Adults That Love Platonic Sleepovers

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You can ask all you want, I won’t admit to fucking my best friend’s girl.

“We can’t do this.”

“Yeah, we really shouldn’t.”

“I’m so tired. And drunk.”

“Let’s just go to sleep.”

You can ask all you want, I won’t admit to fucking my best friend’s girl.

“We both slept just fine for the night and nothing happened, it was one of those platonic sleepovers, with very defined terms…” …Fully clothed, separate comforters, slight spooning — but no kissing.

“Come here,” I said.

My arm reached far enough while remaining inside my musty quilted bed cover, making a tent, willed to keep us apart. I hadn’t realized I was so far up on the bed and shuffled down, painstakingly bringing my arm to rest over her waist. When I turned onto my pillow, my drunk mind raced as best as it could. Marveled at the way her thin duvet gleamed with the faintest glow from the street light, and lay over her opulent curves.

She asked if I’d keep her company after I found her waiting for my best friend to return home. He’s done this before — left in the middle of the night after an argument. Although he was my friend, there was a real issue going on. I held my breath for him and stood in just this once (more). But that night, I was too drunk and fell asleep before I managed to ask her what had happened.

I don’t remember seeing, but feeling the greatest erotic wonder pressed against the most sensitive skin of my inner thighs. Not horny enough to stay awake, or un-horny enough to actually stay asleep. My dick begged head first at the seam of my PJs, dragging me towards her unaware body and burrowed between her cheeks. For someone that was still half asleep, I was getting way too turned on.

I knew the grief that was in store for me eventually.

But I stroked and dragged her awake at two, three; four o’clock in the morning. Finally twitching her into consciousness, desperately struggling to pretend to keep her eyes closed.

2:00 A.M

I rationalized with myself, “There is really no harm done.”

I was unrecognizable!

This guy, whoever he was, already managed to undress.

Careful to not make any sudden movements, I tucked the far end of my quilt near her side of the bed, and withdrew my arm over her waist. After kicking off my bottoms, I lay closer with the intention of reaching into her separate comforter. She must’ve felt me move, as she almost unpegged the tent wriggling for warmth. I waited stiff while she adjusted herself. The nerves in my right arm froze and held the tent high. I waited a while after for the covers to rest before going further.

It seemed her pink silk gown had gathered above her chest. Her breasts were large enough to trip the fabric over itself. I reached to pull it higher up, trailing with my touch. But in the dark, she sighed heavily and I immediately retracted my hand. Although my primal instincts burned bright before me, I restrained myself. She wasn’t worth jeopardizing my friendship.

With both hands close to me, I closed my eyes and relaxed back to sleep.

3:00 A.M

The mattress rocked and woke me.

Still woozy, confused, and on the wrong side of the bed. I mopped around me with my hand; she waited for me to settle before she finished adjusting her leg. Apparently, at some point, she had slipped off her thong… or perhaps it was just now.

Her uninterrupted heat waved at my dick. He and I both stood at attention.

We took it slow at first.

I got up onto my elbow to check if she was asleep. Through the night, she rolled off her pillow and lay slightly off-center. Her throw had unraveled and joined mine. I dragged my dick by the shaft up, and rested it on the thick of her ass. My cock hardened straight ahead when I lifted her cheeks for easy access.

A few more moments of thrusting and throbbing, then suddenly my erection was in. Sometimes very briefly poking her labia… other times, pushing in a little too far. Every time I safely drew back from her, my heart leaped — worried she might wake. Yet somehow, she hadn’t moved; not even the slightest bit.

I wondered how long she’d been playing with me all this time.

Just lying there, letting me enjoy this fantasy — well aware of how much it was turning me on.

3:55 A.M

Working under her bedspread, I reached around to trace the shape of her breasts with my fingertips.

Holy shit! This would have been the third hard on in the last hour.

Correction, 55 minutes… Damn.

I moaned into her hair trying to steady my breathing.

Suddenly, she started grinding against me. I recoiled slightly, thinking she moved to get comfortable. But the more she arched into a saucing spoon, I couldn’t pull myself away. Instead I let her come to me. Bringing a surprisingly wet pussy, that seamlessly had me in and out — without asking for my hands.

I was certain she was awake, or the very least dreaming she was fucking. How else could she have bent her leg over my stomach. Her pussy was wide open in front of me.

I imagined the moist of her lips as they opened for me.

Thick juice waterfall over my dick.

It soaked inside, and felt so real… until it was. I was heavily inside her. My eyes gawked and it felt too good to stop — I prayed she was only pretending to sleep. She moaned and I lifted her leg, and bent her into shape. The higher I pushed at the back of her knee, the tighter the comforter wrapped around her chest. In the dark I couldn’t make out her expression. But I continued this way for several minutes, and she rewarded me with the slow and deliberate opening of her eyes.

Outside, a car turned into the driveway and its headlights bounced off the bedroom ceiling. I looked around the bedroom for some tissues. The first time I hit her cervix was strong, and the force of my cock caught her off guard. I gasped in time as I pushed deeper and deeper into her, shaking off the covers. At this point we could both safely say, this was it – for both of us. We sweated years of sexual tension in a matter of minutes. And I watched her bare breasts gleaming in the half light, as she threw her head back and moaned at the closed window.

When she finally started pushing back, I felt myself twitch inside of her. Her pace quickened and I could barely keep up. We both sensed the tightening of her vagina and she pushed me down and jumped on top of me.

The moonlight caught the bends of her silk nightgown, effortlessly waving as she rode me. I watched the fine muscles of her stomach roll as she did. “There it is,” I groaned. I was sent the sensation of her walls tightening around me, from the sound of keys by the door.

“Keep fucking,” she upped the ante and reached for her clit — earning her own euphoria.

As she’d fallen into a dazed, I held her off the bed with both hands under her ass and delivered. We fucked deep and because I didn’t care to stop, her cum unwittingly added to mine. Her pussy went from filled to overflowing, spurting out and around my navel. She tried hiding her moans as she dropped heavy onto my dick one last time, before flopping onto the bed beside me. We lay side by side completely satisfied and let out a laugh.

Even if I tried, no one would ever believe that I fucked my best friend’s girl.

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