Elaine, fanning herself. ‘I think I am having a flush.’

‘The strange thing is that although we are indoors, it is still raining just as hard, and we end up having sex lying on the floor in about an inch of standing water, but it is perfectly comfortable. He begins by kissing me on the neck, and he slowly works all the way down my body, paying particular attention to my boobs, and I have my first orgasm before he has done any more than suck my nipples. I can feel his erection like a truncheon against my leg, and to be honest it is so huge that I have no idea if I can take it, but I get wetter and wetter and wetter, until his tongue reaches my clit and I come again.’

In response, Elaine took my hand and placed it over her mons. She parted her pussy lips with her fingers and guided mine between them so that they rested against her wet folds. ‘Just keep them there. Don’t do anything, I think I am likely to come anyway.’

‘He brings me to orgasm three or four more times, and in the end, I have to beg him to stop, because I can’t take it any more. And then he gets on top of me, and I feel the tip of his cock against my sex, and it really is unimaginably huge, but even so, I can feel myself stretching and stretching to take him, and then, when I am sure that I can’t stretch another tiny bit, he begins to slide inside. I am pleading with him not to make me come, but I do, and I pass out, and when I come round, he is deeper in, and I come again, and it repeats and repeats until my whole body feels full of cock, and the next time I come round, he is arching his back, and all the lovely muscles on his arms are tense, and his eyes are open wide, and he gives a grunt, and I am filled with a tidal wave of semen. The problem is that I am so completely and absolutely filled with his cock that it leaks out everywhere and it keeps on coming until the whole room stinks of it.’

My fingers were dripping wet, and Elaine pressed them deeper into herself. ‘Is that all?’

‘There is, but it is pretty disgusting.’

‘Tell me anyway.’

‘I wake up with the rain stopped, but there aren’t any tissues to clean ourselves up with. But I know he is my rescuer and I want to show him how grateful I am, so I kneel in front of him and I clean the semen out of his bush with my tongue, and then I do the same with his cock, which only just fits in my mouth when it is limp. As soon as I get it between my lips, it begins to ooze more come, and the faster I swallow, the more oozes out, until it is dribbling out of the corners of my mouth, and onto my breasts, and my belly is soaked with it.’

‘I used to sleep with a guy who was like that, believe it or not. Not quite so much, obviously, but he definitely produced more come after his orgasm than he did during it,’ said Elaine, slipping back into doctor mode for a second.

‘And then he is gone and I am wearing my clothes again, but my bra, the front of my dress and my thighs are clotted with come. I have no choice to walk out of the building, but now the car park is right next door, but there are crowds of shoppers in between it and me, and as I walk through them they are staring at the come on my boobs and in my hair. There is so much of it that it is the only thing I can smell. In the dream version, the moment I get into my car, everything goes back to normal.’

‘And what do you feel?’ asked Elaine.

‘Guilty pleasure.’

‘Why guilty?’

‘Because I have been a slut, and had sex with a guy whose name I don’t even know.’

‘But he saved you.’

‘Saved me from what? That’s what I don’t understand, Elaine. What was the threat, and why do I have to humiliate myself afterwards?’

Elaine wriggled herself downward in the bed. ‘If you let me fulfill part of my fantasy, then maybe I can explain yours.’

I offered her a tit, and she began to suck.

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