Punished By Desire

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This morning I awoke absolutely aching. My body felt weak, my muscles taut. There was no one to greet me this morning. I was alone for the first time since arriving. Strangely, I felt more uncomfortable by myself than when I had a hundred hands groping me at once. I soothed my neck and back, feeling around the areas that were stretched and scratched.

Suddenly, a woman entered the room, the likes of which I’ve never seen. Her long black curls draped over her shoulders, eyes blue like a clear sky, skin like fresh milk. Her sheer white robe did not cover, but announced her curves loudly. She stood there, staring at me like I was a piece of meat, and she, a lioness with maddening hunger. Her mere presence calmed me and startled me at the same time.

She took my hand and escorted me next door to a chalk-white room with a massage table in the center. As I stepped closer, I could smell the scent of roses, although I did not see any blooms around. It was coming from the little bowls of oil.

I lay on my stomach and crossed my arms, resting my head upon them. The gentle beauty dipped her hands in the rose-scented oils and dripped them slowly on my back and shoulders. Her warm hands pressed and smoothed my skin, melting my pain away. She dripped more oil on my thighs and calves, pressing my muscles firmly to ease out the tension. Then, she turned me over.

As if by instinct, my pussy tightened at the sight of her. The sheer cloth over her chest revealed those glorious curves of her breasts, erect nipples protruding. I could no longer relax as she pressed down my chest and stomach, then began sneaking light strokes between my thighs. My temperature rose, my breath irregular. My skin gleamed in heat, my fists clenched, trying to keep still.

She rested her hands over my pussy, the tension building sensually. Her skin caressed my skin with every exhale. I wanted her fingers on me and in me. The softness of them made me weak with desire. I lifted my hips a little, rubbing my pussy on her hand, then looked into her eyes as pleadingly as I could, hoping she would see what I wanted.

She licked her lips and gently stroked my clit with her middle finger. That was enough for me to feel the first throb of my awaiting climax. She held her hand perfectly still, letting me thrust gently on her finger, coaxing my orgasm to its height with very little movement.

Then, she pressed her hand firmly on my stomach to keep me from moving, and squeezed two fingers inside me. The slow deliberate thrust had me moaning for more. She added a third finger and went deeper, then a fourth. Eventually, she squeezed her whole hand in me until her fist filled my womb. Her other hand circled my clit softly as she began to pump her fist. The stretch felt incredible! I had never been fucked like this before. Not even my Master’s cock hit such places within me. It only took seconds for me to burst into climax with a high screech of passion.

She kept her hand inside me until my pulses died down. I shivered as she slowly pulled out. My breathing calmed as my pussy gradually tightened back to form. She kissed my mound lovingly and continued to massage me.

Just then, my Mistress came through the door. I smiled, excited to see her.

“I see you have met your masseuse. Such a lovely touch she has, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied. I licked my lips and trembled a little. Her lovely touch was still fresh in my memory.

My Mistress noticed that my eyes lingered a little too long upon the girl. She suddenly grew upset and held my wrist roughly. It startled me!

“Your eyes are not to covet anyone except me, slave,” she said jealously. “You both shall be punished for this.”

She stripped the masseuse roughly, nearly ripping the delicate fabric off her skin. Then, she had her lie down on her back and bent me over her body on the massage table, my breasts to her stomach, my arms dangling over the side. The girl’s rattled nerves lifted me as she breathed deeply.

My Mistress spanked my bottom firmly. She kept hitting the same spot over and over again until my ass bruised and scorched in heat. Every slap of her hand nearly made me come and cry at the same time. I’m not sure what type of punishment this was, whether my Mistress was playing with me. I did not feel punished at all, lying on the body that I already wanted to touch.

As my Mistress spanked me, the girl snuck her hand between my thighs. She rested her hand on my pussy so every time my hips thrust from the spanking, my clit rubbed on her fingers.

At the perfect moment, the girl inched her fingers inside me. I cried out as my Mistress walloped me again, the girl’s fingers fucking me as I was getting spanked. I felt caught in the trusses of pain and pleasure, another climax drastically building within me.

Just when I was about to reach my peak, my Mistress turned me over. She saw the girl’s hand covered in my wetness. Her face infused in anger.

“How dare you touch her without my permission?” she sneered. Mistress went in to the pocket of her dress and pulled out two silver clamps. She slowly, deliberately closed them over the masseuse’s nipples. The girl cried out in pain, her milky white skin reddening in heat.

The sight of her shaking made my pussy throb. I looked at my Mistress and admired her face, her madness and searing jealousy drawing a sexy shade of rouge. Strangely, I didn’t want to soothe her. I liked seeing her angry. I wanted her to take her anger out on me.

That was exactly what my Mistress had in mind. Although her idea was slightly different. She made us walk out of the room and down a long narrow staircase. We were in a basement now. I could see the piping from the baths on the ceiling. The room was dark and dingy, with a faint scent of old wood.

There were two thick posts, erect side by side. Mistress bound the masseuse and I face to face on them. We were close enough to feel each other’s breath, but our hands and feet were tied tight. We were not allowed to touch.

I stared into her deep blue eyes as she stared back into mine, the sexual energy between us building in intensity. Being that close and not touching was agony. She was leaking with lust but was as calm as can be. I, on the other hand, could not hide my petulance. I whined and whimpered, trying to reach my head as far as I could to kiss her.

The only thing between us long enough to touch were our tongues. Yes! Our tongues touched, at least. The relief of our tips pressing soothed me a little. Although now, the rest of my body wanted her more than ever. Mistress watched us struggle for a while, laughing in amusement, then left us that way.

I began to tear up, as did the girl. Every moment we torturously stared at each other stirred me with rage. I wanted to get free. I was at the brink of madness!

