A Twist in the Tail

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“I need you to fuck my ass tonight,” Kelly said. There was no preamble. No word foreplay.

My wife was standing at the bathroom door, arms akimbo, wearing nothing but the smallest of white towels, her long auburn hair still wet from the shower.

It had been a very long shower.

“I would love to,” I replied enthusiastically.

Kelly’s favorite place to be fucked was in her tight little hole. She craved it like no other woman I’ve ever known. On our recent vacation, she had even made her first lover since we got married fuck her there. And only there. It was the hottest thing we’ve ever done.

“But… didn’t you say you wanted to try something new tonight?”

This was important because I had been waiting patiently in bed for more than an hour, excited at the prospect of enjoying the fruit of my wife’s prodigiously filthy imagination. When Kelly proposed something new, it usually involved a severe breach of common norms. My wife absolutely hated norms. And I absolutely loved her for it.

The corners of her mouth curled into a sly smile. “Oh, but there’s a twist, my love.”

She purposefully strode to the bed, making a sexy show of dropping the towel to the floor. I noticed that the pert eraser heads poking from the swells of her tiny breasts were already hard and a decidedly darker shade of pink in anticipation of whatever she had in mind.

I was lying naked on my back, my lean body uncovered, with my cock standing at stiff attention ever since she had mentioned where she wanted me to fuck her. Despite the frequency, it never got old. When she reached me, Kelly grasped my erection at the base and leaned her face close to mine.

“I want you to fuck my ass,” she whispered, her soft lips grazing across my ear. “But… I want you to come in my mouth.”

That was new. “Ass to mouth?” I asked.

“Mmmmm. Ass to mouth to ass to mouth to ass to mouth.”

“But what about…?”

She kept nipping and tugging at my earlobe with her teeth. “I’ve taken special precautions, my love. Why do you think it took me so long in the shower?”

Fuck, this was going to be fun! Without looking, I reached for where I knew the bottle of lube was sitting on the nightstand but Kelly grabbed my wrist before I could pick it up.

“No, lover,” she said. “I don’t want to taste lube on your cock tonight. I want to taste me.”

My blood was boiling and my body was flush at the thought of the nasty machinations running through my wife’s dirty mind. I grabbed her petite body from below the armpits and flung her onto the bed. In an instant, I was all over her; kissing her neck, her mouth, her shoulders, and biting hard on her stiff nipples. I reached my hand down to the warmth between her legs, using my fingers to pinch and twist the engorged nub of her clit until she started to scream. With my left hand, I grabbed her throat and pinned her down to the bed while my right hand cupped her drenched cunt. Her pussy was already so wet that when I parted the lips, all four fingers slipped in easily. I hooked them upwards so I could vigorously rub that soft, familiar spot underneath her smooth mound.

My other hand went back to pulling and squeezing on her nipples. I played Kelly’s body like a rock and roll keyboard, enjoying the sweet notes of pleasure and pain that flowed out of her mouth.

Eventually, I saw her pupils disappear beneath her eyelids and I felt her body starting to tremble violently — both clear signs that she was about to explode. As she arched her back, I lifted her hips off the bed with the hand that was buried in her dripping cunt. I continued to rub her g-spot with the tips of my fingers and added a flicking motion with my thumb on her sensitive clit. Suddenly, she pressed her shoulders and heels into the mattress and her entire body stiffened into a bridge pose. Tears welled in my eyes as she clamped her cunt painfully around my fingers.

“Motherfucker!!!!” she screamed, and then she came in a river all over my hand.

I tried to catch as much of her clear juices as I could into the cupped palm of my hand before quickly taking it out and moving it downwards to between her vise-like cheeks. Her asshole was clenched shut from the convulsions of her continuing climax, but my fingers were so slick that I managed to insert first one, then two, and eventually three between her puckered sphincter, coating the inside walls of her ass with her own wetness.

Her hips still floating above the bed, Kelly continued to have multiple orgasms as I finger-banged her ass. Spurts of cum flowed from her pussy, dribbling down onto my fingers and into her spasming hole.

But then Kelly jumped up and rolled over to all fours. “Fuck my ass now, baby! I need to feel you inside me. Pleeeeease! Please fuck my ass!” The aching want and desire in her tremulous voice was overwhelming.

Her begging had the effect of making my already hard cock stiffen to painful proportions; it was practically twitching with the need to fuck her. But it also gave me a wicked idea. I love when my normally strong and wilful wife turns submissive. I felt the need to take advantage of this special moment.

“Not yet,” I said. I grabbed a fistful of her hair and dragged her off the bed. “Get on your knees in front of me, baby girl,” I ordered, using the term she knew meant that I was now in control.

Kelly’s luminous gray eyes widened in surprise but then she answered, “Yes, Daddy!”

I cupped her chin in my hand and pulled it down, opening her mouth into a wide O. With my other hand, I grasped my cock and slammed it between her lips, letting it quickly slide all the way in until the head hit the back of her throat. Kelly didn’t like to be teased. She liked entry to be hard and fast. I decided to indulge her this time… Later would be a different story.

With my hands grasping her ears, I fucked her face with wild abandon. As my hips worked to piston my cock into her wide open mouth, she noisily choked and gagged. Thick strands of spit were drooling down her chin. Occasionally she would grab my shaft and pump it with her hand, gathering and spreading the viscous fluid over the surface until my cock was slick and shiny with her moisture.

“Get up!” I finally commanded, grabbing her by the hair and bending her over the bed. “Spread your ass, baby girl.”

“YES, Daddy!” she squealed with glee.

I thrust myself into her narrow nether hole with one smooth motion. The combination of her cum and spit made the otherwise tight passage ridiculously easy. With my hands grabbing and squeezing the flesh of her hips, I closed my eyes to enjoy the smooth, constricted sensation of fucking her asshole — always so different from the textured, more spacious feeling of her pussy. I dared not look down because the mere sight of my thick, vein-filled cock splitting her puckered little hole usually makes me come instantaneously.

But it was no use. Despite her cleanliness, the thought of sliding out, flipping her over and putting my cock into her mouth right after it had been in her ass was so nasty, so taboo… I could already sense that I was on that one-way railroad to a climax and I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. Kelly could sense it too. My cock could feel her fingers deep in her pussy, furiously frigging herself to another orgasm.

“Please don’t come in my ass, Daddy,” she cried out. “I wanna taste… I wanna taste… my ass… Oh, FUCK!!!” She rocked back into me so hard as she came again that I almost fell over backwards.

I was on the precipice of my own special heaven when I finally turned her around and ordered her back on her knees.

“Oh my god, thank you Daddy!” she yelped, opening her mouth to engulf my cock.

“NO!” I cried. Grabbing her by the hair again, I pulled her head back and placed the tip of my dripping cock on her outstretched tongue. “Lick it, baby. Lick it like a kitten. I want you to taste your ass slowly and enjoy it.”

I was groaning with the strain of holding back as she dutifully lapped every bit of creaminess from my cock. Finally she grabbed it and wrapped her lips around its entire circumference. At that moment, I was truly gone, spilling endless ropes of cum into her mouth and throat; feeling like I was on another world, where pleasure was a constant state and every care was a distant memory.

We collapsed on the bed together. Through my post-orgasm haze, I heard her giggling uncontrollably.

“What’s… gotten… into you?” I asked between labored breaths.

“I was just thinking,” she answered while snuggling up to me, “how fucking GOOD my ass tastes!”

And then she kissed me.

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