Sharing Husbands

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photo: SexArt

We’d never invited anyone else into our bedroom, let alone two people. But my husband and I had always fantasized about experimenting with another couple. He’d ask me how many guys checked out my ass that day or undressed me with their eyes. I’d watch as females would flirtatiously tuck their hair behind their ear, bite their bottom lip and imagine my husband’s head between their legs. I knew our neighbor wanted to fuck my husband. There was something sexy about the thought of my husband pleasuring another woman, and he got off on the thought of me getting fucked from behind by a well-endowed stranger. But we’d never actually acted on those fantasies — until now.

We found Mark and Stacey online. They looked like your average couple. Her long brown hair was thick and wavy. In her photo, it cascaded down her shoulders and lay perfectly on her large, full breasts. She looked shy but adventurous, like me. Mark was well-built, with a broad chest and mischievous smile.

I wasn’t a jealous person by nature, but I didn’t know how I’d feel about sharing my husband and his amazing lips, tongue, hands and dick. Fantasizing about it was one thing, but actually doing it was something else. My husband had gotten off countless times on the thought of another man’s giant cock fucking me into submission, but could he handle watching it happen for real?

Mark and Stacey arrived exactly on time. They seemed relaxed and friendly. We shook hands cordially and made small talk. Stacey’s skin was smooth and her nails well manicured. I imagined the thin red tip disappearing inside my husband’s asshole. She’d quickly learn what he liked. I watched Mark’s mouth intently as he spoke. His lips were full and he flicked his tongue against the back of his teeth each time he smiled. I imagined him flicking his tongue the same way against my clit. The thought sent blood rushing to my already aroused pussy.

We didn’t lay down any ground rules for our little game. Which meant I didn’t fight my desire to reach out and stroke Stacey’s hair as she sat beside me on the couch. She smiled sweetly and nervously looked down at her lap. I used two hands to cup and caress her full breasts. They were nestled neatly in her red dress, the neckline showing off her cleavage. I brushed her hair off her shoulder, exposing her slender neck. It looked delicious. I leaned in and gently licked her skin. She tilted her head back, welcoming the feel of my tongue.

I moved my hand from her chest down between her legs. Her dress was just short enough to give me a clear view of her black panties. I slid my hand into the soft flesh of her thighs. She resisted at first but slowly began to spread her legs, giving my hand access to her mound. It was soft and full, just like the rest of her body.

I moved my tongue from her neck to her lips. She parted them gladly, meeting my tongue with her own. She tasted of wine. Her kiss became more eager as she began moving her hips slowly, rubbing her pussy against my hand. I could feel her wetness through the fabric. She reached out and found my rock hard nipples beneath my thin tank top. Her touch was electrifying. I felt the moisture pooling along the folds of my cunt. I moved her hand down to my shorts, encouraging her to unbutton them. She obeyed and expertly slipped her hand into my jeans. She discovered my thick juice immediately. It wasn’t hard since I hadn’t worn underwear. Her fingers instantly found my throbbing clit. It pulsed under her touch. She rubbed it with small circles, which I matched, rubbing her own nub through her soaked panties.

She moved her finger from my clit to my dripping hole. I jumped slightly as she entered me. One, then two fingers, easily sliding into my slippery folds. I spread my legs wide and pulled my shirt over my head, exposing my breasts to the cool air. I leaned back and allowed Stacey to finger fuck me. I looked over at the men. I’d almost forgotten they were there.

Mark had removed his shirt. His muscular chest was covered in a thin coating of curly black hair. His pants were undone and his giant cock was half-flaccid hanging over his zipper. He stroked himself slowly. My husband was sitting in the chair nearby. He was completely naked, tickling the insides of his thighs the way I knew he liked. His dick was rock hard, pointing straight up, resting in a nest of pubic hair. Their eyes were glued to us. I was ready to take things to the next level.

I slipped out from underneath Stacey’s touch and moved in front of her on the couch. Her dress unbuttoned easily, exposing her matching bra and panty set. I pushed her back into the plush pillows and lifted her legs, sliding her underwear off and shoving her knees open. I stared at her full pussy lips, topped with a perfect triangle of dark hair. Before diving in, I looked back at the men. They were both stroking their cocks feverishly. I’d never seen my husband so hard. I smiled and turned my attention to Stacey’s waiting cunt.

