A String of Pearls

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Part One: By the Pool

Petite, red hair, cheeky attitude and a free spirit! What could be finer?

Don’t forget my green eyes, which turn hazel when I am angry or aroused.
It seems we are both in a similar situation, and wanting to add some spice to our otherwise dull sex life?
I ride a motorbike for fun and thrills and the feeling of freedom it gives me, and I teach dance for a living.
Tell me a story, Adam… I will follow your lead.

I’ll be careful and watch your eyes then Ruby, hoping to catch that moment when they shift. So here’s to spicing things up, and spark and passion.
Here’s a story I wrote, thinking about you, and where this could lead. Like all stories it could have many endings. Oh, by the way, any particular style of dance?

It is late and the day has been hot, unrelentingly sunny and hot. I’m tired of waiting for it to cool, and I go to the pool to swim now that the kiddies and mommies and daddies have gone. It is dusk and I dive deep and swim until I have to come up for air. I burst through the surface laughing with relief and release, shedding the long hot day with the careless abandon of a shirt tugged off and dropped. Through the water streaming down my face I see you standing at the far end of the pool watching me. I stand and brush the water from my eyes and wonder how long you have been there and what you saw.

You smile and ask how the water feels.

“Delightful,” I answer and glide closer as you step down.

Malcolm Liepke study

I watch the water rise up to your breasts. I can’t look away. You smile and hold out your hand as you take the last step down and I feel the heat from your body like a wave through the water. You laugh and glide into the water. I feel your skin slick and gleaming slide past me. You turn your head and your smile is an invitation to follow.

I swim beside you, our arms almost touch as we reach out and I can feel the waves you make caress me like invisible fingers. We reach the other end and hang onto the edge of the pool; the air is still and the lights have not yet come on around the pool.

You turn toward me and ask what I’m thinking. I am completely tongue tied. Even breathing is taking an effort; you laugh softly, amused at my complete undoing, powerful in the moment. I am at a loss for words but your laugh makes my fingers bold. I reach out and my fingers trace your arm up to your shoulder and then down the line of fabric across the top of your breasts. I can feel the rise and fall of your breath and the beat of your heart. I see a slow flush rise on your neck and I know the heat you are feeling. The same heat goes through me and I feel like I am bursting.

You move closer and reach out to bring my face to yours. Your fingers are light on my face. They follow the curve of my lips and I open my mouth just enough to let them run across the edge of my teeth. My hand catches your hip and pulls you to me.

Your breasts press against my chest and your head is against my cheek, your breath hot and rushed in my ear. Each breath a burst of desire. I turn my head and our mouths meet, lips crushed together. No thought of gentleness now, just desire. Desire to feel and be felt. Desire to know all of you. Your leg rises to come between mine and press against my cock. I feel you laugh again, a laugh from somewhere deep inside. Your mouth is against my ear.

“Do you want me?” you whisper, and the feel of your voice so close, so hot, goes through me and is in me.

I find your ear with my mouth. “All of you,” I whisper. “All of you.”

The rest of the world has faded into nothing; there is the roaring in my ears, the pounding of my heart, the lap of water against my skin and the heat of you beside me, tangled with me. Ready.

Then I smile, and whisper to tickle you again. “I want you to feel the smile on my mouth, but I want it to last, let’s find a space.”

“Somewhere where we don’t have to hang on with one hand?” you giggle.

“That too, good thing it’s dark enough and quiet enough or I could never get out of the pool,” I say

You laugh and take my hand. “Whose cabana is closer?” you ask.

It is strange but the laughter does not break the mood — somehow it heightens it. The air is full of promise and anticipation. We climb out and you take a towel and wrap it around yourself; I watch you tuck it in tight across your breasts. You hold my gaze and slowly reach under the towel and pull down your suit. You rest your hand on my shoulder and step out of it.

You take my hand and we walk along the path towards the cabanas that line the beach. The darkness covers us like soft velvet and the scent of jasmine is heavy in the air. The path is narrow and our hips touch. Behind us the lights around the pool come on and we both giggle thinking how close we came to being caught.

We reach the beach and the sound of the sea’s rush and fall fills the air, the moonlight casting a long silver gleam across the restless waves. We pause and I pull you close, our lips brush together and then return, eager for more. I kiss you deeply and feel you move against me. My hand reaches through the folds of the towel and moves down the curve of your belly, traces your belly button and move down until it cups your sex . Your pussy is damp from the pool and my fingers move through the soft hair to press the lips of your pussy together.

You are wet now and my finger slips through the lips to the slick and oh so soft folds inside. My finger slides upwards to press against the small hood. You grind against me and my finger slides in and then back, up and then down towards the satin skin of your thighs. The smell of salt and the sea, of you and me. I take half a step backward and raise my hands from your hips to your face and kiss you again, softly, and though I want you there and now and hard and fast, I take your hand again and we walk the last stretch to the cabana.

Passion — Leonid Afremov

We step through the open door of the cabana. The ceiling fan is on and the slow sweep of the blades matches the rhythm of the waves rushing up the beach and back again. Through the open door and windows the rush of water on the shore is so close that the room feels insubstantial and I have a feeling at once sheltered and exposed. A wanton rush of excitement runs through me. You pause by the window and the moonlight streaming in through the window frames you with sharp edged silver light. It is as though you are stepping into the room from another time and place. Come from another world to be with me here and now.

There are candles on the low table below the window and you light them, then turn to watch as I step out of my suit. Your gaze is as powerful as a touch and I feel the straining ache of me stretched tight and hard. I walk towards you and take your face in my hands, kissing your upturned mouth, lightly, softly as my hands slide from your neck to your shoulders.

That’s quite a story, Adam. I hope I can do it justice.
And, I teach Rock & Roll, and Latin.Would you like to dance with me?

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