Winter Bliss

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I am on my knees, naked, kindling embers in the fireplace as you come in with hot chocolate. You have a large knitted sweater on that is two sizes too big. The neckline drapes over your shoulder in the same fashion as the old Flashdance film, a classic indoor look.

I walk over to the sofa and you let me take a sip out of your mug. It’s so warm and sweet, with tiny marshmallows to add heart-warming texture. I lick my lips as I put it aside.

I move on top of you smoothly in a drive of lust. I kiss you softly, your lips still warm and sweet from the chocolate, making your mouth even tastier than usual. You spread your legs and pull me closer, holding my face as you kiss me passionately.

I lift your sweater and tuck my head underneath. Your soft breasts smother me. I am utterly delighted, pressing my face between them. I kiss your soft skin and suck your nipples as I pin you down with my weight, letting my stomach slide on your pussy. I flick my tongue up and down rapidly as my teeth grip gently. You arch your back and moan softly, holding me close over the woollen sweater as my head stretches through it.

I wouldn’t mind staying under here a while longer, just to tease you senseless, licking your skin treacherously slowly. Your temperature rises as I slide my hands up your thighs, tugging your leggings down around your knees.

You lose composure, remove your sweater roughly, and toss it aside as I take your leggings off. We roll around on the sofa, pinning each other back and forth. I wonder who would win in such a sensuous wrestle, when neither of us would mind losing?

I bow down to your dominance, letting you pin me down on my back as I wrap my legs around you. I feel your wetness build and can think of nothing else but getting a taste of your delectable pussy.

“Smother me,” I moan softly, as I pull you up, tucking my arms under your thighs.

You straddle my face and wind your hips as I lick your clit. I trail my tongue from side to side, opening up your gorgeous flower, searching for the hidden nectar for which I thirst. My own pussy throbs in pleasure just tasting you, coaxing you to open wider, anticipating the reward I will earn for giving you the spine-tingling climax you crave.

I reach up your waist, moving you back and forth across my tongue as you shake helplessly. You take my hands in yours, crossing your fingers over mine, gripping tightly to keep your balance.

I swirl my tongue faster, then suck your flesh softly as I circle my tongue around your clit. It’s erect and slippery, deliciously responsive to my touch. I slow my pace a little, maximizing your awaiting orgasm. I press your clit firmly with the back of my tongue as I hum loudly on it, feeling it tense and pulse rapidly in a hot burst of pleasure.

I French kiss your pussy until every last wave subsides. Your wetness leaks in my mouth and I drink it down eagerly. I slurp it to make sure I get every last trickle. I slide my tongue inside you, tasting your quivering walls, making you gasp in the final moments.

You slide off carefully, looking lust-drunk and dizzy. You kiss me breathlessly and hold me close again with your wet thighs clamped around me. I reach in between to keep that hot pussy of yours steadily aroused. I inch my fingers inside you, holding the small of your back firmly. You lick your lips and close your eyes, concentrating intensely, as my fingers flicker rapidly inside you like a wild flame. I kiss your neck and chest, admiring your gorgeous face lost in ecstasy. I love this look on you. I secretly vow to keep this expression on your face every day.

The fire burns low as our overheated bodies cool. Your soft breasts heave on mine, our cheeks press as I tenderly trail my fingers across your spine. The sweet scent of your hair seduces me.

I kiss your neck softly, then trail my tongue down your collarbone. You hold your head back, giving me more room to please you. I dig my nails into your skin. Your body trembles, your hips thrust on me, making our pussies slide fervently.

You are so wet, I can hear our bodies squishing as we press closer. I am so horny from making you cum, I can feel my own orgasm aching to explode. The firm wet sliding is more than enough stimulation to have me squirming beneath you.

You dig your hips deeper into me, gradually taking my self-control. You push me back and spread my legs wide, one leg dangling over the back of the sofa, the other hooked over your shoulder.

“Mmm… look at you,” you purr, running your fingers gently between my soaked pussy lips. “Look at how wet you are from pleasing me.” You dip your fingers inside me and suck my wetness off your hand. I am breathless and speechless.

You kiss my clit, then suction your lips around it, making my breath hitch suddenly. The pressure of your mouth gets stronger as your soft tongue whirls faster around my swollen cunt. I take your gorgeous curls in my hands, holding your head in position as your tongue circles in a slow sensuous rhythm. My hands are shaking as I lose composure, my stomach fluttering as I approach climax. I am so sensitive, the very peak of my throbbing makes me scream as if in pain. Lustful tears well up in my eyes, my entire body shaking.

You are not phased by my shivers as you continue licking me, deliberately building me up for a second burst. Your soft fingers slide inside me. I am still pulsing a little as you hook them firmly to catch my G-spot. My body tenses gradually. You delve deeper, fucking me faster and harder. I am screaming all over again as I hold your face close, your tongue driving into me until I come again in a crashing wave of pleasure. The second orgasm strikes me harder than the first, making me squirm away from your lips, pressing my hand firmly over my pussy to regain composure.

We are soaked, exhausted, and sedated from our naughty afternoon in front of the fire. The sun burns low, switching into evening. You rest your head on my chest, feeling my racing heart slowly calming. The sweet aroma of sex and cedar fills the air. My last moments of consciousness hold a view of your beautiful lashes fluttering closed, and your gorgeous lips curved in a delicate smile. It’s pure winter bliss, followed by the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years.

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