I feasted eagerly on her sweet nectar. She tasted incredible. Better than I’d expected. I held her fat lips open, giving attention to her pulsating nub. Her clit was so hard. I pressed my tongue roughly against it, causing her back to arch. She was holding her breasts tightly, gyrating her hips and thrusting her crotch into my face. I wasted no time entering her beautiful cunt with two fingers, fucking her just like she had me. Her body jerked and her knees slammed against my head. My husband had been right. I was a natural at eating pussy.

My ass was pressed high in the air. The perfect invitation to Mark. I felt him approach from behind, his hands grabbing my thick hips. The round tip of his erection pushed against my wetness. He didn’t enter me right away. He rubbed the head of his dick up and down my pussy and the crack of my ass, moistening the entire area with my juices. Just when I didn’t think I could wait any longer, he penetrated me with one swift motion. His cock was thick and unfamiliar. My pussy was soaked. I could feel it swallowing his shaft, right up to where his balls tapped against my ass. I ate Stacey’s pussy more feverishly.

My husband approached Stacey from the side, shoving his dick into her open mouth. She wasn’t expecting it but welcomed it nonetheless. I looked up from between her legs as she sucked on my husband like a pro. He held her head and guided her mouth up and down his growing erection. His ass tightened as he pumped his dick back and forth, fucking this stranger’s face.

Mark started picking up speed. His dick filled every crevice of my pussy. My tits were bouncing as my nipples rubbed against the edge of the couch. I grabbed onto my nipple with one hand, while still finger fucking Stacey with the other. Her moans were muffled as she deep throated my husband’s cock. Mark slapped my ass hard. I felt the vibration run through my entire body. My clit was throbbing. I could have cum but wasn’t ready.

Mark broke contact and lifted me off the floor. My husband quickly took my place between Stacey’s legs. He slid into her easily, draping her leg over his shoulder and watching as he entered her fat pussy. Mark sat down on the couch, turned me around and jammed my cunt down onto his waiting tool. His dick was amazing. He thrust his hips up hard and pulled me down on top of him. I grabbed my breasts and spread my legs wide, pushing and pulling myself as I bounced up and down on his dick. He grunted loudly, our bare skin slapping together noisily. I held tightly to his knees, bracing my body for the impact.

To my right, my husband was fucking Stacey hard, gripping the leg that rested on his shoulder. She was crying out in pleasure. Begging him to give it to her harder. I’d never seen him move so fast. I was all too familiar with the feeling of his thick cock pounding me and could see Stacey was enjoying herself. I reached over and used my thumb to rub her clit. She lost control, screaming and wailing. I watched as my husband drove it home and watched Stacey’s legs shake as she released a flood of hot, thick cum all over his dick and balls. She quickly recovered and dropped to her knees, licking her nectar off my husband’s shaft.

I turned my body around and straddled Mark. His face was perfectly in line with my tits and he didn’t miss the opportunity to cup them in his hands, pinching and nibbling on my nipples. I pushed up and down on my knees. His cock was perfectly angled to hit my G-spot. I arched my back, fucking him hard and fast. I couldn’t hold off much longer. I wailed as Mark’s massive erection tickled my G-spot and sent an overpowering orgasm throughout my entire body.

I could still hear Stacey sucking on my husband. I knew he had to be close. We’d been fucking for some time now. He must’ve been ready to explode. Mark too. His balls were swollen and the vein running down his enormous cock was pulsating. I hopped off his tool and knelt before him. He stood up next to my husband. Stacey and I were both on our knees, each giving head to the other’s spouse. I grabbed Mark’s round nutsack with one hand and tickled my husband’s thigh with the other. Mark grabbed the back of his wife’s head and shoved it harder, farther onto my husband’s cock. They were both ready.

Simultaneously, both men pulled their dicks from our mouths and finished themselves off, spewing long streams of white cum on our faces, down our lips, and onto our breasts. I caught most of Mark’s load in my mouth. My husband’s landed squarely on Stacey’s gigantic chest.

We all breathed a sigh of pleasure and complete satisfaction. And I had one thought. I should share my husband more often.

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