Why Must It Always Be Dick Pics

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photo: MetArt X

What is it with us men that makes us feel every new birthing
requires a dick to come a gleaming
Why could it not be a collection of smiles
What of those memes, cheapen in creation yes
but sensitive in their intent
Why must it be that strange face peeping out of your
zipper’s tent
Seriously! Why do you feel that your dick is such a great
ambassador that every female diplomat
waits anxiously just dying
to lay spread eagle as your doormat
Goodness gracious I met a fine member
of the opposite gender
and she expressed her need to each new
arrival to say
please, no damn dicks from tinder

Yesterday it seemed us men used to send
an invitation for dinner, perhaps even
when less
then for a tea or coffee would
you be my guest
Now without invitation we send every damn
naked thing in the treasure chest
Don’t get me wrong
I am not against the sharing of what was once
left to the imagination
But please, please, please, could you not
at least allow for a respectful understanding
an agreement in principle that says, yes
this would be an acceptable thing to do
Do you think she needs to make it
instantly all about you

Erotic play, fantasy, the pleasure of sharing
between you and me
should never gravitate to you thinking less of
the value of respecting my open door
unless you clearly read the sign that said
come on in and do what you wish with me
on the floor
Hold your own damn dick and spare us men
the embarrassment of having to apologize
for your sarcastic empty word of to love and adore
Think before you once again
send a dick pic to some unsuspecting female
simply because she was kind enough to leave you
a partially opened door.


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