Why I Changed My Flight At The Last Minute

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Words in flow from 10,000 miles high (warning: it’s kind of hott!)

Feed my soul…

I wake in my Mexican/Texas border town hotel and an immediate dream of my Friday hunger lingers…

all. day. long.

A ravenous fantasy for your caramel skin

I’m eager to dive in

It’s never enough

Your arms look so tough

Yet your eyes pierce me, so soft

Laying beside you I get myself off

While you control my intensity with a direct line to my control center

By suckling on my nipples

Which makes me wet with dewy dribbles

Pheromones woke

Feels like it’s life or death!

Desperate for this

I act so fast

Our bond is endless, our desire is vast

Finishing my traveling work week, how can I fly home when you are headed the other way?

How can I head east when you are headed west today?

My clit’s in charge

Starving, at large

Vibrations are high

I’m stuck like glue to my desire for you.

Now Friday night I’m way up in the sky

On this plane, not even asking why

It was do or die!

I had to make a decision

It was a clear proposition

To change my evening destination

So you can fuck me into sedation

Make passionate love to me all night long

You take me to a place where nothing is wrong

Fill my cup

Fill me up

With your love-juice in flow

Eating me out slow

God! My desire was stealing my focus from clients today

Yes, avoiding work and thinking of play


In your warm caramel playground

Wow I’m crazy!

Not of sound mind and body

Because I’m so hungry indeed

I so need you to feed

On me

With me

Give me your rope

Tie me up

You are my dope

Come hither dear one

Pick me up

Fill my cup

I’m coming west

To feed off your zest

California breezes

Sunsets and beaches

Doing with me whatever he pleases❤️

The pilot says we are on our descent

Work on me

Make me spent

Sweat and hair

Glance over my shoulder

See you there

Feed you my peachy derrière

Hold my cheeks

Make me weak

Drive my peak

Pound me!

Drill me!

Drown me!

One final thrust…

Explode in lust!!!

I’m descending, guapo

I changed my flight to meet you

I’m coming to greet you

And I’m cumming

Drenched in your dish

Fantasy –


Served up on a platter

When I’m lost in you — nothing is the matter

Be ready for me on the ground

Do you hear me?

We are coming down

Landing now

Let me bow

And worship you

Eat me through

All night long

You are my song

My air, my love

Strip me bare

Leave me dry

So moved I cry

Exploding through you

We are drenched right through

Breathing heavy and loving soft

Resting our heads, until it’s time again to take off

You are my menu

I knew what I had to do

Changed my flight, and flew to you


You make me full

I’m so damn drawn to your pull

Blessed, complete, a night with you and I’m satiated

Can’t wait to see you

I am elated

Poetica love

You fit in me like a glove

So thrilled you and I are still aligned and made it

An epic love story we have created

And it’s not even over!

There’s more to the story

Gently letting it all unfold

In our own glory

I could write this whole dang flight

But the end is near, I’m ready, let’s get busy my dear

Oh handsome one, my Latino hombre

I do, I do, I do, yes! Yes! Yes! I say!

Come feed me now

Like no one else can

Years ago you took my hand

Still I am here,

And in you,

I land.

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