Finally, after what seemed like hours, my Mistress came back and untied us. I went straight for the girl and held her close. She kissed my lips softly until my Mistress came between us.

“No, slave,” Mistress said. “No touching! There is more punishment waiting for you, since you cannot contain yourself.”

She walked us back upstairs and went into another strange room. There were two glass boxes with retractable shades, almost like the kind you would see in a magic show.

She locked me in one and my masseuse in the other. We were free to move inside the box but it was too narrow to lie down or even sit. The girl pressed her body to the glass, her hands trying to reach me. Her breath fogged the partition at every exhale. Now, we were both boiling in rage, luststruck and crazy.

After being touched by such a beauty and now forced not to, it made me thirst for her. I longed to drink her down, to lick and suck her flesh until she screamed in passion.

I pressed my body closer. We stood palm to palm, chest to chest. My pussy throbbed at the sight of her tongue licking at me like an animal.

She leaned back a moment and spread her legs, biting her lip lustfully. She spread her pussy lips apart and starting playing with herself right in front of me. I dropped to my knees, pressing my lips to the glass, hands pressed, desperately watching her dripping pussy, out of reach.

Suddenly, the shade came down and everything was pitch black. I was no longer able to see her. Instant fear and aching lust overwhelmed me all at once. A moment later, the shades came up again and I was relieved.

I looked to my left and saw my Master and the staff watching us, taking turns controlling the shades. They were so amused by our torment.

I played with myself as she did, pressed against the glass. It was such a tight space, I couldn’t get comfortable enough to come. That was added torture.

Suddenly, the back walls opened behind the girl and my Master and Mistress were there. They had my masseuse pinned between them, fucking her like crazy as I watched behind the partition.

My Mistress was on her knees, licking her clit, as Master fucked her from behind. He kept switching back and forth from her pussy to her ass until she came powerfully. I could hear a muffled echo of her sexy moans, struck with passion. Sweat beaded her body, heat fogging the tight space with cloudy wet streaks.

I circled my clit faster, propping my knee to the glass wall, my back pressing harshly on the glass behind me. Only in that position could I feel close to climax. The glass was slippery with my wetness. I couldn’t reach my peak because my hand kept slipping, and it drove me crazy!

I dropped to my knees and begged them to let me out, to at least touch myself. Only after they finished with the girl, did the glass box finally open. By then, my pussy was so tense, I could barely walk.

My Mistress took me in her arms and soothed my face. They lay me down on the floor with my head resting on her lap. I was so limp and helpless. She ordered the masseuse to come to me. We were finally allowed to touch, and my tears flowed in relief as I felt her hands on me again.

We kissed passionately for a long while, mouths caressing like long lost lovers. Then, my Mistress kissed my neck and back, more gently than ever. She was her sweet loving self again, or maybe tired of seeing me suffer. The girl kissed lower down my body as my Mistress held me from behind, hands to my breasts, tongue to my neck, whispering sexily in my ear how beautiful I looked.

The masseuse was as talented with her mouth as she was with her hands. I shivered from every wet suction, every skilled whirl of her tongue. I held her head firmly, moaning loudly as she sucked the orgasm right out of me, no teasing, straight to climax. I had held it in so long that the outcome was blissfully powerful! It was almost painful to come so hard.

I felt grateful and relieved. I felt love like I have never experienced before. It was instant and constant. The pain I went through made the pleasure so much sweeter. It was earned with tears and heartache. I was dazed, in a subspace of lust, the sweetest feeling in the world.

In that moment, my Mistress leaned over to kiss me without hesitation. No more games. There was something more there, as if she too surrendered. Then, she let me go and got on her knees.

“Your next reward… you will be my Master for the night.”

I looked at her, stunned, wondering if she was joking. I couldn’t believe it.

“Mistress, are you certain that’s what you want?”

“Yes,” she replied, “in order for you to truly learn submission… you must know how to be a Master.”

I took the silver clamps off the masseuse and whispered in her ear to hold Mistress down. I kissed her breasts lovingly, then suddenly clamped the little claws to her nipples. She screamed in agony, as I smiled cruelly. I licked her swollen nipples under the clamps and kissed down her stomach to her gorgeous pink pussy. I felt so powerful, freedom like I’ve never known.

“Hold her still,” I smiled as I stuck my tongue out and let it rest on her pussy. I held her thighs close as she squirmed and moaned on my face. I stayed there in the same position until I could taste her erect throbbing clit on my tongue, begging for stimulation. My breath and small irregular shivers were the only stimulation she had, and all I allowed her.

A few moments later, she began shuddering desperately on my face, moaning loudly, so close to explosion. I let my tongue off and spanked her pussy, halting her climax from being released.

“No, slave,” I commanded, “not until I say so.”

She moaned and gasped, aching in her denial, as I relished my newfound freedom.

I rested my tongue on her clit again, this time occasionally moving my head from side to side. I clawed her thighs and held them apart as I switched from the front to the back of my tongue.

I saw tears roll down the sides of her face, her body red with tension. Still, I kept my tongue motionless, making her insanely desperate for release.

Then, I let go all together. “Sit up, eyes forward. Do not even think about touching yourself,” I warned.

She quickly moved into position as I lay the masseuse down in front of her. I knew her jealousy was still boiling. I made my new slave watch me make the gorgeous girl come repeatedly on her back. I licked, lapped, and sucked her pussy until my lips were sore. Then, I had my slave lick her clean of any lingering juices and dripping cum.

My slave was squirming the entire time. I could see she was about to fall apart inside. I felt merciful towards her.

So, I told the masseuse to take her to the chalk-white room and give her the same fisting treatment until she was spent. I didn’t bother to watch, but went merrily along the corridor.

I decided to pay a visit to Master.

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