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6 Stories by Chelsea Rose

The Debt

Her delicious body was payment in full… It was much brighter than I expected. But then again, I had only seen bars like...
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After Hours

My lustful craving for my coworker Tall, dark and handsome. So cliché, but so fucking true in his case. Fortunately for me and my...
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Pure Lust

No rules. No restrictions. Last September I met up with a guy I had been chatting to on an online fetish site....
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Shades of Love and Lust

Interracial dating and sex. A guide to how not to f*ck up! When I was living in England for university, I was told...
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Breaking Him In

He looked like a tourist, the blond boy circling the dungeon. His black outfit, paired with a chin-length blond haircut, sculpted cheekbones,...
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So you like being degraded during sex?

And other things not to be ashamed of. Enjoy getting fisted in the ass? Watersports? Missionary? Pssst, here’s a secret that Hollywood doesn’t...
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