Welcome back, baby

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He opens the door naked to my knock, towel drying himself off from a shower, his moist tan skin luminous in the soft light. He hands me the towel and I finish the job, dropping to the floor to wipe down his long muscular legs before tossing the towel aside. My hands now happily grip his thighs and butt while I apply my cock starved mouth to his shaft hungrily.

He’d been gone a week, my fuck buddy, clear to the other side of the country visiting family. I knew I’d be horny as hell by the time he returned, as did he. In fact I had made sure he would know. Just before he left I sexted my command.

“As soon as you’re back, I will most definitely need you to please me.”

Though he’s a Leo rising Alpha who loves to dominate me in the bedroom, it was an order he could not resist. In fact, as he later confessed, happy as he looked in the family fun photos that popped up on my phone, he couldn’t wait to hop on the plane back home and fulfil this particular obligation.

As he hardens into his full eight inches we shift a few steps back to the loveseat where he sprawls as I kneel and continue licking and sucking, intensifying the pace and force over and around his thickness. My hands caress his balls as my tongue flicks over the head and dances along the pulsing shaft, making him moan. “You drive me crazrrr…” he growls like the tawny Big Daddy Cat he is, the word itself devoured in raw animal lust. He’s the most primal lover I have ever known, this BDC. The flip side of his southern gentleman demeanor.

The wet heat between my legs radiates a molten journey throughout my body. Without pausing the oral action, I dip two fingers into my pulsating pussy, past the swollen slit, and extract them coated with my creamy nectar. When my fingers reach his face he wraps his tongue around them, making my honey walls throb harder. My pussy is of like mind with Rose’s, in that the fastest way to wetness is via sucking cock.

I’ve drifted into erotic oblivion when his voice drops into my awareness. “Sit in the chair.”

I rise and drop back onto the well padded armchair, hooking one leg over the arm, the better for him to see my bare pussy, the Barbie-style black mule on that foot slipping to the carpet. In seconds he’s crawling over to me, hiking up the narrow skirt of my form fitting spaghetti strap dress as my legs swing over his broad shoulders. My provocative little consignment shop cocktail number is making its intended impact. His face is deep in my pussy, tongue swirling wildly as my hips gyrate and my hot clit bucks against his mouth. He’s got me moaning and grinding harder into him, cum juices drenching my legs and the seat cushion, his tongue rocking out new maneuvers against the sides of my slit like lightening in a bottle. Suddenly he jumps up to land back on the loveseat.

I look over at him, swallowing him with my gaze while my sopping pussy throbs and my hips tremble.

“Come here and suck me hard.”

“Mmmm.” He’s tagged me. Now the balls are back in my court as I again kneel before them. I draw in breath and saliva and spit on them hard, making him emit a deep moan. He taught me all about spitting, oh yeah. The first time he spat on my clit it shocked and aroused me, as it was no doubt supposed to. Some kind of dom game to submit to, I figured. But as soon as I realized that spitting could be one of the wilder parts of fucking I jumped in with abandon.

“I want you on the bed. Get in there now!”

I’m unzipping the dress as I go. Down to my lacy pink bralette, I recline on my back and in seconds his fingers are inside me, hooking onto my G. He’s half seated on the edge of the bed and in my writhing I’m lying across him, with my legs on the bed and head hanging in space, long red locks dangling over his legs. Screaming, floating, streaming, cum squirts from me like a hydrant, only in this position it’s reversed course like windblown rain, showering back over us. I sit up a little too quickly after my up pour subsides, and though grateful for the well toned core that supports me, I whiplash my neck causing the room to somersault before my disoriented eyes.

As the room rights itself, I collapse back onto the bed, massaging my belly and lusciously pendulous breasts with my squirt beauty balm, craving one more go. Yes, I’m insatiable after so many days and I’m not to be deprived. He obliges and another drencher quickly ensues.

“Have I pleased you?”

“Oh yes, Big Daddy Cat. For sure!”

“Good.” Now it’s his turn again.

He stretches out on the king bed and I grind on his leg, adoring the animal sensation of powerful muscle, bone and body hair layered under my clit.

“Fast or slow?”


My mouth plunges onto his cock, up to the hilt. Sometimes slurping, sometimes gagging, yet adhering to the requested pace, I extract all his delectable semen with its fresh, slightly tangy-salty taste as he shudders and whispers my name.

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