Forever Grateful

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Part two: A day of firsts

Jenny was the daughter of a couple who lived fairly close by and who were friends with our parents. My sister and Jenny knew each other well enough to hang out together during the summer. My sister was younger than me and was very popular with both girlfriends and boys from school. Jenny was eighteen, like me, when she first entered my room to start something which lasted only four days.

Jenny was staying with us while her parents traveled to Europe for a few weeks. Jenny was old enough to take care of herself but they insisted she stay with us instead of alone in their house. My sister Judy was happy at first to have someone in our house she could talk to, and share music, text people, and hang out with. They would tan together on the sunny days; seeing Jenny in a bikini produced regular hard-ons needing attention. My habit was to make use of any alone time whenever my family ran errands, visited friends, went to a movie, or attended a festival. Judy bounced between being a constant companion to Jenny and going out with her many friends. I liked being alone in my basement room to indulge my fantasies, watch a little porn, and get off in my shiny blue brief panties.

The injection of Jenny into our lives didn’t change much the first week. But after a while Jenny was spending more time alone when Judy went out with her friends. This once skinny girl, growing up down the road, had blossomed into a curvy, voluptuous silhouette of a fully formed goddess. She had become a beautiful woman who, I quickly learned, was eager to explore pretty much any aspect of sex imaginable. After our first encounter, I found her touching and swirling the come on her hand just after it left my softening cock. She seemed entranced by it. Then she said, “Let’s do that again.”

I fished out the towel, which helped me gather my thoughts. I felt the need to go back to the first moments of our encounter so we could talk about what she saw. Instead I heard myself explain how it didn’t work like that. I would not be able to go again until I rested. After I heard myself I realized I had left open the possibility of doing more with Jenny without yet knowing her thoughts on the matter. Clearly she was interested in handling my cock to make me come, but I was caught off guard by her eagerness to get her hand back around my shaft. The attraction was certainly mutual. I was — and she was — interested in exploring some more, but I desperately needed to ensure this was going to be just between us. My pause must have allowed her to put together what was bothering me because, as if she read my mind, she said, “I won’t tell anyone if you don’t.”

She grinned when I told her I wouldn’t tell either. Then I got out of the panties to clean myself up before getting dressed. I brought back a wet cloth for her to clean her hand, but she was still playing with the slippery remains. She touched her tongue to the tip of a wet finger in a gesture of curiosity I eventually became intimately familiar with.

Jenny stayed in my room while I got something to drink from the kitchen. While I was away the memory of her breasts hovering over my waist floated across my vision. I came back to my room to begin the negotiations. I learned how Jenny wanted to know all about sex, how a boy works, what it feels like, and to try fucking. I had to keep from showing my concern when this confession expanded into a shopping list of lustful desires to be fulfilled. She seemed proud to assure me her mother had her on contraceptive pills. My mind would not let me give up this extraordinary opportunity so I agreed to help her learn more about sex. Jenny found my enthusiasm endearing when I told her some of the ways we could do the things she asked about.

Watching the way my cock slid slowly into Jenny’s sparsely furred pussy I had a moment to reflect on this being my first time fucking. I was losing my virginity to a goddess. It was a teen boy’s dream come true. I was proud of how quickly the sight of her naked body produced my second erection of the afternoon. While I immersed myself in the warm feelings slowly surrounding my stiff length I knew our time together would be limited. I was deciding whether to continue to slowly fuck this beautiful visitor or if I should pick up the pace. Her delight was written all over her face. She was beaming with pride at feeling my hard length filling her up. We were finally fucking. She and I. Together. Both of us. For the first time.

I did not have to debate the merits of going fast or slow because the feeling of my erection fitting firmly inside Jenny made me want to fuck as slowly as possible; making it last as long as I possibly could. I slid back until the head of my cock was being held by her tight opening with cool air grazing the shaft before slowly returning it to the depths of her slippery flower. I pushed so deep I could feel the end of my cock press against something each time I finished going in. I fully enjoyed the tingling joy I felt each time my cock slowly emerged from this heavenly gate. If I didn’t have to stop I might have carried on for the whole afternoon. But our fucking began to increase in speed because of Jenny’s gasping and moaning while clutching me hard against her spongy breasts.

Those breasts came into view shortly after I finished my cold drink signaling her readiness to take things to the next level. I was in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt when Jenny started to peel off her clothes. By the time I was out of my shorts Jenny was climbing onto my bed. The sight of her perfect ass in a cotton thong revived my erection so quickly I would not have believed it was possible. Soon I was tugging off her damp panties while my misgivings vanished into the sunlight.

Jenny stopped moving a couple of times; as if trying to discern what was happening in her body. I stopped fucking each time she held herself still. After those few hesitations she threw herself into the experience by gripping my ass in one hand and hooking her elbow around my neck with the other. Her panting breath was next to my ear driving me harder until I felt her body shudder just before her pussy tightened around my length in a series of firm spasms as she held her breath. I waited for her orgasm to subside before I resumed fucking her to get myself off.

Then I remembered; her house was empty all day.

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