You cannot resist a hungry woman, part two

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After Vanessa and I got together, we didn’t talk much. I kept going to the yoga classes and gave her flirtatious looks, but got only a platonic smile in return. I am a romantic and many times confuse sex with love, so after licking my prideful wounds, I went on with my life.

I was feeling stronger after each yoga class though, and actually liked going. But every time I saw Vanessa, the scent of her body spray enticed me and made me think of her brown eyes looking up at me while she kneeled on the floor. I loved the thought of her allowing me to shove my dick into her mouth and fuck her face. I’d start to picture it and my erection would bulge out of my shorts, right there in the studio. I would lose my head at these moments and have to hide my erection and lust-drunk stares at her.

One day after class, she called out, “Hey!” to me. I acknowledged her with an equally platonic (but wanting) nod. “I need to talk to you,” she cooed.

We walked out the door to the parking lot. I watched her ass in her tight leggings and realized I was staring. She turned and smiled at me, backing against the car, pushing her cleavage into my gaze.

She smiled and said, “You want to touch me, don’t you…” I couldn’t help but nod in agreement. “I see your dick getting erect during class…you’re fantasizing about me, right?”

“Yessss…” I let dribble out of my mouth. She moved closer to me, where only I could hear. My body started to quiver. She whispered, “What do you want to do?” — I melted — “Manhandle me into my car and fuck me hard?”

I thought I would cum at those words. I was so shocked. I managed to compose myself enough to reply. I leaned close and spoke into her ear, “No… I want to eat your pussy over and over until your pussy juice streams down my neck.” She gasped. “I would rip your leggings open and slip inside of you,” — I grabbed her waist and pulled her to me — “and fuck you very hard.” She gasped again. She looked at me with this vulnerable expression in her eyes, showing me that she was mine.

And that was enough — we got into my car and drove to her apartment. As soon as we walked through the door, I grabbed her and pulled her to me. I kissed her, biting her bottom lip, and then slipped my tongue over hers. I was clutching her desperately and prying her legs open with mine. She opened them and I began to grind on her crotch. We were both breathing heavy and we stopped kissing to feel the sensation of the dry humping. I pushed my shaft up against her crotch and began to gyrate my hips. She grabbed at my ass cheeks and pulled me closer, grunting as she did so. We were humping like two horny teenagers, ecstatic at the powerful feeling of sexual arousal.

I pushed up all the time on her pussy. At that moment, I felt all the weeks of teasing and fantasizing, and gyrated faster, pushing on her shoulders so I could hit the spot over and over. We grunted and yelled, and she braced herself, shaking at the impact of her orgasm.

She pushed me off as she collapsed to the floor. I looked at her, watching her face as she absorbed the feeling of her orgasm. After a minute she recovered and turned to me and began to crawl over. She pulled me down on the floor and started to take off my shorts. My dick was red and swollen. She took off her top and growled, “Stay there. Don’t move.” She lay back and peeled off her leggings. I watched her, in a euphoric state.

She straddled me at my feet and began to crawl up. Her pussy lips brushed over my sweaty leg hairs, then on my skin as she got closer to my crotch. She grabbed my dick, brushed it against her pussy lips and slipped it inside. The head penetrated and the shaft pushed into a warm, wet, silky chamber. She began to rock over me and soon the rocking turned into a violent shove and then a slapping pound. She sat on me and fucked me. She was in another world, wrapped up in satisfying her own sexual needs.

After a while, she got up and pulled me to my feet. She turned her back to me, leaning against her kitchen island, and I embraced her body fully, cupping her tits and kissing her neck. She pushed her ass into me and my dick brushed in between her ass cheeks. I was incensed with pleasure as I pushed against her. She bent and grabbed the island and I slipped inside her again. We both exhaled and my hands traced down to her hips. I began to thrust and it was amazing. The thrust quickly turned into a pound and again we were both pulling at one another. Vanessa raised her back up to my chest, took my hands to grab her tits and pressed on them, telling me to do what I wanted. She hooked her arm around my neck. I crouched down a little so that my dick wouldn’t slip out.

We began to fuck hard, body to body. We walked over to the wall next to her bedroom for support. She supported herself, putting her hands up against the wall. I couldn’t thrust my hips hard enough, the feeling was so exhilarating and addicting. I came very hard. I collapsed to the floor and she stayed leaning against the wall, breathing heavily. She walked through her room to the bathroom, grabbing a towel and told me to get up. She toweled me off in the moonlit, steamy room and took my hand gently, pulling me to her bed. She laid me in bed and climbed over me. I raised up my arm and she curled inside of it and we went to sleep.

A few hours passed and we were spooning. She was grinding her asshole on my dick. I woke up from the arousal and saw her again enraptured in her own world. She whispered through narrow eyes, “Take me.” She took my hand and put it on her ass cheek. I grabbed it hard and the boiling fever overtook me. I stuck my fingers in my mouth and the sound of the spit dribbling on my fingers made her moan. We went slowly and did it together.

Here’s how the story started:

You cannot resist a hungry woman

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