Welcome Home, Honey

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That sound was unmistakable, she was cumming. Her screams filled the air, but it was the sounds of the giggling girl with her that made his ears prick up. It had been a long business trip; he had been away for a week closing a deal on the company’s latest merger. He was exhausted stepping into their parlor, and upon hearing this he instantly perked up and a smile crossed his face.

His girl was playing with her new sex kitten she had texted him about. It was quite the scene at that. Articles of clothing blazed a trail from the doorway he was standing in, up the stairs and beyond, to their nest. Blouses, skirts, bras, and delicate panties painted the floor of their home with wanton lust and the force of sex. The feeling was palpable. These two obviously burned for each other. But it was something more than raw sex. His radar could sense it. This was gonna be one hell of a welcome home, honey kinda thang.

He eased the door closed so as to not announce his arrival just yet. He was going to be getting himself a view to a fucking and maybe have a piece of this new tail his honey had found while out hunting in the jungle.

Loosening his tie and throwing his blazer on the love seat he examined the feminine attire strewn recklessly before his eyes. Gawd women are such sexy thangs, he thought, just look at those bras and panties, fuck, yum. His cock was getting harder by the second. Muffled sounds of delight echoed through the hall. Someone must be muff diving he pondered, gotta see this scene for myself.

Leaning on the doorjamb, the scene before his eyes was like something out of a dream. There she was, her perfect ass in the air, black stockings hugging her curved legs. High heels still on. Face buried in cunt; and the recipient of her affections was just as fucking sexy in her submission and delight. She with purple stockings and black stilettos was a sweet, adorable Japanese woman. Her breasts were gorgeous. Simply stunning in their magnificence. Obviously one who worked out but she was still curvaceous and soft in the right places.

He could see why his honey liked this one. She was radiant. Her presence would fill a room. She was one of those kind of girls the boys would fumble hopelessly over just to get a hello from her lips. She was just that beautiful. She would have made a perfect Geisha. A blend of delicate, gentle and powerfully alluring, with eyes that pierced your soul. Probably what got her into their love nest in the first place.

His lover was no stranger to beautiful women. Netting and capturing wild things in the jungle was her specialty. She could sniff them out of a crowd; her senses knew which one to hone in on, like a hunter knows its prey from the moment they lay eyes on one another. He loved to watch her work, she was a marvel. Her pleasuring woman was no less of an accomplishment either. Rarely would she fuck a girl just once.

“Every girl is different,” she would say to him with a wild look in her eyes. “Just like our pussies are all different. Some like the clitoral cum, some like a real hard G-spot pounding, some like their nipples bit hard, some like a soft slow tongue working, others a hard fast strap-on fuck. I like to find out which one, or which combination, she likes. Sometimes she is easy to figure, sometimes she is a good book to read right to the very last page, mmmmmm,” she would say, biting her lip sensually. And it looked, smelled and felt like she was well on into her deep study and attention. No doubt this was not the first time they had been together while he was away.

Oh hello there, her eyes said to him demurely; she, whose flower was being eaten, dipped her head ever so softly and gracefully. She most certainly was a Geisha in a past life. The combination of watching his girl eat her pussy, the gesture and the look in her sensual eyes made his cock rage hard.

“Oh hi honey, welcome home,” as his love came up for air, turned her head and looked at him with wet lips and face.

That was it, he could stand it no longer. He had hoped to maintain some semblance of self control and just watch but that look on his woman’s face and the beauty she was with sent him over the edge of the abyss. His clothing was soon strewn over the floor as he made his way to the bed. Decisions, decisions, which to kiss first, the choice was that difficult as they both were so stunningly radiant and shining from the freshly fucked flushed look on their faces. Gawd women look so good when they fuck… so ALIVE! But hey, a man has to kiss his woman first else she get ideas in her pretty little head.

“Damn honey, this one is gorgeous beyond words,” he said to her, bending over to kiss her and taste the woman’s pussy on his lover’s lips.

“And tasty too,” he added, reaching over his honey’s beautiful body to kiss his lover’s kitten. “Welcome to our nest,” sealing it with a connection to her lips, from him to her, who knew the art of loving quite well. He felt like his very soul was being touched as his lips met hers. His cock felt like it would explode. Not from cumming but from the sheer magnetism of attraction, sensuality and feeling of devotion in the moment. But that was gonna happen fo sho, soon enough.

His honey just gave him that look and he knew instantly. She was busy eating woman so he could have whatever he chose. So without further ado he navigated over the beautiful pile of woman flesh and stuffed his hard cock into the Japanese honey’s sexy little mouth. And he thought the kiss was hot, holy fuck this was fucking intense. She was a fucking track star. The way she engulfed him was divine, and staring intently into his eyes with stiff man meat in her mouth was mesmerizing. Men the world over would cum in a second with this kind of action on their member. But not this man, no way baby. Too much self control and experience loving.

His honey took her mouth off cunt to watch our star working her man. She paused to study her. She was indeed a thing to behold. She in her style, grace and air of divine feminine mastery and submissive yet powerful poise. The way she claimed ownership of him in that moment was intoxicating to bear witness to.

