A Kitchen Sink

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photo: SexArt

I’m standing at our kitchen sink, dutifully washing dishes, wearing only a grey muscle tank and cheeky panties in navy lace. You join me in the kitchen and I figure you’re tidying up, sorting plates and such on the counter behind me, when to my surprise I feel your fingers trace the curve of my ass and slip between my thighs to rub and tease and press there, your other hand grazing my hard nipple through the thin soft fabric of my shirt, then cupping my round full breast, squeezing fervently…

A groan of longing escapes your lips just as a gasp parts mine, and ever so quickly you’re flooding me, my ass perking up and my legs parting, encouraging your hungry rough fingers, loving the feeling of the lace against my clit, the fabric dampening with my desire…

Another shock as you rip down my underwear and I feel a new slick sensation pressing hard into me, thrilling me, parting my sopping lips as you thrust our toy up into me, filling me with that stiff shaft. My breath catches and I brace against the counter as you fuck me with quick steady strokes. I feel your breath hot on my neck as you press your breasts into my back and your pelvis into my ass, wrapping an arm around my waist to push deeper inside me. My still-soapy hand reaches around to grasp your sublime harnessed ass as I cry out with the feverish pleasure and satisfying pain of it all.

I reach down and find your hot cunt with my fingertips, and I’m overwhelmed by how wet you are — even the straps digging into your inner thighs are creamy and slick with your excitement. Another surprise as you slip the bullet vibrator into the harness and I feel its sudden bursts blazing inside me, and though normally its intensity is too much, there’s something about crushing it between our eager bodies that muffles it into perfect vigorous throbs, pulsing against your raw clit and resonating along the hard shaft as you continue to ram into me, first slow and calculating, then hard and reckless as that golden heat rises and crests in us both, our moans cracking into shrieks as we suddenly climax together.

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