“Fucking sexy,” his honey purred at the man and the woman engaged and entangled before her eyes. Our Japanese honey worked her feminine mystique on our stud, milking him with suction, bobbing and passionately slurping, mouth juice all over him. His head thrown back in release and surrender. Eyes wide shut in heat and desire. She could not help herself but join her kitten and mouth wordlessly to her the need for cock. Eyes speak volumes between lovers, and our Japanese kitten knew the woman’s desire, so she took him with her left hand and eased him into her sweetheart’s mouth after kissing her sweet tender lips. The fire and delight of the moment burned for all three. They moved so well together. Wordless but clearly defined need. Flesh, sweat and body motion fluid all within each other, melting three into one.

She from Asia, sucked on one then the other of his nipples, all the while watching intently as her lover worked her man, his cock pumping her mouth between the combination of furious and tender. Her pussy watered and ached with need, seeing the lovers divine touch and hold each other. Their mutual attraction, love and respect was deeply obvious. To share these as she was, was indeed a deep and sensually sacred honor. She gave wholeheartedly of her body, mind and soul to gift these two in appreciation for welcoming her into their secret lover’s garden. This was not merely fucking, she’d been there and done that many times. This was more, so much more, and as such would be rewarded with that much more.

“Please bend your wife over and fuck her from behind while I suck and fuck you both from under you, ple-e-ase,” she whispered slowly and sweetly into his ear, then leaned back looking at him with head tilted, with that demure look in her eyes again.

He pulled himself out of his wife’s mouth and motioned with his hands in a wide sweeping welcoming gesture to the Japanese goddess to assume her desired position. She lay her tender, gorgeous, beautiful body out for him to take his wife above her, as she asked. With ass in air, his wifey quickly caught on to the change up and had her mouth on sweet pussy in no time, lapping her up. Tasting her delicious intoxicating musk and fruit luscious and wet.

She being eaten looked up to his hard wet cock sliding effortlessly into his love’s pussy. Her petals engulfed him and he eased right up to the hilt and as far as the extension could reach. It was so fucking hot to see from her vantage point under both lovers. She licked and sucked his dangling balls, one then the other, as he worked his woman’s flower. Then she licked her clit from below as the shaft hammered home again and again. The change in flavor from woman to man and its blending was sweet, musky and tangy.

He watched and felt his wife’s attention to her and had to inhale strongly for the power of it was that moving. It took his breath away as his cock moved in and out of his wife. He could feel both women so intently as they all felt one another losing their breath. The tsunami of it was drowning them all delightfully. His wave crashed on their shores as his cock worked his wife’s blossom, forcing her to eat cunt more powerfully through the force of his cock’s insertions and withdrawals.

Moans from both women told the man the combination was working its desired effect. Sight, sound, scent, touch, and taste worked their divine spell. The swaying of their bodies, one with the other in sensual unison, brought both women to a powerfully moving climax. One with pussy on her lips as he pounded hers into submission, and the other with hers being ministered to and adored through loving tenderness and desire. Woman’s nectar flowed into the mouths of each one, their bursts were that powerful.

His attention to pleasuring his wife did not cease through her orgasm. He just kept ramming it home over and over. He knew she loved the extended motion through her climax. Our Japanese honey swallowed all of her streams again and again as she released her streams down our wife’s throat. Several of the woman’s orgasms later, he pulled out of his wife for a moment so they could all catch their breath. The tsunami had passed over them and left them all sexually exhausted, while the little deaths left our women lovers in a wordless places. But not long later, again sight, sound, touch and musky sex scent re-ignited their embers.

Our Japanese honey, seizing the moment, engorged his rigid staff in her soft wet mouth, and wifey continued eating her again. Inserting her tongue into the woman and tasting her flesh drove her mad with lust and wanting. He pulled out of our sweet Asian’s mouth and reinserted himself into his wife. Her pussy was so excited eating the woman, he could feel her delight in this goddess. Then an idea came to her mind because she could feel her man was close and honey below her was again, too.

“Cum in her mouth, baby, as she cums in mine,” she meowed with naughty female power. Then she gave of herself fully and tongue darted her clit and inserted three fingers into her wet vagina and with index finger sought that wonderfully responsive button on the other side of her tongue’s attention. Bling, there it is, she felt as our Japanese honey’s body shook involuntarily.

In unison, the three built up the wave yet again and this time his submission was going to cum hard with each woman. They fed off each other energetically as the climax rose achingly divine in its essence.

All three on cue as if from a play scripted by the gods themselves took a deep inhale. He pulled out of his wife’s cunt and eased into our Japanese honey’s mouth with tongue seeking and darting out in hunger for him to fuck her. She satisfied her hunger with his woman’s juice all over that powerful cock and drank him down, as it, no longer controlled, shot milky seed down her throat. She swallowed again and again as the load streamed seemingly unending. He groaned as the little death took away what felt to be the last of his breath. But that which is automatic in his nature took over and he inhaled deeply as the sense of his orgasm shook him to the core. And life returned to him again. As it did for all three, who shook and were drained and reignited by the life and death dance of sexual release and orgasm.

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